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Journal Czarina Burrito's Journal: Living with a hungry cat. 17

It occured to me the other day that people not familiar with The Cat Who Eats Everything might find it odd that our oven controls feature a post-it note with the warning: Donuts in oven!

I had become so used to it that I accidentally baked the donuts.

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Living with a hungry cat.

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  • I understand how that cat thinks.
    She got the post-it down because if she couldn't have the donuts no one could!
  • Next time, stick the cat in the oven and leave the doughnuts out where you can enjoy them!

    Don't worry about the note, 'cause if you "accidentally" bake the cat, well...


    • Actually, the donuts were really good! They were glazed Kripsy Kreme donuts, which I normally don't like, but they were delicious right out of a ~300 degree oven!
      • If you think doughnuts are good straight out of a 300F oven, then you GOTTA try it with the cat!! :-D

        I recommend a little hoisin dipping sauce. Mmmm... DELISH!!

  • When I was growing up we had a cat that, from what we could tell, recognized that the loaf of bread was some kind of food. So it would bit through the bag on one end and take a bite. Must have thought "Eeew. Bread." Would try the other end (I guess in case there wasn't bread on that end), and then take a bite out of the middle only to discover bread there too. It wouldn't eat bread if offered either.
  • I one time baked all of my roomates plastic punch bowls. They made quite the melted mess;-) After that he told me when he was storing items in the oven;-)
    • Did he have a pet that ate plastic punch bowls? Or was he remodeling? Why would you put plastic bowls in the oven? The only thing I've ever been a part of accidental ovening was when I put a pizza (box and all) in the oven to stay warm. It was a large pizza box so wouldn't fit in the microwave, and ovens are VERY well insulated, so it would keep warm even if off for a time. My grandmother came over to visit us and decided to bake a cake and turned the oven on. She realized there was something in there
      • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
        Ahh another flashback....

        My apartment neighbor forgot she had a pizza box in her oven, so she turns on her oven and it soon catches fire. I find out about it when I hear her cussing in the hall and banging on the fire extinguisher box trying to get it open. I break the glass, grab the extinguisher and run into her smokey apartment and absolutely farkin' DOUSE her oven and surrounding area (hey, I never got to use an extinguisher before. Wheeeee!!!)

        BTW, breathing the stuff that comes out of a fire extinguish

        • So that'd be: "Aaaiiggghh! *tinkle* *stomp* *stomp* stomp* *foosh* wheeeeeeee *foosh* *foosh* *foosh* *cough* *cough* *hack* *cough* *hack* wheeeeeeee"
      • Why would you put plastic bowls in the oven?

        Because there was no storage for them;-) I walked in, pre-heated the oven for my Tombstone(TM) goodness, and came out of my room a few minutes later to a very odd smell. The plastics had actually melted into some very itneresting shapes and, had I been a bit more scurrilous in nature, I probably could have sold them as "Art" on this new site (at the time) called "eBay". Wonder if that site ever did take off... ;-)

        • Dunno, maybe you should search for them... I used to know this little search engine that was great... If it's still around, it's called "Google".
          • People sell vinyl record bowls. Anything can be sold if marketed correctly. On ebay, for a while, that meant putting "haunted" in the title. ;)

            You can probably still find yourself a ghost-in-a-jar or similar crap.
            • I thought I had JE'd about this, but I can't find it. We had a Kirby dealer come by the house at 10:30pm when I was living in TN. Pat and Steph were over and Pat had tracked in mud. So this guy shows up and I thought I might as well let him shampoo my freshly muddied carpet, then fuck with him. So we let him in and he cleaned the carpet. (I must admit, they are nice vacuums... excuse me "all in one cleaning machines", he almost cried when I called it a vaccum.) The whole time he's explaining the featur
              • ugh; our kirby-venture had the guy soaking our carpet with their cleaning solution while eyeing our gamecube (which he wanted one of after he bought his own kirby). Thankfully, he didn't get a good look into the office (where our computers lived at the time). We have an oreck that Ben bought forever ago, and aren't interested in another vacuum cleaner. The hard-sell approach also disgusts us, and the more you push, the more we push back, and refuse to buy.
                • Yeah I told the guy that I really liked the vac^H^H^H all purpose cleaning machine, but I was simply not an impulse buyer. I asked for his card. He refused to give it to me. He said, "It's been my experience that if they don't buy it immediately, then they won't buy it at all, so I don't give out my cards anymore. I said, "Well, you just insured that you'll be right!" Worst. Salesman. Evah! Oh, yeah... when he started to see that we were toying with him, he tried the pity card. He said, "Please buy i
                  • i'm pretty sure that line is part of their training, and the turnover's so bad they just don't print cards. ;)
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      childhood flashback:

      My younger brother had a pair of gloves he adored (like, little ski gloves for kids) We used to put out gloves in the oven of the woodstove to warm them up before going outside. Well, one day my mom closed the oven without notcing his gloves were in there. Later on we notice the lovely smell of burning...something (vinyl maybe) and out comes his extra crispy gloves. My brother was something like 7 years old, and traumatized for life.

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