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Journal Foochar's Journal: Getting to know you 103

After looking through Com2Kid's journal I was struck by just how much many of us in the journal subculture seem to have in common. Or maybe its just that I only notice the commonality and miss all the things that we are all worlds apart on. But anyway, I thought I'd throw a little "survey" out and see what kind of responses I get.

If any of you more connected people want to take this and put it up in your journal feel free. I just want to see what the results look like. Feel free to add your own entries to your replies.

Gender: M
Age: 22
Religion: Christian
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Occupation: IT
Marital Status: Single


Looking through the responses a lot of people seem to be political "basket cases" to steal a phrase from Kieth Russell. So lets break this down a little more. Some of these skirt the political/religious line, but I'm willing to bet that a lot of our politics are strongly influenced by our religions. So...

Abortion: Opposed to it on a personal level, but don't feel it is my right to decide for someone.
Gun Control: Strongly in favor of background checks. Don't see a need for private ownership of assult weapons.
Enviornment: Good stewardship of the earth is a must, but moderation should be practiced in all things.
Social Programs: Strongly in favor of, belive that those who can work should work.

Once again, feel free to add to this list, these are just here to get the discussion started.

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Getting to know you

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  • Gender: M
    Age: 25 (26 on 10/19)
    Religion: Catholic
    Political Affiliation: Reformist officially, but I vote based on the person, not the party.
    Occupation: J2EE Consultant
    Marital Status: Married
    Children: 1 Boy, Joseph Andrew Marotti II (named after my dad), who's almost 4 months old.
    • I'll go ahead and add two:
      Gun Control: I own a remmington AND a smith&wesson shotguns (both 12 gauge), and looking to purchase a .3006 and possibly a Walther PP7 and P99 (for the Bond fan in me). I'll get myself an NRA card soon. To not sound like some total whack-job, I also love fishing. Call me a weekend sportsman if you want :-)
      Abortion: Here comes my religious speech about how its killing, and if it shouldn't be legal to kill at birth, it shouldn't be legal to kill in utero. Maybe its the father in me speaking? Anyway, short answer, I'm against it.
    • I spent about 7 seconds trying to figure out how your dad was 4 months old. :-)
  • Gender: M
    Age: 19
    Religion: You don't what to know ... ;)
    Political Affiliation: Anarchist. (good for you people I don't get to vote)
    Occupation: IT
    Marital Status: Single
    • Religion: You don't what to know ... ;)

      You're not playing the game right. The point is that we want to know. Now, fess up!
      • You're not playing the game right. The point is that we want to know. Now, fess up!

        Okay fine. My parents are Scientologists. My grand parents are Protestant. I choose to abandon both of those religions. Not quite sure what that makes me. Other than confusing. There, happy?

        Something tells me I should have just kept that to myself.
        • My parents are Scientologists. My grand parents are Protestant.

          My Dad was Mennonite (yes, raised with whole farm and one-room-school-house experience, somehow he left that group and went on to get a BS in EE from PSU*) and my Mom was Luthern. They married and became Brethren and my sister was baptised into that group. The family then broke off when I was born I was I told I had a choice in life. I went on to go to synagogue many times but was never Bar-Mitzvahed and after several life influencing experiences I gave up on the whole concept of religion.

          * - when transisters were *new* (side note: yes my parents were old when the had me if you're looking at my age posted elsewhere in the journal)
        • I was trying to be funny. You didn't actually have to answer.

          Besides, the question was for you, not your parents. The fact the your parents and grandparents have radically different beliefs and that you chose to abandon them both does not make your beliefs confusing. I keep meaning to write a journal entry about the difference bewteen a belief and an institution. Not being able to check a box next to the religion question does not invalidate what you believe or don't, nor make it beyond comprehension. And, what your kin believe does not necessarily have any bearing on your own thoughts. It may have led you to where you are, but does not describe your current position. It's like a vector without a magnitude.

          Sorry. I sometimes forget how touchy the religion thing is.
    • Abortion: Same as you pro-choice in law. Pro-life in morals.
      Gun Control: I like gun control in my country. The only problem I have with it here is that it would undermine the constitution. I'd rather not go down that road.
      Enviornment: I usually tell the greenpeace solicitors. "My dads a lumber jack." Not true but it's too much fun. I like the environment. But I also like my GTO and if I had to pick one of the two...
      Social Programs: I want to reverse this privatization bullshit. Fuck the economy! If you notice while the GDP is doing great the average quality of life is going down. Wer'e working more, earning less, and for what? The average family in america owes more than they own.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 22
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Political Affiliation: Independent
    Occupation: Student
    Marital Status: Single
  • Alrighty, this doesn't look too hard

    Gender: F
    Age: 27
    Religion: Ex-Catholic, now I can't really classify myself. Pagan maybe? *shrug*
    Political Affilitaion: I tend to vote Democratic or Green, but it's person dependent
    Occupation: Software Engineer (playing with linux all day is fun!)
    Marital Status: Single

    Sorry for the ABBA reference. I'm gonna be singing that song all day now...

    • Sorry for the ABBA reference. I'm gonna be singing that song all day now...

      No, you should be sorry for the ABBA reference, because we're gonna be singing that song all day! :-)

      But there's hope. Somebody at work turned me on to this trick for getting a song unstuck from your head: Imagine it being sung by B-52s lead singer Fred Schneider. The darker the song, the better it works. Take Tool, for instance. "I know the pieces fit, I know the pieces fit..." just evaporates when sung in the same voice as "I got me a Chrysler, it's as big as a whale, and it's about to set sail!"

      Unfortunately, the B-52s trick leaves this little koan behind: What if you get a B-52s song stuck in your head?

    • Sure, now you go and ADD topics...

      Abortion: I am now at a point in my life where I wouldn't have one. I can't say the same for myself 5 years ago. Nor do I feel I can decide for everyone else. But it's really sad that more options aren't seriously considered...I suppose that's what you get from an instant gratification society.
      Gun Control: In my own little world, there would be no guns. That being said -- the entire 2nd amendment doesn't simply state "The right to bear arms" -- I agree with the wording of the amendment, not the way the Supreme Court has interpreted it.
      Environmentalism: We make too much waste. Period. There isn't enough research in how to effectively recycle things (and not enough education either, since most areas of the country still don't)
      Social Programs: Big fan. But welfare isn't working, because it doesn't provide a way for people (namely single parents) to get out...nor is there incentive to get out of the program.

  • Gender: M
    Age: 20
    Religion: Catholic
    Political Affiliation: Democrat
    Occupation: Student/CompSci
    Marital Status: Single, looking
  • Gender: M
    Age: 24
    Religion: Lapsed Catholic
    Political Affiliation: Green
    Occupation: IT
    Marital Status: Dating

    Kind of weird to sum up an entire human life in six lines, isn't it? Has a very Logan's Run feel to it.
    • No one said you could only write six lines, they were just the things that came to my mind...
    • Kind of weird to sum up an entire human life in six lines, isn't it? Has a very Logan's Run feel to it.
      LOL! I haven't heard of that movie in such a long time. I wish I could watch it again. Maybe I'll go rent a movie this weekend.
  • Sex: F
    Gender: female leaning
    Age: 21
    Religion: Agnostic, leaning toward Deist
    Political Affiliation: disenfranchised liberal; I generally vote Democrat
    Occupation: Chemical gruntwork (student)
    Marital Status: In serious relationship for 6 years
    • Abortion: Pro-choice. I used to believe that I would never have an abortion myself, but I don't think that we can ever know for certain how we will react as our future unfolds. Oh, and Foochar, I'm glad to hear that you won't have an abortion in the case that you become pregnant. :)
      Gun Control: I have not really determined how I feel about this issue.
      Enviornment: We shouldn't recklessly harm the environment. Whatever you think of the possibility of "fixing" global warming, you should at least accept that it's very real. We should work on alternative fuel vehicles and on reducing the gas-usage of petroleum-powered vehicles.
      Social Programs: Privatization is crap. If the state is in a position to help somebody achieve a better quality of life, they should. You should especially not punish children because they have had the misfortune to be born into poverty. So maybe you don't like giving handouts to lazy people, but if those "lazy" people have kids, at least think of them. I also believe that, even if 90% of people on welfare are abusing the system, it's worth it just to help those other 10% achieve better with their lot in life.
      Favorite color: cerulean
      Favorite element: Technitium
  • I am one of the readers at FortKnox's journal. So if you don't know me, that's how I managed to get here.

    Gender: M
    Age: 29 [just turned 29 on August 4th]
    Religion: Christian [very conservative right wing views]
    Political Affiliation: none now; used to be an official member of the Christian Heritege Party in Canada
    Occupation: unemployed. want to join the Canadian navy.
    Marital Status: perpetually single; I can't seem to get unstuck
    • Okay, here is the second part. Just for fun, I've thrown in 2 different versions of part 2. See if you can tell which one really represents me. The real one will represent me completely, not just in part. It should be obvious--painfully obvious.

      ----- Begin Version A -----

      Abortion: Opposed to it. Period. I feel it is my right *and* responsibility to decide for someone to protect someone else.
      Gun Control: Strongly in favor of background checks. Don't see a need for private ownership of assult weapons, at this time. However, I am very open to letting people own guns, for various forms of protection. Perhaps capital punishment would be a good incentive for preventing misuse.
      Enviornment: Good stewardship of the earth is a must, but moderation should be practiced in most things. *Very* in favour of public transit, biking, walking, etc. *Very* in favour of using economic incentives to reduce pollution. I'm quite pleased with the progress in technology. It's just the amount of consumption that's our problem now.
      Social Programs: Not in favour of government social programs. That's what families and small communities are for. Got a bad family? Go find another. It's that simple. Forcing the public to pay for you, doesn't help society as a whole. Yes, you might get the short end of a stick, but that's true for everyone. Before we start removing all government social programs [as if that'll ever happen in my life time], I believe that there needs to be educational reform. People need to learn how to start their own businesses, and be able to find jobs better, so that they can adapt to changing situations. I don't mind private organizations offering programs, as long as they didn't free-load any money from the government or other organizations.
      Capital Punishment: In favour. We may be carrying out the official killing, but it really is the result of the criminal's actions. It will help to save lives, money, rape, pedophilia, homosexuality and other abominations. I'm sure that many of you will want to comment of this, but I'm not interested in other opinions or debate. If you reply to this, I'll still read it, though.
      Child Rearing: Corporal Punishment is good. I even believe in capital punishment for rebellion and severe disobedience. "Severe disobedience" has to be defined, of course. Children should be subject to the same laws as adults.

      ----- Begin Version B -----

      Abortion: In favour of it. The parent should have up till about 2 years after birth to decide if they want to keep the child. Possible options of disposal include: freeze drying; stuffing; and capital punishment. The good thing about the 2 year rule is that in an event of rape, the mother can sample the child for a while and decide whether or not the child brings back any bad memories. The mother never signed any contracts and doesn't necessarily subscribe to the same beliefs as everybody else, so it would be morally wrong to force any restrictions on her. She is mature enough to decide for herself.
      Gun Control: We should have absolutely no restrictions. This would help to curb the population, too.
      Enviornment: We should let people pillage, plunder and rape the environment. Just before it's all gone, we should start saving what is left, and let the earth replenish itself. Why should we do all the work? What has the earth done for us? People love to have all things in moderation. Well, shouldn't we have moderation in moderation? Doesn't that mean we should have extremes once in a while?
      Social Programs: I believe that we should tax the rich until they become the middle class again. If they should stop working as hard as they used to, then we should take less money the next time, until they start working again. Once they start working we can increase taxes again. If they start to smarten up, and stop working, then we should have the government force them to work harder or punish them, as they do to divorced fathers. This idea of taxation is only a suggestion. The principle is to take as much as we can from them, so that we can have free money. As long as the money is free, and they are not living better than us, then everything should improve. We could give money to the poor, too, because obviously they deserve it, just for being humans, and being alive.
      Capital Punishment: We have no right to impose our views on anyone through force. Yes, there will be victims, but the world isn't perfect. Besides, everybody is basically good, so who are we to impose our views on anyone?
      Child Rearing: The government must keep all children in a black unlit room with no sound, and no odour. The child will be connected introvenously to a food supply and couple of tubes for waste. Those who bathe the child will wear rubber suits and gloves. If *absolutely* necessary they may touch the child, but only with sticks. This may sound unusual, but it is important that we don't subject the child to any input until it is old enough to decide for itself what it wants to do in life. If we teach them any belief systems, or educate it, then it would only end up being a product of society. This is the safest and only way to raise a child. Once it reaches 12 years of age, then we can bringing it out to the world, and teach it a language of its choice, and any other belief systems of its choice, or fields of knowledge of its choice.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 30
    Religion: Protestant
    Political Affiliation: Republican, but it's a marriage of convenience. By America's two-party standards, I'm an ideological basket case. :-)
    Occupation: Programmer/Analyst
    Marital Status: Single
    • Abortion: A woman has the right to choose, even when she's choosing something morally wrong.
      Gun Control: The 2nd Amendment doesn't exist just to fill the gap between 1 and 3. I just wish gun charges weren't the first ones plea-bargained away in every stinkin' criminal case around. The right to bear arms would be even stronger if there were truly grave consequences for abusing that right.
      Environment: Humanity's collective Bi-Polar Disorder in action. What is it about the environment that won't allow anyone to compromise?
      Social Programs: The system works best when it supports citizens who need help, but only when that assistance works toward getting that person off the dole.
  • by glh ( 14273 )
    Gender: M
    Age: 26 [just turned 26 in June]
    Religion: Christian [Baptist, conservative but not a legalist]
    Political Affiliation: I tend to be republican, but not on all the issues (especially environmental)
    Occupation:Sr. Developer at NFO worldgroup, a market research company (basically I do .NET programming)
    Marital Status: married, just had a 3yr anniversary!
    • Age: 26 [just turned 26 in June]

      At what point will you stop saying it "just" happened? I turned 24 about 3 weeks ago and I gave that "just" stuff up pretty quick.
      • Hehehe.. I guess once you pass a certain age (for me it was 25), you try to cling on to youth for as long as possible! :)
    • Was it not a republican (Nixon) that setup the EPA in the first place?
      • Was it not a republican (Nixon) that setup the EPA in the first place?

        I'm not 100% sure but I believe so.

        For whatever reason though, Dubbya isn't too great on the environment. He's trying to undo all the stuff done under the Clinton era in terms of environmental protection laws (like parks and stuff). That and he wants to drill Alaska.

        Anyway, I wasn't as big into the environment, but then I went and married an environmentalist so she has since convinced me :)

        It is true though. There is so much waste going on. It really ticks me off when people flick a ciggy out the sunroof, or toss trash from a McDonalds shake out the window.

        • What people don't realize that ANWR is the size of South Carolina, and the total land impacted by a drilling operation would be ~2000 Acres. 2000 acres is smaller than a lot of farms in the midwest (thanks ADM). The benefit disturbing those 2000 acres is not shipping money back to the middle east, where your dollar ends up supporting some dictator or king who has the audacity to tell the US we can't operate out of their backyard when we just bailed their rear ends out 10 years ago. If an oil company flat out said, we are only going to use American (North and South) oil, people would line up around the block to buy it even if it was 10 cents on the gallon more.
          • This is the exact FUD that drives me crazy! Please look at an elevation map of ANWR. Environmentally speaking, the most valuable area is the flat greenway along the coast. This is the nesting grounds for several species of migratory birds -- some of which have ZERO other nesting sites.

            Where do they want to drill? EXACTLY on the nesting grounds. They won't drill in the areas that are nearly identical to other habitats, they will ONLY drill in the UNIQUE habitat that has the most threat to the largest number of uncommon species. Forget the caribou. There are zillions of caribou. There are zillions of lemmings, ptarmigans, and the like -- and they live in lots of places. But PLEASE think about the potential of killing off whole species for little return ...which leads to the second point.

            The above only the SECONDARY problem with ANWR drilling. The primary problem is that the amount of oil is pretty damn small, and in a VERY remote locale. When I was in Alaska hanging out with Geological Engineers, the consensus was that the oil company reports were high-balling the stats on how much oil was there. Sure there is SOME oil, but they felt that it wasn't that much, and didn't expect the cost of production would be worth the impact. They also expected that government subsidies would allow the oil companies to make a fair profit despite the cost.

            The third reason not to do it: it's a frikkin WILDLIFE RESERVE for goodness sake! It was made such for a reason!

            If we start ANWR drilling, we aren't going to see that oil for YEARS, and we will be destroying unique habitat. Further, transporting oil from ANWR will not be an easy nor inexpensive task. As a side point, Alaskans tend to be very pro-oil, as it increases their Permanent Dividend Checks.

            • The problem is though, is that companies aren't even allowed to test for oil there. Nobody knows how much oil is in the ground, only the test will say for sure how much oil is in the ground. Also, ANWR was wet up as a wild life reserve, but it also had land set aside for oil drilling if it is seen as nesscessary. It is that area that people want to test and possibly drill.
            • Has the global warming debate not taught you anecdotal evidence is not conclusive, sure there are some geologists who don't believe there is oil there but there are others who do believe, but they are derided as the rapers of mother earth every time they try to make a point.

              Why in sam hell would BP|Shell|ExxonMobil|Cheney want to drill if there was no oil there, these are corporations who have the desire to produce as much oil on the cheap as possible, not waste ungodly amounts of money on some hare-brained idea that there might be a little oil tucked away, but it would cost 10x as much to extract it. As much as the hippie/green culture would love to believe it, the military/industrial complex is not out to get them, they are out to turn a profitt. Checking anwr.org, the total area impacted is still 2000 acres, out of the 1.5 million acres in the coastal plain, roughly the size of delaware.

              As for your third point, failure to manage our national forests and parks responsibly because of environmentalist wackos has lead to massive destruction of wildlife and human habitat this year alone, so why are they pandered to by the media.

              So who exactly is spearding the FUD here?
              • Where are you folks getting your information??? Think a little here, will you? I am not your enemy, I just want to stop the misinformation. Have you personally visited any pipelines? Do you have any idea how contained they are along their routes, and how ...blasted... their endpoints become?

                1) There ABSOLUTELY *IS* oil in ANWR. We all know this. The question is how much.

                2) I am coming from a *generally* pro-oil stand point. Drilling for oil in Alaska used to mean more cash for me. It still means more cash for my parents and friends.

                3) My college crew were mostly geological and petroleum engineers. We lived in Alaska, went to school in Alaska, and (most of us) got jobs in Alaska. I left the state and went into software.

                UAF (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) gets mucho funding from oil companies, and has a strong interest in researching EXACTLY this sort of thing (and kudos to Sen. Stevens for getting us the SuperComputer! woohoo!). The consensus I heard from pro-oil teachers, graduate students, and oil company consultants was that the amount of oil in ANWR is limited -- it's NOTHING compared to Prudhoe Bay. The idea was to get federal subsidies for the development to make it profitable.

                I am sick of environmentalists complaining about the caribou. The caribou are fine. The ptarmigan are fine. The wolves, bears, fox, and hares are fine. You could wipe out ALL those critters from the region, and their species would remain healthy. I don't care about them. I'm only concerned that people stop fudging statistics.

                I am sick of their opponents calling them "wackos" when the opponents are as foolishly close-minded in the opposite direction.

                What I care about is my federal dollars supporting a massive project that will cost BILLIONS and will give a small payload -- yet will endanger the only biologically valuable [cnie.org] part of the refuge. They could strip mine the mountains for all I care. That is what most of ANWR is -- desolate, barren mountains that have very little to note. But somehow the masses of the lower 48 have decided that oil company and Sierra club PR can make everyone informed.

                This is not an all bad versus all good position. It is one where you have to weigh both sides, but NO ONE seems interested in doing that. Just spout off the PR you've heard from other sources and dismiss everything that doesn't agree with the data you want to hear. Fud fud fud. All of it. bleah!

                P.S.it also had land set aside for oil drilling if it is seen as necessaryAre you sure you aren't confusing ANWR [fs.fed.us] with 'ANPR' [fs.fed.us]? There has been test drilling in ANWR. It yielded the results described above.
                • Forgot to mention that the cnie.org site used to be under blm.gov [blm.gov], but what with professionals getting fired for posting maps that overlaid actual, scientific records of caribou breeding grounds with proposed development spots ... well, it seems the information at MANY government sites is getting reduced and redirected. Now most of the information out there is pure bias. Also, posting seems to have done something to the spaces on that above link. It should read: "cnie.org/NLE/CRSreports/Biodiversity/biodv-14.cfm #Refuge Purposes: Plants and Animals." -- with no spaces until the one in "Refuge Purposes"

                  I do understand that it is hard to be well informed on the issue, but that isn't an excuse to shout down people who have first-hand information.

                • The problem here is that sane individuals (similar to yourself, I'm gathering) that are against the drilling get buried when Greenpeace and WWF come to play, becuase they are the ones spouting the horseshit that makes the news.

                  Summary #1: You do admit there is oil in ANWR, you, your friends, professors, and colleagues just question how much.

                  Why not allow test drilling? From what I gathered from the link you provided, there are several "predisturbed" areas nearer than the other testing locations offshore at the abandoned and active dewline sites. Perhaps these sites can give a better look at possible production totals for the area in question.
                  Looking over the maps in question, oil would have to leave the area by pipeline, so why not make it as short as possible by drilling on the west edge of ANWR? (side closest to prudhoe).

                  Summary #2: You seem concerned about the federal subsidies involved. Why, the federal gov't has gotten good at handing out transfer payments over the last ~70 years, college students, defense contractors, crack whores, and ag comodity firms, why not let the oil companies get their share, at least they will chip in some tax dollars after they start drilling. Seriously though, since it is the governments land and they aren't simply selling the mineral rights, but leasing them, a few well controlled test wells to prove the potential could only serve to drive up the pricing of the leases, probably enough to recoup the costs involved with the validation steps directly.

                  <rant>I wish clean alternative energy sources were here (Fuel cells, fusion), but until they are, why not free ourselves from dependence from a bunch of america-bashing dictators who have nothing but billions of barrels of oil sitting underneath their deserts and a bunch of long-standing blood feuds over some worthless sand.</rant>
    • Ok, more info:

      Abortion: Totally opposed except in the case that it would 100% kill the mother. The reason I say that is because if I had to choose between my wife and an unborn baby, I'd choose my wife. However, I don't think there are many cases that this could happen.
      Gun Control:In favor of background checks, but I think I should be able to own whatever firearm I want. The "criminals" can and will get AK-47's, why shouldn't I be able to? :)
      Enviornment: Keep it clean. I posted more on this somewhere else.
      Social Programs: Welfare is a mistake, but I understand that some people are just in those kinds of circumstances. However, I think the Church should be more involved with meeting the needs of people in the community. Government by nature is just too bulky to do it efficiently and usually only ends up helping those who know how to "work the system".

      Any other stuff.. Well, I'm a pretty busy person but I like it that way. I'm currently working on my Masters at the university of Toledo. I'm active with my Church where I serve as a Deacon, and I lead the music service at a new baby Church in Michigan. I play a bunch of different instruments (my favorites being guitar, piano, and trumpet) and am currently working on a praise and worship cd. I'm president of the NW Ohio .NET User Group. I have a pet dog (Vizsla) who just turned 1 years old. He's great. My wife and I give him walks and take him to the park. Much to my wife's dismay, I'm also a hopeless computer addict that loves playing games in my spare time, which unfortunately isn't much.

      I think thats about everything about me that anyone would want to know! :)

      • Maybe this is a good place for the history of glh and me...

        We both moved to the same high school in Pickerington, OH (east of columbus). As you just read, glh plays trumpet, as do I, and we met in marching band. I knew how to mess with a computer at the time (I was pretty decent at DOS), but glh introduced me into even more stuff. Plus we had LAN parties before they were ever known as lan parties! Anyway, I had moved away a few years later, finishing up high school in a school near cincinnati.

        It wasn't until a few months ago when glh stumbled onto marotti.com did we actually get back to talking together. Blast fromt he past kinda stuff. Anyway, that's the story up to present.
        • I enjoyed our "Leach fests" as we called them.. I guess it was really nerdy back then, but hey, it was fun. Not too many people now days can even know what a null modem cable is used for :)

          I remember how I found your site. Sometimes I go to google and search for people that occasionally pop in to my mind and I think "Hey, I wonder what happend to so and so...". I was always horrible about keeping in touch.. in fact, there are probably 2 people that I talk to from HS, Josh being one of them.
        • As you just read, glh plays trumpet, as do I, and we met in marching band.

          wow. more fellow marching band dorks (i played trumpet as well...although it was my 4th and probably worst instrument)

      • I play the trumpet too. It's cool to meet another Christian trumpeter.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 32
    Religion: Christian (Presbyterian) Haven't been in a church for years though.
    Region: US - Midwest (Ohio)
    Political Affiliation: registered Democrat, but don't always vote along party lines.
    Occupation: IT
    Marital Status: Single
  • Gender: M
    Age: 24
    Height: 6' 3"
    Religion: Atheist
    Political Affiliation: Varies, sometimes Democrat, sometimes Libertarian, and I've even dealt with a sensible Republican or two.
    Occupation: College Professor (for pay) / Eternal Grad Student (for lack of sleep)
    Marital Status: Single
    Favorite Color: Green
    Hand used to write: Left
    Thumb used on the space bar: Left
    Hand used to throw football/baseball: Right
    Mouse goes on the: Left side, not because I'm left-handed, but that it's truely more efficient and I have converted several right-handers to my cause.
    Offspring: None, but my sister has two kids (with freakish names) so I get the fun of kids with the ability to say, "Ok, done, you take it back now."
    • OK, I'm willing to try switchin my mouse, tell me how its more efficient (hopefully will make me a better FPS gamer) :-)
      • OK, I'm willing to try switchin my mouse, tell me how its more efficient (hopefully will make me a better FPS gamer) :-)

        For spread sheets and other number-pad intensive things its impact is obvious: your right hand is on the numpad with ease and the left is mousing. Now, extend this to web-surfing. You have the mouse for clicking (and wheel scrolling) and the right hand for END, HOME, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, and the arrow keys. Also, when in windows and you wish to *really* delete a file, you know to hold down shift and hit control... well, now you can left mouse to pick the files and the right hand hits the shift and delete with no problems. Again in windows, most windows keyboards have the windows-button on both sides of the space bar, now you can bring your mouse towards that part of the screen while hitting the button to bring it up, another slight speed increase.

        Ok, so you want to know about gaming. Well, for FPS I can't say it really changes things unless you re-map keys and then it's just "well, you're doing the same thing only it's over here and not over there." But it depends on your style maybe. I like to use the arrow keys to move the feet (walk, turn, etc...) and the mouse to look/shoot. If that's your style you should see the advantage here easy, if you've been doing that style with your left hand over on the arrow keys or using some funky 'w' moves up then you'll feel at home again with arrow keys and your arm can now be in a normal position straight out from your body. For games like War Craft and such you can move the view around with the right hand (arrow keys and in WC3 even rotate) and the mouse to find the dood you want to do stuff with.

        And, in just an overall speed increase the sheer distance your left hand moves from mouse to keyboard is less with it on the left since your hand does not have to pass over the number pad.

        Of note, myself and those I've converted keep the left mouse button as a left mouse button. You develop the use of middle finger clicks pretty quick and when silly righties come over you can convert for their out-dated needs easily.

        Now folks, how much are you willing to pay for this fantastic invention?? Well, if you promise to tell a friend, then through this one time /. offer I will let you have the magic left-handed-mousing action for three easy payments of nothing!! (Offer void where prohibited).
        • I think I spelled that correctly. I have my mouse on the right, only because I drink with my left hand, and I usually have a bottle of water or maybe a diet Dr. Pepper while I'm at the computer. We have several lefties at work, and when I go to their PCs I can use the left hand to mouse easily. This usually gets a "I didn't know you were a lefty, too!" reaction, at which point I have to tell them otherwise. The time I've noticed this comes in the most handy is when I'm doing some remodeling or anything requiring a hammer. When I helped my dad build a dock on his lake lot, I used my right hand until my arm/wrist was tired, then I used my left until my right was rested. He had to take a few breaks and thought it was great that I could do it with the other hand. I made him try and he almost missed the 2x6, so we decided it wasn't a good idea to have him hammer like that.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 21
    Religion: Non Deminational Christian
    Political Affiliation: Republican
    Occupation: LAN Technician
    Marital Status: way to single right now for my own good. C'mon, someone out there has to have a sister or something to hook me up with...


    • Abortion: I'm against it. My reason why is for the child, it has nothing to do with tell a woman what to do with her body. Giving me that argument is a good way to piss me off when the subject comes up. She can do whatever she wants, as long as the child is not harmed.

      Gun Control: I live in western Pennsylvania, we have lots of guns here, and as many of the bumper stickers read, they only way you're taking them, is barrel first.

      Environmentalism: I'm all for keeping the environment healthy, but if it comes down to rare tree slugs and people, then I vote people.

      Social Programs: are great. Sometimes people need help, and it should be available. There should be a way for people to get off of it easily though, and ways to prevent abuse.

  • Gender: M

    Age: 23

    Religion: None at this moment.

    Political Affiliation: I distrust all parts of the government.

    Occupation: Software Engineer

    Marital Status: Married

    Abortion: Everyone is sovereign.

    Gun Control: Card carrying member of the NRA.

    Enviornment: I don't want to ruin it for my kids, but face let be honest. If we really hurt the earth, I'm sure it could take care of us. Just look at some of the storms that hit us.

    Social Programs: Government should stay out of this arena. Helping a fellow man is the duty of other individuals and corporations. Governments should concern themselves with governing the people.
  • Gender: F
    Age: 23
    Religion: Undecided [slashdot.org]
    Political Affilitaion: Democrat, sometimes
    Occupation: Structural Engineer
    Marital Status: Single

    1. Disgustingly blatant pandering to people's desire to talk about themselves.
    2. "Sex" is the proper term for biological masculinity/feminity. "Gender" only refers to grammatical gender as seen in Romance languages such as Spanish.
    3. "Assault weapon" is an ambiguous term. Any weapon can be used to assault something.
    4. "Kieth" misspelt, SlashDot user profile link broken. Lest the entity actually be named "Kieth," I have other papers to grade and am unwilling to research the subject of your sentence.
    5. You fail to express any opinion of your own, leaving it up to the audience to decide what to discuss. The very definition of "essay" is an expression of opinion; if you wish to write one, you must have an opinion to express.

    Overall grade: D-
  • Gender: M
    Age: 35
    Religion: Christian
    Political Affiliation: Independent

    Occupation: Web Developer/System Admin/Non-traditional college student.

    What I would do if I could do anything: Play guitar in a progressive rock band, with maybe some jazz and blues gigs on the side.

    Marital Status: Single(by choice, not looking for a relationship atm.)

    Abortion: Its the woman's choice. That said, 1.5 million abortions a year is far too many. I favor society encouraging motherhood and adoption to lessen the abortion rate.

    Gun control: Basic right of citizens to be as well armed as the criminals.

    Environment: Can be balanced with progress. I like to think of caribou hanging around oil rigs and cities full of trees, parks, planted medians, etc. Also, I'm looking forward to the days of clean, renewable sources of energy, like hydrogen fuel cells. I don't particularly care for the call to reduce energy use or to simplify one's lifestyle. To fully reach our human potential, more and more energy must be consumed. So a clean, renewable, and basically unlimited energy source is a must.

    Social Programs: It's really interesting to me that its actually the government and academia, and not private corporations that are the driving force behind technology and progress. I believe there are certain things that are in fact done better by the government. I also believe its the government's job to make sure the economy functions smoothly and that its citizens don't have their opportunities taken away by private industry. That said, I believe that wealth generation happens in the private sector and so it must be allowed to flourish.

    The greatest society is the one that can support the most artists, writers, musicians and beatniks of other flavors. Whether that arises out of capitalism, socialism, liberatarianism, or whatever is of less concern to me than the end result.
  • Direct quote from the Liora user page I'm a Christian 23yo INFJ 5'10" SWF ISO taller Christian 23-28yo INTP SM who is not a loser. Sadly, I'm convinced that he may not exist.

    Some other things I can add... I am a registered Republican who frequently swings Democratic or independent whenever it is a person I know running, or whenever the Republican choice is just terrible. I support waiting periods on arms purchases, I am avidly pro-life, I'm against the death penalty however (which runs counter to Republican ideology). I think social programs are bunk, except in the case of the Department of Child and Family Services, or the Child Protection Agency, or whatever a particular state calls it, just because somebody needs to be out there taking care of things until we institute applications for child-rearing licenses. I think we need to take much better care of the environment, but I also think that there is an efficient level of pollution (I'm an economist, what can I say?). Finally, I think that there are altogether too many laws and government agencies out there, the invisible hand can regulate the markets just fine (go Adam Smith!) and that if people really loved each other none of these things would be issues anyway.

    Finally, I have a BA in Economics but I work at a company where my principal function is making maps of power grids (think electricity). I bought my first house in May, I am single, I am not looking currently because I am sure Mr. Right will show up right under my nose if I just think about other things. I take math and physics classes at the local community college for fun, and my favorite thing on earth to do is sing. I play a lot of instruments just to facilitate that hobby.

    • I'm a Christian 23yo INFJ 5'10" SWF ISO taller Christian 23-28yo INTP SM who is not a loser.

      Okay what the hell does that mean? INFJ = "?" SWF = "Single White Female" ISO = "?" INTP = "?"

      Now for my daily dose of politically incorrect fun.
      SM = Single male. I notice that you you didn't specify white. Do you really not care or are you trying to be politically correct? Don't worry you're not raciest if you only want to date white people. It's all just a matter of who you fancy.
      • Uhh... Christian 23 year old Introverted iNtuitive Feeler Judger (Briggs-Meyer personality type, and gosh Judger looks bad...) Single White Female in search of taller Christian 23-28 year-old Introverted iNtuitive Thinker Perciever Single Male who is not a loser.

        Here's my thought on that other question. I've dated one technically non-caucasion guy. He was technically Hispanic, being an Argentinian citizen and all, but his ancestors were German Jews, so most of his features were essentially white. So on that note, it doesn't really matter.

        I have a friend who is ethnically Filipino, and I couldn't figure out how he was a minority ("uhh... slightly Hispanic maybe?" I remember saying), but now I look at him and I see he is distinctly Asian. I just don't notice. I suppose it's kind of hard not to notice if someone is African-American or something, and truthfully I've never been attracted to an AA before, but I suppose it's not inconcievable. It is more likely that I would fall in love with an African than an AA because I just can't stand most of the AA culture, and if a guy has the accompanying attitude, it would turn me off. Likewise it is improbable that I would fall in love with a Middle-Eastern guy, especially if he were Islamic, because for starters I'm looking for a Christian, and additionally, I do have a small prejudice in that I have an immediate reflexive reaction to AA guys that are bigger than me and Middle-Eastern guys in general; I'm immediately scared of them until I get to know them. This is an entirely nurtured response, and one that I would like to get rid of.

        That said, it is entirely possible that I could fall in love with an Asian or a Hispanic. Now, it is entirely probable that I would fall in love with a Native American, because I think those men are the most attractive ones of the bunch. But white guys are good too, especially if they have classic nordic features, or generous smiles.

        You didn't need to know any of that. I probably shouldn't have answered. :P

        • Why are you looking for a person who is not your MBTI type? Did you specifically pick those traits, or have you known people who were that type that you could see yourself dating? I'm an ISTJ dating an E/ISTJ (exact split on E/I). There was one type that supposedly a lot of serial criminals are in. I hope it's not INTP. :P
          • Well, according to the book Please Understand Me about Briggs-Meyer stuff, I think written by them actually, you are supposed to match up best with your opposite type. But several things have made me look for an INTP instead.

            First of all, I am actually outwardly ENFJ. Most people never realize that I'm an introvert, they don't realize that people tax me, and that even though I am good at talking to people, I usually don't like doing it at all, and half of my thoughts and feelings are never shared anyway. So I test as an I, but I seem like an E to most.

            It is ISTP that is the type that often has criminals or policemen (or spooks), and if I am an ENFJ, that's my opposite type.... and I don't want one of those.

            I have also found that I don't get along very well with S's at all. To me, an intuitive choice is one where you are making a completely rational decision, but it is based on some data your conscious mind doesn't have. People who are S's just usually do not understand me, and we fight constantly. It is not very cool, especially since my mom is one. Fortunately, my dad is an N, and he gets it... sometimes you just have to go with your instincts, even if you don't know why. It helps that I can do this that I'm a F too. I don't have to make all of my ducks line up nicely in a row before I move.

    • I think social programs are bunk, except in the case of the Department of Child and Family Services, or the Child Protection Agency, or whatever a particular state calls it, just because somebody needs to be out there taking care of things until we institute applications for child-rearing licenses.
      This is a bad joke right?
      I agree there are many people out there that shouldn't procreate, but I don't want the government deciding who should or shouldn't be able to.
      Think Handmaid's Tale.
      • In the United States, we have to have licenses to shoot guns. We have to have licenses to drive cars. We have to have licenses to fly planes, operate heavy machinery, and practice medicine. All of these systems are in place because we value human life so much that we want to make sure anyone doing those things at least has a clue what they're doing before we set them loose. It is obvious, as you said, that some people shouldn't procreate because they cannot afford to support their children, or will neglect them, or possibly abuse them, in some instances before they are even born.

        In the case of all of the above licenses, we are saying "we don't trust you with a human life unless you are at least this competent." Why would we entrust children to people without first proving competency? With the system in place regarding child rearing, you have to first demonstrate you are incompetent, already hurting or at the very least endangering a child before you get that right revoked. Do you, like me, value children's lives even more than you do adult's lives? If so, do you see my point?

        • Well, I spent the good part of my lunch hour writing a rebuttal that went on and on about how does one define the guidelines for deciding who can procreate, what happens to the child if they were not supposed to be born, how to enforce the law, and what to do about mistakes in the decisions.
          I figured this had to have come up before. Sure enough the US Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue.
          I like the court believe it is part of the basic liberty given to all people.

          Skinner v. Oklahoma, 316 U.S. 535 (1942) In case on sterilization of habitual criminals, the Supreme Court held that procreation is a fundamental right:
          But the instant legislation runs afoul of the equal protection clause, though we give Oklahoma that large deference which the rule of the foregoing cases requires. We are dealing here with legislation which involves one of the basic civil rights of man. Marriage and procreation are fundamental to the very existence and survival of the race. The power to sterilize, if exercised, may have subtle, far reaching and devastating effects. In evil or reckless hands it can cause races or types which are inimical to the dominant group to wither and disappear. There is no redemption for the individual whom the law touches. Any experiment which the State conducts is to his irreparable injury. He is forever deprived of a basic liberty.
          316 U.S. at 541
          • Two points: First, in many instances, medical treatment is also fundamental to the very existence and survival of the race. But still, we would not argue that just anyone has the right to practice medicine, would we? We have the right to vote if we're citizens of this country, but if we commit a felony, that right is taken away from us. Rights can be taken away from people who have mis-used them. Think of the numbers of ex-convicts who do not have the right to bear arms.

            Second, that's not even what I was talking about. I never mentioned permanent sterilization of people! That's like saying that just because you can't pass your driver's test now, you may never take it again and try to see if you're a better driver. That's not fair. By that standard, all of us would be sterilized unless we were childhood millionaires because all of us are biologically able to bear children long before we are able to take fiscal responsibility for them.

            Nay, I was talking about a more open policy, where it is understood that you are not allowed to have children unless you can be a good parent. "Good" could be defined similiarly to negligent, that is, failing to exercise the standard of care that a reasonable person would in the same or similiar circumstances. No action would ever be taken unless someone proved themselves incompetent. If a mother were to prove herself incompetent, I see no reason why mandatory depo shots couldn't be administered until such point wherein she proves she can be a good parent in the future. In the case of father, I can see no easy remedy, except perhaps investigating reversible vasectomies. In such case, there is redemption for the individual whom the law touches.

            Finally, I would like to point out, just for the sake of argument, that stare decisis can hardly be invoked regarding a 1942 decision based only on 1942 surgical procedures. Present-day methods are indeed reversible for females, and could probably easily be such for males, thus nullifying the forever deprived of a basic liberty clause and antiquating the notion of irreparable injury.

            • He thought that there should be birth control somehow dispersed in the air and people should have to apply for the antidote. Sure as hell beats the way China deals with controlling procreation.

              Our current system of taking children away from people when we find them not fit as parents is definitely flawed. Too many cases go undetected. In a similar vein, why is it that we are incredibly selective about people who adopt children? They can't be too poor, too single, too gay, etc... But any old person can give birth to a kid. Doesn't make sense.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 29
    Religion: Episcopalean
    Political Affiliation: Democrat
    Occupation: IT (in the health care field)
    Marital Status: Third anniversary on 9/25

    Abortion: It's called a condom. Look into it. Sometimes shit happens, but usually only if you are stupid. Still, far be it for me to remove your right to be stupid.

    Gun Control: The second amendment is the only thing that protects the first.

    Enviornment: Dump toxins directly into the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Seriously, what kind of question is this?

    Social Programs: Workfare is a lovely thing. Even my deaf, blind, non-walking wife should be working at something. Lord knows she would do a better job than those dumb bastards at the Social Security office.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 20
    Religion: None
    Political Affiliation: Independent
    Occupation: Student
    Marital Status: Single (happily)
    Abortion: pro
    Gun Control: Read the second amendment! It gives the right to own guns to the national guard, not individual citizens! I'm not against all guns, I just don't think it's a constitutionally protected right.
    Environment: I like electricity but wish it wasn't so damaging to produce it.
    Social Programs: Clinton's health care reform would be ideal but failed miserably because it was too complicated.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 24
    Religion: Christian, somewhere between Baptist and Pentacostal
    Stance on Alcohol: I drink, I don't think it is a sin, unless in excess.
    Political Affiliation: Republican, mostly.
    Occupation: Network Administrator/Web Developer (Java, HTML, CGI, etc.)
    Marital Status: Single, currently in "Date around and eliminate the psychos" mode.
    Abortion: The BABY should have a choice in the matter. I think it is horrible that is is used as a birth control method. "Oops! Forgot to make him wrap it up! Guess I'll hit the clinic before I go to the club tomorrow night." Religious/moral considerations aside, the procedure is VERY emotionally and physically damaging to most women.
    Gun Control: Means hitting where you aim! :-) I love guns. I have never shot anyone, and hope I never will have to, but I feel a lot better knowing my S&W is in my nightstand. I have had hunter safety courses, and I'll probably get my concealed carry permit someday.
    Enviornment: I'm all for recycling and reducing pollution, but there is a point where it just gets ridiculous. For example, the paper industry spent something like $11 billion to lower their emissions or some chemical (sorry trying to do this from memory, my Physics prof did contract work for them and was complaining about it one day in class... that was 3 years ago) from like 1 ppm to <100 ppb. The point was it was a ridiculous amount of money to lower something that was already way low.
    Social Programs: I think this should be a responsibility of the churches in a perfect world, but as much as some churches have slacked off... I guess we need something else. However, what we're doing now is screwed up. I think Ol' Dirty Bastard (rapper) went to the welfare office and picked up a check in a limo. He did it to prove a point. I'm of the thought, give a man a fish and he'll bring a friend tomorrow, teach a man to fish, and then he doesn't have an excuse to beg. That sounds a little harsh, but there are too many people abusing the system. Almost everyone can do something. Look at Steven Hawking, he can barely move and he makes mad cash.
    Fav color: Blue. No, yello...aahhhhhhh.... (Monty Python: Search for the Holy Grail) Actually it is green.
    Fav food: Seafood
    Fav Music: I listen to classical, rock, metal, hip hop, Christian rock, almost anything but Country. If I'm singing, I like to sing Swing type music or something jazzy.
    Fav Animal: Wolf
    • Trust your TechnoLust

      Something I've been meaning to ask you. Isn't lust a sin? :)
      • In the literal definition, yes. However in this bastardized English that we use, lust is sometimes used to mean, "want really badly." In other words, I don't want to have sex with computers or technology, I just want the latest and greatest hardware. Like "bloodlust" those Ogres aren't wanting to become intimate, they have a need to spill blood.

        Besides, I've never claimed to be sinless, just forgiven. :-)

    • "Oops! Forgot to make him wrap it up! Guess I'll hit the clinic before I go to the club tomorrow night."

      I think you vastly oversimplify the thought that goes into deciding to have an abortion or not. You've never been placed in this position and never will, because you have a penis. I also notice that you place the responsibility for birth control on the woman. Because if she gets pregnant it is entirely her fault and she alone will deal with the consequences (sadly, the way it sometimes is, but we needn't perpetuate this little joy of life).

      To be against abortion is one thing, but to assume that people who have abortions are all promiscuous whores who don't even give it a second thought is insulting.

      Now, that aside, I had a teacher in high school who knew a Russian woman who literally used abortion as a form of birth control. She had undergone nearly 40 abortions in her life.

      Another thing I'll get into while I'm here ranting: I hate that condoms are pushed on young people for birth control. They are very nearly the worst form of pregnancy prevention available.
      • she alone will deal with the consequences

        What about the fetus? Does it have a right to live? She has to deal with the consequenses, but the fetus is what is truely harmed.

        Now, someone moderate me down to -1 flamebait, and we can stop an abortion arguemnt ;-)

        I hate that condoms are pushed on young people for birth control. They are very nearly the worst form of pregnancy prevention available.

        Technically speaking, rubbers are the best form of birth control. They are better than the pill (even when it is taken properly, which it usually isn't). Sure, most women hate them and the feeling of them, but it is the best form of birth control (barring surgical forms, like tube-tying, and stuff).
        • If measured by "typical use," hormonal methods are much better than condoms, especially female condoms. Birth control pills are a lot more forgiving about little mistakes. You can skip a day every once in a while with no adverse effects. Condoms depend upon individuals properly using them. Most breakages occur not because of QA issues, but because people put them on incorrectly. They also have the propensity for slipping off. I'm not sure what you're talking about regarding women hating the feel of condoms- I didn't know they had a feel. There are also options such as the birth control patch or injection. I have a friend who uses injections (I don't remember if it's once a month or once every three months) and it works out great for her. You don't have the issue with remembering every day to take a pill. Most birth control fails because of improper use, which is easier to control for if you use hormonal instead of barrier birth control.

          If we really wanted to control the population and curb the number of abortions, we would encourage the use of hormonal birth control, or, better yet, both a barrier and a hormone method.

          she alone will deal with the consequences

          What about the fetus? Does it have a right to live? She has to deal with the consequenses, but the fetus is what is truely harmed.

          I forgot to turn on the sarcasm tag. The line which you are quoting me on was a bitter remark at the fact that TechnoLust seemed to imply that when a woman gets pregnant it is entirely her fault and responsibility. I never said if said woman had an abortion or not, just that the entire responsibility of the pregnancy seems to be placed on her. She forgot to put a condom on her partner? It seems to me that two people ought to be involved in this part.
          • My sister-in-law did the horomonal thing. Which is why her second son was unplanned (it was the 3-month shot, which, we found out afterward, is still in the 90%'s for effectiveness, but lower 90s, the pill is mid 90s, and a rubber is like 99%)

            Sorry about the sarcasm dealio. I need to read completely instead of skimming like I have been.
      • I have not and will not be put in this position, you are correct, but I have seen this situation more than once, where this was the very attitude of the girl. One of my friends works in a pregnancy crisis center, and she has several girls down there have had 3 or more abortions. I have heard, with my own ears, a girl say, "I hate buying condoms, and [boyfriend's name] hates wearing them, if I get pregnant, I'll just get an abortion." So, no I don't think I'm oversimplifying.

        Is this the attitude every woman that gets an abortion? Absolutely not. Some absolutely hate the idea of doing it, but feel they have no other choice. But I would say the most of the abortions done in the US are simply because it would be an inconvenience to have the baby. I could be wrong, but that's my opinion.

        As for placing the responsibility of birth control on the woman, I didn't do that, society did. I don't think it should be the woman in charge of birth control, it should be the responsibility of both people involved. However, this is not always the case. A lot of guys are insensitive jerks, and are just there for one thing anyway, so what does he care if you are pregnant? You can sure bet if I was a sexually active girl, I would make damn sure he wrapped it up, and I would be on the pill. Girls, you are the supplier of something in demand, that means you get to make the rules. Don't take any of this, "But, honey, I don't like the way it feels," or "Don't you trust me?" Crap. Tell them you don't like the way childbirth feels. If he doesn't care about you enough to buy and use a condom, is he someone you really want to have sex with?

        Girls don't want to be responsible for birth control, but who's body is it going to affect? Yeah, in a perfect world, all guys would be responsible enough to hold themselves accountable for their actions, but the last time I looked this world was far from perfect. If you don't want to get pregnant, don't trust some guy to look out for you, you need to take responsibility.

        • In my perfect world, all men would wear condoms and all women would be on hormonal birth control until both parties wanted to have children.

          "I hate buying condoms, and [boyfriend's name] hates wearing them, if I get pregnant, I'll just get an abortion."

          Okay, moral qualms aside, this person is a bad economist/financial planner. At about $450 per abortion, it is a hell of a lot cheaper to fork out the $25 per month for birth control pills or $15 per month for condoms. Also, later term abortions carry the risk of a perforated uterus, which might impair your child-rearing abilities in the future. I see where you're coming from in your earlier comment, though I have personally never known anybody who looked at the issue that callously.
          • Yes, I've met some girls with a terrible attitude about abortions. That really hurts considering I have 3 female friends who are married who have been told they could not have children and/or have had miscarriages. All three are very active in the church and would consider adoption. Two of these women we have been praying for, and they have both successfuly given birth now. The 3rd is my age, and she isn't ready to have a child yet, but I'm sure when the time is right she will be able to have children, too. It really hurt them to find out that there were women out there who had been able to get pregnant, didn't want the babies, and wouldn't carry them to term and put them up for adoption.

            As for the financial planning, the person is stupid to begin with, because of the risk of disease, but she has that, "it can't happen to me" mentality that a lot of American youth have. She thinks there is no need to worry about it, because she isn't going to get a disease or get pregnant. As far as paying for the abortion, there are groups out there that will help out with that, unfortunately. I can't remember any off hand, but I think someone told me Planned Parenthood would if you were below a certain income, but don't quote me on that, it is just hearsay.

  • Gender: Since everybody already knows anyways, M
    Age: old enough to know better then to give my age out on the internet. :-D

    Religion: Unaffiliated, strong x-stian leanings, believe in God and all that, but err, don't count on me following any one Dogma. :-D I take from everybody, eh.

    Political Affiliation: Mathmatical Moderate. Some extremist right wing, some extreme liberal. Nader rules, otherwise Scorched Earth Party. [armory.com]
    Occupation: Student, IT for spare cash. :-D
    Marital Status: Single

    Abortion: I am for anything that reduced the population. In favor of government mandated abortions for families with two+ children already, then again I am MORE in favor of those couples just doing the responsible thing and not getting pregnant in the first place. . . . (and of course in cases of rape + incest it is just inhumane NOT to have an abortion, forcing a poor woman / child to go through with that. . . . my word. . . .)

    Gun Control: Ask me three months ago, would've said no need for guns, now I say same thing, but am starting to wonder. . . . I do think that they are too accessible though, just any idiot can get to them. Need a higher entrance barrier, like maybe a requirement to mix their own gunpowder or something? :-D

    Enviornment: Without trees, we all die, and that, err, would suck.

    Social Programs: Do whatever is best for the community as a whole, follow proper logical procedure. Help those who need help, and throwing somebody a life raft, a pair of galoshes, and dropping them in the Sahara does NOT constitute teaching them how to fish. . . . (to start seriously mixing metaphors. :-D ) worker retraining programs need some serious retooling before they start to be relied any more. . . .
    • err, oops, my bad?


      Gender: Since everybody already knows anyways, M
      AgeReligion: Unaffiliated, strong x-stian leanings, believe in God and all that, but err, don't count on me following any one Dogma. :-D I take from everybody, eh.

      Political Affiliation: Mathmatical Moderate. Some extremist right wing, some extreme liberal. Nader rules, otherwise Scorched Earth Party. [armory.com]
      Occupation: Student, IT for spare cash. :-D
      Marital Status: Single

      Abortion: I am for anything that reduced the population. In favor of government mandated abortions for families with two+ children already, then again I am MORE in favor of those couples just doing the responsible thing and not getting pregnant in the first place. . . . (and of course in cases of rape + incest it is just inhumane NOT to have an abortion, forcing a poor woman / child to go through with that. . . . my word. . . .)

      Gun Control: Ask me three months ago, would've said no need for guns, now I say same thing, but am starting to wonder. . . . I do think that they are too accessible though, just any idiot can get to them. Need a higher entrance barrier, like maybe a requirement to mix their own gunpowder or something? :-D

      Enviornment: Without trees, we all die, and that, err, would suck.

      Social Programs: Do whatever is best for the community as a whole, follow proper logical procedure. Help those who need help, and throwing somebody a life raft, a pair of galoshes, and dropping them in the Sahara does NOT constitute teaching them how to fish. . . . (to start seriously mixing metaphors. :-D ) worker retraining programs need some serious retooling before they start to be relied any more. . . .
  • Age: 20
    Gender: M
    Religion: [Liberal] Episcopalian
    Politics: libertarian/Classical Liberal
    Occupation: Student
    Marital Status: Single, unattached for several months

  • Gender: M
    Age: 24
    Religion: Christian
    Political Affiliation: Mostly Republican.
    Occupation: Laid off programmer. Now working as a bouncer. The pay just isn't the same.
    Marital Status: Single
    • I was going to be lazy and not answer the rest, but I'm feeling extra friendly tonight (must be really tired).

      Abortion: I'm against abortion. Would advise you not to have one, but I wouldn't stand on the sidewalk and scream at you on the way into the clinic. At some point people have to be responsible for their own actions.
      Gun Control: I'm not sure anymore. I own a shotgun, but after dealing with some gun incidences at the club I work at, I just don't know what kind of policy would work.
      Enviornment: If everyone did their part, this would be a non issue. Unfortunately, some people suck and need to be pushed in the right direction.
      Social Programs: Well, I got laid off in June, and have yet to collect on unemployment, welfare, food-stamps or any other government assistance. That should tell you how I feel about these programs.

      I should also add that I teach Kung Fu 4 times a week, but as I get no money for it, I don't think it really counts as an occupation....yet.
  • Gender: F
    Age: 26
    Religion: Atheist
    Political Affiliation: Somewhere between Green and Democrat
    Occupation: Graduate student studying theoretical statistical physics, but going to law school next year.
    Marital Status: Single.

    Abortion: I'd never have an abortion, personally. But I think the real travesty is not that people have abortions, but that things are so shitty right now that there are people that feel that they have no other option. See social programs. If you don't want women to have abortions, don't stigmatize pregnancy. Don't stigmatize single motherhood. Do support programs to make single motherhood easier. Do try and help your friends who are single mothers with the workload. Et cetera. If a girl is raised to believe her life is over when she has a baby, no shit she's going to have an abortion.
    Gun Control: Within reason. Definitely see no need for people to own assault weapons. Personally could never hurt a fly (literally).
    Environment: I try to take a long-term perspective, but also try not to preach. I don't eat (most) meat because I think it's environmentally damaging; I sold my car and bike/take public transit as much as I can, because I think it's better for the environment. But I don't expect you to do the same thing. I try to make as small a footprint as I can on the world by watching what I do, personally. But I'm not going to condemn anyone else for their lifestyle. Politically, I think the environment outweighs inconvenience. If you think the economy will suffer now for environmentalism, imagine what it'll be like if we lose large swaths of arable land.
    Social Programs: I think that if we can help people, we should. In particular, I favor social programs which try to give kids from lower socioeconomic strata a real chance. There aren't many of those out there. I take this to the extent that even if 100% of the welfare users are abusing the system, but if it makes a better life for 1% of their children--go for it. All the way.

    There's a discussion on pictures under daoine's entry. At some point any sufficiently intrepid person could find my home page (my name and affiliation aren't hard to find; I think I've mentioned them in recent posts) so I might as well. This is me. [berkeley.edu]

  • Gender: M
    Age: 25
    Faith: Christian (Baptist)
    Politics: Difficult to quantify. Economically, I'm generally left-of-centre (massive taxes on rich people, use the cash to pay for schools and hospitals, tax the rich, state-funded education for all up to university level, state-funded healthcare for all, did I mention taxing the rich?). Socially, I vary between conservatism on some issues and liberalism on others. I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with Big Business wanting to take my fair-use rights away.
    Occupation: Software developer. But I suck at it. Can I get a job playing Final Fantasy all day?
    Marital Status: Single. Never been on a single date in my life.
    Preferred operating system: Debian GNU/Linux

    Abortion: Absolutely abhorrent, but I'd not wish for it to be made illegal because that'll drive it underground and cost even more lives.
    Gun Control: Civilian ownership of rifles and handguns is illegal in my country, and I'm perfectly happy with the situation.
    Environment: Supportive of government pro-environmental initiatives (greenbelt land, national parks, hilarious taxes on petrol etc.)
    Social programmes: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." (But means-test benefits strictly; there's no way that people like me, who have a job and good prospects, should be qualifying for any handouts). See "Politics" above.
  • Gender: M
    Age: 28
    Religion: Godless Heathen/Unrepentant Sinner
    Political Affiliation: Loonie Party/Independant
    Occupation: Computer/Netowrk Security
    Marital Status: Single

    Abortion: Is fine with me.
    Gun Control: Why can't I own a GE Mini-Gun?
    Enviornment: As long as it is ok up til the minute I die.
    Social Programs: Kill the poor and kill the rich. Redistribute the riches wealth.
  • It'd be nice to see a summary of the results (like the median age, religion, etc.). Any volunteers?? :)
  • Gender: M
    Age: 1x
    Religion: Christian agnostic
    Political Affiliation: Lib Dem
    Occupation: Student
    Marital Status: Single

    Abortion: Pro-choice, but not viciously so

    Environment: Pro-environment, but not viciously so

    Social Programs: A little in favour of, but no great opinion either way

  • I'm a white, Irish male, age 27.

    I have no real political affiliation. I believe most of the politicians in our day and age have their own interests in mind before those of their constituents. They all suck equally, and I don't vote. Yeah, I know, weird, but there you have it.

    My stance on abortion is something like this:
    Don't make me choose between my fiance and a child. The child would lose every time. However, as a form of birth control, abortion is not an option. Wrap your wienie. Ladies, take the pill. Pull out! How difficult are these practices?

    I was in the military, so as far as gun control goes, I believe there is no reason to have a fully automatic weapon for personal use. I have several weapons, my mind being the sharpest and deadliest :) Ok, I also have a 410 varmint gun, a couple of .22's (pistol and rifle) and a 30-06. Yeah, I hunt, and fish too. Kind hard to be from the country and not do either of these occupations.

    I am not married, yet. Soon I hope to be. I do know I am the happiest I have ever been, with regards to the dating thing. Yes, I consider myself lucky.

    As far as religion goes, I guess I am a Christian. I don't believe organized religion is for me, nor do I go to church on a regular basis. I believe in God and the golden rule (thank you pre-school).

    I like this topic, and will shoot out a mini rant (Vol III, in stores now!) about a favorite of mine now.

  • Gender: M
    Age: Born in the 50's
    Religion: spiritual... paganish.
    Political Affiliation: Independant. My political philosphy, though, most closely resembles Libertarian.
    Occupation: IT
    Marital Status: Divorced. Now involved in a long term relationship.
    Children: Me: 3, She: 2 - The Brady Bunch of the New Millenium.
    Abortion: Personally, I think it's a bad choice, but it should be a choice.
    Gun Control: Background checks are ok, maybe. But that's about it.
    Social Programs: Not the business of the government.
    Environment: Conservation is good.
  • Hey there. I got here through Bellus Quies' journal and I want to play too.
    Gender: M
    Age: 35
    Religion: Ohhh boy. This is the most very funnest one of all.
    - Mother's grandfather radically non-observant Jew; mother's mother raised religious Jewish but converted to Christian Science shortly after my mother's birth. So, my mother was raised CS while her father fumed.
    - Father's father raised hardcore midwestern Protestant, father's mother raised (kinda) Rosicrucian. Father's parents both kinda adopted Buddhism while my father was a kid and my father considered himself (dead now) somewhere in the Eastern religion realm (complete with trips to temples in India & Sri Lanka, etc.)
    - Stepfather raised radical athiest (in the deep south, where they take religion seriously).
    By the time I was ten my mother and stepfather had settled happily into a Unitarian congregation while we kept around issues of American Atheist. My father was teaching me a bit of meditation and breath control. Oh, BTW, I was in the midst of seven years of first a Scottish Presbyterian and then an Anglican school.
    End result, chucked pretty much all of it, was more impressed with the neopagans who ran one summer camp I went to (others being Quaker and Unitarian), now consider myself a non-affiliated animist but go to Jewish holy day dinners (Passover, Rosh Ha Shonah) as a cultural and social thing.
    Political Affiliation: Couldn't ya figure out from the above that I'm a tad sceptical of broad idealogies and doctrines? Registered as an Independent, have advised Democratic, Green, Independence, and, yes, Republican groups/candidates. My real "political affiliation" would have to read something like "radical pragmatic utilitarian". If you don't like that, then check out my site and see if things come together for you.
    Occupation: former publishing/workgroup techie/consultant, now founding my own company and living on ramen and peanut butter.
    Marital Status: Single. Very, very single.
    Children: None. Someday that will change, I hope.
    Gun Control: Deeply conflicted. Utterly appalled at the thought of a government that thinks it has the right to make itself unoverthrowable but deeply demoralized by the real world stats about gun use. Conclusion, pro gun ownership and miserable about it.
    Abortion: In favor of "abortions" until, say, six months after birth. I'm not sure how much I'm kidding about this. Bottom line, a woman's body is her own, a blastula is not a human being, and anybody who violates this should keep their f*cking hands to themselves. (let's just say that my something like eighty or ninety hours of in-depth discussions with pro-lifers has left me with very little, ahem, belief in the sincerity of most of their motives.
    Environment: I'm an optimization guy, remember? I want an end result of way less anti-life activity but I'm perfectly willing to trade pollution credits or whatever to get them. NRDC over Greenpeace any day of the week.
    Social Programs: Massive overhaul with the overall goal of getting the slack out of the system. Nationalize and standardize welfare (same benefit of perhaps $6K cash/yr for any US citizen, anywhere on earth), subsidized moving expenses and lean health insurance. Then cut off all the rest completely. Graduated reductions in benefits at a percentage of income. Only exception, stuff that ensures that the next generation is less brain damaged (school lunches, boarding schools, whatever). Let's just say that to lay out all of this would take 50+ pages.
    Drugs: Legalize whatever we can, maybe even everything. Let the FDA regulate quality, disclosure, and ingredients. Clear non-violent drug offenders out of our jails ASAP. Use taxes on *all* (including booze and cigs) scaled to dosage (don't know precisely how but could work it out) to pay for treatment and research. Only codicil: if you want to grow your own then it's nobody else's business at all.
    Personal Obsessions: Systems optimization in general; gender issues; LED lighting; private space programs; aereated, autoclaved concrete; permaculture and off-the grid stuff in general; design and architecture; pop movies, preferably with lots of martial arts scenes and loud music.

    So that's it. I'm naked to the world.
    Sorry about the lack of a picture. If I knew of a clear one online, I'ld point to it.
    Not sure if I should be happy or terrified that I'm about to post all of this,

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