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Comment Re:Gofundme (Score 2) 657

I dislike the term "taxpayer" - it implies that there are people who don't pay tax. But everyone who buys anything, let alone earns money, ends up contributing toward government coffers.

The word "taxpayer" is a useful word in contexts like this because it tends to reinforce that the settlement (if there is one) will come out of the taxes that the people pay. It also serves to suggest which people are going to pay -- namely, the people who pay taxes in the relevant municipality, or school district, or maybe the whole state.

So yes, "people" works too, but "taxpayer" does a much better job of reinforcing the principle being discussed, and is therefore (IMHO) the correct word to use.

Comment Re:Headline is stupid (Score 5, Informative) 220

No, actually you're dead wrong. The lawsuit is about the suspension that resulted from the two-word tweet. It wasn't filed by the teacher, it wasn't filed by the school. It was filed by the student.

Furthermore, the police chief's statement that this amounted to a felony is pure BS. At worst, it would be defamation, but that's not what this lawsuit is about.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 3, Insightful) 410

The rules are that anything that causes Reddit headaches or additional work is subject to be banned, or so the CEO has said in his latest comments on this round of quarantining/banning. Though their new policy doesn't exactly make it clear that's the case. So anything they don't like or that makes them work is subject to being removed from the site.

Speaking as someone who runs an internet forum, I can appreciate their position on that point. If 2% of the people cause 90% of the problems, the obvious thing to do is ban those 2%.

Comment Re: Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 295

Anyone who (apparently) gets this upset over a simple discussion on the Internet is either a troll, or someone who feels so powerless in their real life that stirring up shit on the Internet is the only way they can feel relevant.

Yet you got modded down, and I got modded up. Sadly, it wasn't because you dared to speak the truth, though I'm sure in your persecuted world view that's what you think went down. But no, you got modded down because you're just another internet dimwit.

Comment Re: Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 295

Hoo-kay.. you're just yet another pedantic, argument-loving internet person, and as such I'm not taking you seriously.

Anyone who says shit like "daring to state the truth" is pretty much automatically not to be taken seriously. The fact that I called you on such a pathetic attempt at melodrama doesn't make me argument-loving, it just means that you're full of shit.

Comment Re: Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 295

Listen, guy: of course it's all speculation right now.

You would do well to pay attention to the portion of your comment that I quoted. I'll quote it again for your convenience:

and, naturally, I will now get modded down to (-1, Troll/Flamebait/whatever) for daring to state the truth

That bit where you anticipate being modded down for "daring to state the truth" is utter bullshit if what you're doing is speculating.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 365

Sure, it has come to pass. Everybody has a web presence without the need to personally hire a programmer. Everyone can compile graphs and charts of their data and advanced analytics
reporting without the need of a programmer. No, programmers haven't gone away and someone
still needs to write the programs but many of the tasks that once required a programmer now can
be done via a service without a programmer.

None of those things are actually examples of programming, nor are (or were) any of those activities the domain of programmers. Word processing, graphic art, illustration, sure. But there's no logic or flow control in any of those examples.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 365

The general population does seem to have problems with complex logic problems. There are some intermediate programs like ifttt.com that seem to work ok for the general population but I consider ifttt still for power users and basic useful stuff will continue to be simplified until many of the things done by programmers today can be done by someone who doesn't understand complex logic.

The pundits have been predicting such a scenario since sometime in the early 1980s. To date, it hasn't come to pass, and I'm pretty confident in saying that your vision is right up there with flying cars.

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