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Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: Management rule of the day 3

"If it goes unsaid, it will go undone." -- Me, about five minutes ago.

Be explicit. If you're not and you think the reason is obvious, it won't happen. An extra 30 seconds of explanation will save you hours of pain down the road when trying to figure out why that important task wasn't taken care of.

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Management rule of the day

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  • If you didn't fucking ask for it, you can go fuck yourself.

    That's more of a Sys Admin Law than a Management Rule I guess ;)
    • Hey! that's the same rule I use!

      "Why doesn't this app do feature X?"
      "Because [Feature X] was not listed in the Requirements document."
      "Can we get [X]?"
      "Sure... but not for free."
      "But we want [X], and we already paid you."
      "You paid for features A, B, C, and D that you listed in the Requirements Spec."
  • my manager has never told me to read slashdot or come in late and I do that shit all the time. ;-)

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