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Comment Re:And of course we can expect the legislation to. (Score 1) 1505

Just because a company has a foreign office and accounts doesn't make them exempt from US tax - all they are doing is trying to shelter the income from OUTSIDE the US using EXISTING and LEGAL means. Don't hold the companies responsible for what obviously amounts to the political issue at hand. Obama can go ahead and change the law, and see how positive the economy reacts (that last bit was tongue and cheek BTW).

Comment Re:Equity is much more complicated (Score 1) 315

Actually my career involves providing people (plenty of programmers) with the tools, experience and resources necessary to build a legally and finacially sound business. I give them access to a world class board, capital, knowledge, experience and guidance to build their own business idea. I am very hands on and can setup, manage, admin, and develop infrastructure by myself if necessary. But I am wise enough to know that I can do more with help. Its the principle of independance vs. interdependance. The issue I identified relates to a general attitude of entitlement and arrogance that goes with a certain personality. It just happens that I notice this personality has been more prevelant in a certain group of professional. I have trashed many deals because the expectations of the person were not reasonable. They just knew better. PS> Doctors are much worse.

Comment Re:Equity is much more complicated (Score 4, Insightful) 315

I think you misunderstood the parent. Programmers generally have a personality that is characterized by their belief that because they can write code and others can't (e.g. a securities lawyer) they can do any other job function as well or better than that person. This is just an observation after dealing with programmers for most of my career. There are always acceptions, but most often than not, they fit in a spectrum of this personality.

Comment Re:With Circuit City and CompUSA all but gone... (Score 1) 587

Have you been in an Apple store recently? They are 100% consumer experience orientated, and it shows. They offer free wifi internet, all their equipment is fully accessible and online. You get a greeter at the door, and then left alone if you don't want to be bothered. I am hard pressed to walk into a store and not find it packed with people checking email and fiddling with their toys. I own a Mac Mini and when one of their updates cooked the network stack, I set an appointment, brought the unit in (no power cable or anything), and they had me up and running in under an hour, one on one, and even showed me a bunch of uber geek tricks with OSX. This is proof that the customer/consumer experience means a lot, and can even trump price if done right.

Hell, all the Fry's and Best Buys in my area don't even have their demo's hooked onto the internet. Hense, no body hangs out in that department. They walk through look, and leave.

Comment Re:Informational != Medical (Score 1) 194

There are really two types of genetic testing: Informational and Medical. Medical testing is based on large groups of people and controlled study, whereas Informational is just throwing around 'what we think is going on' and is fun to see. I found this site useful to learn more about these differences, and they can even differentiate which tests are right with price comparison:

Submission + - Exploit Found in Microsoft Access and HP Software

explosivejared writes: "US-CERT has issued two warnings this week about relating to Microsoft Access's handling of .MDB database files. The files are susceptible to stack buffer overflow vulnerabilities and allow the attacker to activate code on the infected machine remotely. US-CERT has not made a statement to the severity of the exploit other than the fact that is being actively used in attacks. A proof of the vulnerability has been out for almost a month. Warnings have also been issued by US-CERT for software found on HP laptops. A proof also exists for this exploit."

Submission + - Windows Vista SP1 Includes More Than 300 Hot Fixes (

mytrip writes: "Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has released a detailed roster of the contents of its forthcoming service pack for Windows Vista, and the list includes more than 300 hot fixes covering everything from data protection to video performance.

Microsoft marketing VP Michael Sievert told InformationWeek in Marchthat Vista was "high quality right out of the gate" and that the company would likely dribble out small updates as required via its Windows Update service.

Since then, however, users have apparently reported enough problems with Vista to force a change in Microsoft's thinking."


Submission + - Slashdot Los Angeles party is a huge success!

hollywierd hillbilly writes: "Last Saturday marked one of the first and largest gatherings of Slashdot members worldwide! Held at the Arsenal bar and grill in West Los Angeles, over 50 readers, members and friends gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Slashdot. Due to being one of the first parties, host Whackco was unable to get merchandise from the editors; however, with their permission he had 10 special order shirts printed with art originally by Russ Clarke."

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