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Journal pudge's Journal: Koster/Larsen Debate 2

Many people, including myself, were disappointed that the Koster campaign chose to not participate in the KCTS 9 debate last Thursday.* But the next day, the pair debated and TVW has the video online.

If most voters watch this debate it's hard to see how Larsen could be re-elected, for one simple reason: everything Larsen said was about increasing the size, scope, power, and influence of the federal government. For every problem, Larsen sees the federal government as the solution. Even when Larsen correctly identifies mistakes Bush and the Republicans made in the last decade, Larsen indicts himself and his fellow Democrats because they want to do the same things the Republicans did, except more and bigger. Koster wants to go in the other direction: forward to liberty and smaller government instead of the monster debt that the Democrats and Republicans gave us last decade.

* I personally disagree with the Koster campaign decision to not participate on Thursday. Their stated reason was that Herald reporter and columnist Jerry Cornfield was one of the panelists, and the Koster campaign deemed him unacceptable because he's on the left, and they didn't believe he'd be fair. My take is that Koster could have handled Cornfield just fine, and that there's far less-fair journalists out there that Koster will run into if he's elected, and that he should have done the debate ... especially since, as this debate shows, the more Koster can put himself out there, side-by-side to Larsen, the better he looks: and that's something no journalist can take away, no matter how unfair they are.

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Koster/Larsen Debate

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  • I don't know the future but I am wondering how many votes Koster would do the actually allow the gov't to do more things.
    Most Repubs. say they are for removing powers on the Fed Gov't but they vote for things, like taxes, that give it more powers.

    Democrats say they will allow the gov't to do more things and vote so they do.

    Whenever I hear the name "Larsen" I think of "The Far Side".

    • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

      I know John Koster pretty well. He was first elected to the State House in the '94 cycle, when the GOP took control of the State House, and he voted against all, or almost all, the Republican budgets after the first year. He hasn't changed much: he is (as a member of the County Council) THE reason why our county has not had an increase in the tax levy in 10 years. He's a good conservative, who really does believe in the Tenth Amendment and limited government and people making their own decisions.

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