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Journal superyooser's Journal: Thermophobia 6

Global climate change -- it doesn't bother me. What does bother me, being a "Global Warming denier," is the sudden MADNESS that has stricken deeply into the nation and the world over the last few months. I am truly amazed by the phenomenon. Amazed that the mainstream has become mesmerized by it, entangled in the unscientific propaganda. And amazed at the speed at which it has spread.

If I didn't know better, I'd think it was an Islamic conspiracy to distract us. While the civilized world is wringing its hands wondering if it's putting too much carbon dioxide in the air and causing the global temperature (sic) to increase by a minuscule amount that is indistinguishable from statistical noise, the Iranians and other Islamists are sharpening their sabres (i.e., readying WMDs, etc.) to decapitate the West.

I don't believe the thermophobia phenomenon is an Islamic conspiracy, because 1) Muslims are much too divided among themselves, and 2) they aren't competent enough to pull it off. Furthermore, the infidel leftists are more than willing and capable of pushing this agenda themselves.

Of course, I've never had any doubt that the left started this. But you can't help but notice how wonderfully this plays into Iran's hands. While Ahmadinejad is planning an apocalyptic, mega-Holocaust, nuclear Armageddon Jihad (in expectation of the Coming of the Mahdi/12th Imam) that'll make WWII look like a tea party, Americans and Europeans are heaping guilt on themselves because of some pictures of polar bears playing on pieces of floating ice in the ocean and Al Gore's debunked, fear-mongering flick that has got people whipped up in a hysterical phobia about supposed climate change. We're contemplating laws that would cripple our countries at a time when we need to be gearing up to defend our very existence and way of life. Global warming is just a boogeyman. Islam is the very real and present danger.

The silver lining is that I get to laugh at the news about global warming conferences getting snowed out, again and again and again. Who says G-d doesn't have a sense of humor? I wish someone would plan a global warming conference in Ecuador to see if it would get snowed out. When my Dad was in Jerusalem last week, the city received a rare snow. I'm thinking of asking him if there was a global warming conference going on nearby. I wouldn't be surprised. Thermophobia is heating up all around the world.

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  • Cool, I didn't know you were another one of these right-wing pussies. Fresh meat!
  • Would be to stop using oil. As long as we keep using oil, we keep feeding money to our enemies. Every gallon of gas used sends between 50 cents to a dollar to the middle east EVEN WHEN THE OIL DIDN'T COME FROM THERE because it increases our dependance on foreign oil.

    Likewise, the best way to end our problems with Islam would be to impoverish their leaders- forcing them to modernize and build real economies rather than fake ones proped up on oil revenue.

    So what does it matter if the west goes mad with gl

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