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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [house] Visitor in the yard 5

For the past two nights, my wife and I have seen a fox in the backyard. He comes between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm, and he seems to be interested in the birdseed my wife tosses for the birds (I know they like blackberries, but I didn't think they liked sunflower seeds too). I lit him up with a Maglite this evening, and it didn't appear to bother him until I moved from one window to another. Then, he took off over the ridge at the edge of the backyard.

Wish I could see him during the day...

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[house] Visitor in the yard

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  • If you go to Fry's or something, you can probably get one for cheap. See if you can get one that has IR for "night vision," too, though that's going to be useless if you end up mounting the camera in a window behind glass :)
    Then you can set it up and watch him poking around your yard. And if he likes your yard, there's probably other animals worth watching that like it there, too :)

    I didn't know foxes were into seed, much... do you have field mice? :)
    • I didn't know foxes were into seed, much... do you have field mice? :)

      Probably, although I haven't seen any. Even though we're in a subdivison we live in a fairly rural area, and there is an area directly behind the house that will always be wooded. The yard is still taking root (literally) and there is still straw all over the place so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there are a few mice out there.

      • I'd like to live in an area like that, assuming the development around me didn't have much light pollution, so I could use a telescope :)
        In fact, I think it'd be great to be wealthy, and have a house on a hill, with a wraparound porch, and a forest below the porch's view on some sides, and a walk down to a beach on another. Not a sandy beach, but a rocky or pebbly Pacific Northwest beach, like on the edge of Oregon, somewhere :)
        I'm not a big fan of a porch facing into a forest, though, because of zombies an
  • I saw a grand total of 2 foxes growing up! They are very cool to see. Of course I also got to see the occasional deer and bobcat, too, though my mom was unfortunate enough to witness a bobcat kill a fawn on our driveway:-( Sometimes Nature can be a bit too close...
    • My mom grew up on a farm, and grandma after the goose was slaughtered and almost prepared would take the larynx from the throat, wash it out, and play it like a kazoo.

      I don't know how that's related. I just thought of it after reading your comment.

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