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Journal grub's Journal: iPad pre-orders in Canada enabled, I drink the KoolAid 4

Canadian pre-orders started today.

64 GB WiFi version ordered, should be here by May 28. No need for the 3G version, I can tether with MyWi on the iPhone.

My dad picked up the similar model on a trip to the US last week. Was playing with it on the weekend, awesome device. Perhaps not magical but still most impressive.

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iPad pre-orders in Canada enabled, I drink the KoolAid

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  • I'm waiting for the cameras, then yeah, it's open hunting season on one of those bad boys.
    • by grub ( 11606 )
      I was leaning that way as well. I did wait for the 3GS iPhones to appear before getting a his'n'her pair. After playing with my dad's iPad on the weekend I decided that the current devices to what I really want for home: sit back, read the newspaper, web, email, etc. I already have Skype and a SIP client on my iPhone and they work very well. Will put those on the iPad.
      • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

        by nacturation ( 646836 ) *

        I'm waiting until Rogers doesn't shove their whole arm up your ass with the 3G subscription pricing. $15/month for 250MB? What, I can't get a bloody dial-up plan for $1.50/hour instead?

        • I'm going to have to make a decision sometime in the next few montsh (I'm also with Rogers, and my v635 is now almost 4 or 5 years old ... I like it, but it IS overdue for an upgrade).

          Until the droid phones, I wasn't all that interested in a smartphone - the display specs kind of sucked. The next generation are nicer, but the Evo 4g is what really catches my eye. A screen large enough that it should be easier to accurately hit the keys on the virtual keypad. Or have two people actually look at something

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