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Journal Tom's Journal: The "new" and "de-improved" Slashdot 4

If you've known /. for a while, you've certainly noticed all the recent changes. The front page articles auto-load-extend (presumably through AJAX code), the link to get to your own page has moved twice, and now there are two (that both look alike - your username - but work differently), and checking if anyone has replied to your comments has been a two-click journey instead of the old one-click for a while now.

Then there's the annoying inline popup (so it's not caught by popup blockers) that tells you that "Firehose is paused due to inactivity". Whatever that means, it doesn't seem nearly important enough to interrupt my reading.

Quite frankly, from a user interface design standpoint, the "new" slashdot sucks. Badly. Maybe I'll try disabling all javascript for slashdot.org and check if that improves the experience.

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The "new" and "de-improved" Slashdot

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    • by Tom ( 822 )

      Which I have enabled, and have had for as long as I remember.

      Try again. :-)

      • Well then, you're screwed! Maybe they're finally shutting down all classic options and starting from the bottom up, UID wise...

        Hang on a sec. I recently had to reset my prefs back to classic for some reason (I never changed it in the first place). You might want to double-check?
        • by Tom ( 822 )

          I did, before writing the first reply. :-)

          Note that my complaint isn't about the comment system, but about the frontpage, mostly. Did you see an option to turn that back to "classic" anywhere?

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