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Comment Re:In fact a new version often is how it should be (Score 1) 262

The problem is that Apple devices seem to be something that some people wrap their ego in. They feel a need to have the newest device to be "cool" or some such and thus get mad when a newer device comes out that they cannot or do not wish to purchase since they feel it somehow lessens what they do have.

I think you're suffering from cognitive dissonance. The hint is that you're suggesting a rather absurd explanation -- that people buy new phones just to be cool -- and ignoring the much more obvious explanation: that the additional features are compelling enough for them to upgrade. It seems likely that you yourself do not feel that the additional features and improvements are sufficient to warrant an upgrade -- and that's okay. But to project your sensibilities onto the entire rest of the world and then to suggest they are behaving in a rather irrational manner is itself as irrational as it gets.

Comment Re:Gofundme (Score 2) 657

I dislike the term "taxpayer" - it implies that there are people who don't pay tax. But everyone who buys anything, let alone earns money, ends up contributing toward government coffers.

The word "taxpayer" is a useful word in contexts like this because it tends to reinforce that the settlement (if there is one) will come out of the taxes that the people pay. It also serves to suggest which people are going to pay -- namely, the people who pay taxes in the relevant municipality, or school district, or maybe the whole state.

So yes, "people" works too, but "taxpayer" does a much better job of reinforcing the principle being discussed, and is therefore (IMHO) the correct word to use.

Comment Re:Headline is stupid (Score 5, Informative) 220

No, actually you're dead wrong. The lawsuit is about the suspension that resulted from the two-word tweet. It wasn't filed by the teacher, it wasn't filed by the school. It was filed by the student.

Furthermore, the police chief's statement that this amounted to a felony is pure BS. At worst, it would be defamation, but that's not what this lawsuit is about.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 3, Insightful) 410

The rules are that anything that causes Reddit headaches or additional work is subject to be banned, or so the CEO has said in his latest comments on this round of quarantining/banning. Though their new policy doesn't exactly make it clear that's the case. So anything they don't like or that makes them work is subject to being removed from the site.

Speaking as someone who runs an internet forum, I can appreciate their position on that point. If 2% of the people cause 90% of the problems, the obvious thing to do is ban those 2%.

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