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Journal Bible_Study_Guys's Journal: Introduction / FAQ 27

As it says in the Bio, this is an account shared by TechnoLust, glh, and eugene ts wong. We are going to attempt to do a Bible study in this journal every week. We will leave comments enabled for discussion. The email associated with this account is also shared by us, so you can reach us at that address.

Who's crazy idea was this?
That would be mine. (-TechnoLust) I noticed that there are a great many journals about religion and moral issues around. Most people are very vocal of their opinion. I have always felt that God would use me to reach people in nontraditional ways. I felt that this would a good way for people to get together and discuss their ideas and beliefs with anonymity. Many people are more willing to talk about religion if it is anonymous.

What makes you think this will work?
Faith. :-) Actually, I just think that people want to discuss (notice I didn't write argue) religion and the Bible, and this seems to be an interesting venue in which to do that.

Why a shared account? Why not just do it your journal?
Some of my /. friends are Christians and would be interested in this. Others would not, and I didn't want them to stop reading my journal because they weren't interested in the Religion stuff. I also wanted to reach outside the FortKnox circle, if that's possible. :-) Because of my work schedule, I might not be able to dedicate enough time every week, and I didn't want to miss weeks or have the lessons suffer. So a shared account fixes a lot of these problems.

Why do this on slashdot?
Several reasons... All of the people that I think would be interested are already here. People who might otherwise never come to something like this might stumble across us here. The interface is familiar. Most people that would be interested are going to be on /. anyway, so adding us to their friend list and getting a message when a new lesson is available is not a big deal.

How are you going to deal with the ever-present trolls?
We will maintain a "friends" list of people who are posting in the journal, and a "foe" list of people who are trolling this journal. If you want, you can turn "friend of friend" & "foe of friend" modifiers on, and read at +1 or higher, so you won't see the trolls in the journal. Since this will be religious discussion, I imagine we'll get some bad trolls.

Why don't you guys do a lesson about...?
If you would like to participate in preparing Bible study topics or suggest a topic of study, email us at the address above. If you have questions, send those, and we will try to periodically do a Q&A session. If you would like to help, but don't have ideas for a topic, then pray for us.

So, are you guys starting a cult, or do you just think you are so perfect you need to tell everyone else how to live?
No, we don't want to start a cult, or the First Church of Slashdot. [If you are interested in joining a slashdot cult, click here. :-) ] We just want to discuss the Bible and religion. I don't think I'm perfect or better than anyone. I'm not sinless, just forgiven. You don't have to agree with everything we say, (that would make for a pretty dull comment section) but if you disagree, don't just say, "You guys are wrong!" Tell us why you think we are wrong, and explain your side politely and intelligently. I don't claim to be a minister. I've had no formal training, but I do love God and I think this is something He wants me to do. -TL

There's no religion topic icon, so are you randomly picking an icon when you post?
No. We will try to pick an icon that somehow relates to the lesson. It may even be that a /. story under that topic triggered the lesson.

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Introduction / FAQ

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  • Just add the .com If you need a normal address, email me there, and I'll send it to you. Disclaimer: I won't be throwing it out anytime soon, so it isn't really that disposable.

    On an unrelated note: I'm surprised at how quickly someone has already trolled this journal.
    • No, I knew trolls would be a problem. People who have no religion are tormented because they know SOMETHING has to be responsible for all this. Since they are tormented, they want to make sure those of us who know the truth and are happy get some torment as well. So they try to make us question our beliefs. All it does for me is make me glad I have the back bone to post logged in. :-)
      • I think a lot of it is fear. People fear what they don't understand. Some non-religious people don't understand how one could be religious.

        Yes, some non religious people are tormented by the need for an explanation, but many are not.

        I am not a religious person, but I will probably follow Bible_Study_Guys journals and I may even ask some questions.
        • Great! Questions are more than welcome..

          I'm sure we will be posting more detail on this journal soon.
        • I think a lot of it is fear.

          I don't think its either. I think people troll religious people for two very opposite reasons:
          1.) The amish factor - Religious people are not going to 'attack' you, personally. Its in their creed not to. So they take the beating and 'turn the other cheek' (heh, mathew reference...)
          2.) The upset factor - One thing religious people don't enjoy is being told they are wrong, and it disturbs some of them noticably. There's nothing better to a troll than to see someone have a reaction to what they say (its the whole point of them trolling, right?).

          Honestly, having a science background is nice in this respect. I am a Christian, but if someone wants to come and tell me I'm daydreaming, I'll listen to all their arguments, just never truely agree to them. I like to keep an open mind, its easier to show certain people the way of Christianity if you know how they think and what they think.
          I also enjoy understanding other religions. I've taken out coworkers to have an understanding of hinduism and buddhism. Interesting stuff, IMHO.

          BTW - This will be the best forum for your questions. You will get realistic and laid back comments that should (hopefully) be easy to read and keep you comfortable. I know to most people getting a 'tv evangelist' answer can make you comfortable and will tune most people out :-D
      • People who have no religion are tormented because they know SOMETHING has to be responsible for all this.

        Yes, and I am the one responsible for all of this. Fear me, for I am Elkobim, the god of the dice.

        I hereby declare that nobody is going to be tormented for not believing in god. However, you must sacrifice dice for me.

        Thank you very much.

        I find the idea of "bible study guys" horribly ridculous.. The unproductivity associated with talking about ancient, unimportant stuff is equal to the importance of trolling in slashdot..

        Btw: What's with the "Foes of friends" thingie? I can't agree with it. You can't just put people under your threshold because the commune decided they are "bad people". It's a perfect manifestation of groupthink.
        • ...then don't read it. Those of us that know better will "waste" our time on it, and it doesn't harm you in the least. The foes of friends thing only works if you add this account as a friend. If you don't choose to do so, it won't affect you. All of these things we are doing are offered as choices, we are forcing no one to do anything they do not wish to. If someone wishes to read the trolls, all they have to do is change the foe of friend modifier, or not log in. We just know that some trolls have a tendency to use foul language, and offer our readers a way to filter it.

          BTW - Unproductivity is not a word (check dictionary.com.) I think the word you were searching for was unproductiveness.

    • are you kidding? I thought to myself, "They're going to need their own special access to cope with the trolls and idiots".
  • I just warn you, unless warned I have a lot to say. :-)

  • (distorted guitar starts)

    Repent, repent, repent ye sinners

    What do you think you got, when you thought you had a lot
    But all your feelings are dead?
    And who do you think you are, when you're reaching for the stars
    But all your feelings are dead?

    Must you make a decision, between sex and religion
    Why can't you love God in your bed?

    Well, Jesus Christ is in your bed tonight, to bring you back from the dead

    How are you gonna fight for what you think is right
    If all your feelings are dead?
    And what can you know of love, from the eyes of a child to the heavens above
    When all your feelings are dead?

    It's a tragic condition, sex and religion, makin' a manic mess in your head


    Jesus Christ, or any son of the heatless light
    When all your feelings are dead


    I raise my hands high up into the air
    Get down on my knees and start-a-prayin'
    When love walks in, my body begins
    I feel my promised land comin', but I gotta go to Hell now
    And those creatures, evangelist preachers
    The ones that take money, for the promise of hope
    Well, they are dangerous, I'm not dangerous
    Brain washing us, and we're not gonna take it


    I just wanna know, oh, Lord, how it is so
    How is it that you can take my sins away?
    Oh, Lord tell me, so I can see the light again
    I don't think anybody can take my sins away

    How can the truth be known, if we got little black holes in our souls
    And all our feelings are dead?

    Are we imprisoned by sex and religion
    Or is God the one that's trapped in our mess?


    Jesus Christ, or any son of the heatless light
    To bring you back from the dead

    [evil voice] So remember now folks, when you kneel to pray
    Blow a little kiss to the hypocrites
    Good God knows when you turn the other cheek
    Which direction you're pointing it

    A great song. I encourage you all to hear it. ;)

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