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Journal CmdrTaco's Journal: Parties 10

So if you only count anniversary parties with 5 or more attendees, we have 128 venues with a grand total of 2366 attendees. The largest parties include Pudge's in seattle with 129, mine in Ann Arbor with 194 and Hemos's in CA with 197.

I'm sure that there will be many RSVPs that no show, but still, that's still an awful lot of interest. We'll be shipping shirts to a good number of those parties, but we have triple the attendees to shirts available, so we'll see just how far we're able to spread the love. Emails will be going out to party planners in the next couple days to get postal addresses.

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  • We held our party in Portland last night [slashdot.org]- at least the first one;-) The question arose if we would still be eligible for T-shirts, though no one seemed particularly worried about it.

    You would also be happy to know that First Post, Hot Grits, imaginary Beowulf clusters, In Soviet Russia, and even Goatse all got worked into the conversation;-)

  • I'd be happy with a discount at Think Geek on the /. swag. My party seems small, but there are people that aren't users of /. that are coming, as well as people in the surrounding area - because you can only agree to come to one party.

  • Rob, I haven't heard anything from /. about swag, and my party is on Saturday. We are one of the largest in CA, and I am going to be investing heavily in it, so if you got ahold of another member, or can get ahold of me, please let me know. Best, EM
    • Party is tonight, not sure if some cool swag has headed to our small get together in West " By God" Virginia. Last check we had only 5 boarders register. We will be thinking geeky thoughts at the Black Bear Burritos in Morgantown, WV and throwing back some fine brews! Thanks for all the interesting content and maybe we'll party again for the /. 20 Year anniversary party!?!
    • yeah, I never received an e-mail either. Our party was scheduled by the deadline of Oct. 8th and we are hosting it tonight. Have at least 5 registered boarders from the Northern WV area (Go Mounties!!)but, unfortunately no Slashdot memorabilia :-(
      • by acreman ( 745270 )
        I went to the /. party at Black Bear. Good music, about 10 people showed up (with only 5 people registering, also the fact that it was Homecoming in the college town and there was a parade going on at the same time), good food, and of course b33r. Unfortunately we got gipped on the swag. Come on /. what's up with that? We were there toasting your greatness and we didn't get anything for it. Promising things you don't intend to keep... sounds kinda like Micro$oft. You just better hope that I don't star

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