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Journal FidelCatsro's Journal: Lay in a bed all day unable to move: or PVS 6

WARNING :May contain flamebait , though not intentional flamebait ,honest to goodness opinion about something.

Sounds like a lot of fun does it not.
Everyone is nice to you , you get sponge baths and you have to do no work at all .
It gets boring very quickly as anyone with a severe flu could tell you .
Imagine it for a number of years , but remove your ability to interact .
Even if you are conscious in some form , it is all the worse.
We are not that cruel to dogs.
Now if there is a chance for recovery then take it , but otherwise , put yourself in that position.

There are strict rules against suicide in most religions , but this is not suicide.
You could see it as murder , but I would prefer to think of it as saving them .
After all , it sounds like torture keeping them alive , and very very selfish .

Remember if there is a good chance to save bring that person around and that they will have a good quality of life , then take it.
Otherwise , go with their wishes . and if they have no wishes then be a little selfless and think about it.}
Remember , husban /wife is next of kin , and if they were a stable couple(not going through a break up etc.) you have to let them be the ones to decide in absence of wishes.

PVS , ;) I imagine some of you will know what brought this up around here.
I can see the humanitarian and religious arguments and I can argue for both sides from all sides.
But to be honest , to me , I am of the opinion that it is morally fine to turn off the bloody machines .

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Lay in a bed all day unable to move: or PVS

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  • It's more where the line gets drawn and who gets to draw it. That's where this discussion always goes to hell in a handbasket. I just read a novel by Stephen White titled "Kill Me". It takes a very tiwsted, yet intellectually stimulating look at assisted suicide. It made me a little less certain that a living will is such a great idea.
    • My living will is set in stone , As I know in any such situation I will be a quivering wreck terrified to die and in too much pain to live.
      I just don't want to put my wife through that .Write a living will for your family and not for yourself.
      As right now you can see far more clearly than you could in that situation , and certainly more clearly than your loved ones could .
      I am not saying choose death , I am saying think it through very carefully as whatever decision you make has to be for the greater good o
  • ... athiests, who have no "hope for the heareafter", are proponents of "pulling the plug" ...

    - vs -

    ... fundies, who claim to believe in a "paradise in the hereafter", yet don't want to put their money where their mouth is ...

    Some people tend to get freaked out by discussing this sort of thing in "real life", and also show a sort of shame that they're even considering it. From what I've seen, though, it's in no danger of euthensia becoming the "N" word for the new generation. They don't believe "lif

  • Even if you are conscious in some form , it is all the worse.

    Impossible. With all the parts of brain that are needed for consciousness turned to mush, there is physically no way that person can be conscious.

    The very name says: "vegetative". The body is a vegetable, not a person, and thus killing it cannot be a murder.

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