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Journal grub's Journal: Did you get a survey re: Slashdot? 5

I had this come to me today.

Is this legit? A well crafted spam/mining operation? Sent to zillions of /.ers?

My tinfoil hat is buzzing, probably for no reason as is the norm.

Dear grub: My name is Lily Liu. I am a PhD student carrying our a project with my supervisor Christian Wagner ( who is a professor at City University of Hong Kong. We are trying to understand the popularity of Slashdot to its active contributor, such as you. We hope you might be able to help us in our effort by answering three questions.

*Question 1:*
In your opinion, what (if so) makes Slashdot special among online discussion sites? Is it the content, the group of people it draws in, the discussion engine (e.g., content rating and filters), or possibly other factors?

*Question 2: *
Compared with other discussion sites you know or/and have used, do you consider Slashdot's technology platform to be better? In other words, does it encourage (a) more sense of community or (b) more active participation?
(In answering please also feel free to mention the other discussion site or sites you might be comparing to)

*Question 3:*
As a unique user in Slashdot, could you please rate your own reciprocity by assessing what you get from the community compared with what you contribute to it?(you can give an answer such as: i think i get more or i contribute more,of course we would be very appreciative for your explanation of detail)

Please let us know at your earliest convenience. We will quickly summarize results and gladly send you a summary, if you are interested (and sufficient replies are received to create a meaningful summary).

Thank You for Your Time and Valuable Feedback!


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Did you get a survey re: Slashdot?

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  • but have seen it referenced by a couple of others

    I may have been sent one - but could easily end of up being canned as spam

  • Saw this referenced by someone else on /. besides you, and after reading your JE, went and checked my email: I've been sent one too.
  • didn't get one myself, double checked my spam basket, but haven't looked at my /. preferences to see if my email is shown. Be interesting to see how many addresses they've screen scraped and sent messages too, as a lot of folks emails are screen-scrape-obscured...

    Interesting set of questions, reckon what their decision to send was? Have we all compared addy's to see if they are the same source and such? We should start collecting headers to see if they all originated from the same source...

  • so I didn't get picked. It turns out one of the hallmarks of insanity is predictability...

  • I got it. I ignore such things as a matter of course.

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