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by ultranova (#47970873) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

Do you want high-risk open-heart surgery, with a fifteen-per-cent risk of dying during the operation, or would you rather continue as you are, with a fifty-per-cent chance you will be dead in two years?

Open-heart surgery, please. You can actually feel your heartbeat, and thinking there's a problem means every irregularity, real or imagined, is going to give you a start. This gets especially fun when you're trying to sleep because that, after all, involves heartbeat slowing down.

Comment: I'm going to live forever, (Score 1) 379

by reboot246 (#47969887) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"
or die trying. I refuse to set an arbitrary age for death.

Some people are in great shape mentally and physically at 80 or 90. My 83 years old neighbor lives by herself and drives to the senior citizen center to help out with the "old people". My mother is 79, lives by herself, sees a doctor once a year, and drives everywhere she wants to go (safely). Of course, some people are ready for the nursing home at age 65. People are all different in every way you can imagine.

Maybe Ezekiel J. Emanuel is just aging faster than he'd like. Doesn't he have grandchildren or great-grandchildren he'd like to see grow up?

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by dtjohnson (#47969047) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"
...and embrace a Culture of Life. This 'bioethicist' is asking you to buy into his values: that the 'feeble' are less valuable than the 'non-feeble', that life is not worth living unless you are 'vibrant and engaged,' etc. These are the same sorts of values that are used to justify suicide, abortion, executions/murders, assisted suicide, euthanasia, eugenics, mercy killings, and the like, with the implied blanket claim that the killing somehow improves things for the killers. In TFA, we have the 'bioethicist' arbitrarily selecting some calendar age to begin neglecting his health based on the idea that life after that point is not worth living.

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by tepples (#47968495) Attached to: KDE's UI To Bend Toward Simplicity

But there's all sorts of simple instructions like "no onions" you can tell a clerk that you can't tell a computer. If you go to Whopper Lab you can see all the options

Doesn't the existence of Whopper Lab mean you can tell a computer?

I generally prefer an expanding/alternate dialog

Until you use a 10" screen. They were common in the netbook era but have since returned on laptops like the Transformer Book by ASUS and Aspire Switch by Acer. Some dialogs don't fit and I have to use the window manager's keyboard shortcuts to move the top of the window above the top of the screen to see the OK button. Or by "alternate" do you mean more tabs?

Comment: Playlists and MTP (Score 1) 68

by tepples (#47968305) Attached to: Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet

Don't people just drag MP3's from their computer to their phone in Windows Explorer? I don't understand the need for music transferring software.

If you want to transfer only the subset of your MP3 collection contained in a specific set of playlists, then you may need software to construct the copy job, even if it's just a shell script that parses the m3u files. And until very recently, you needed to install software to connect an Android 4.x phone to a PC because some operating systems didn't come with MTP automounting.

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by tepples (#47968241) Attached to: Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet

Then please, please stop buying branded phones from operators.

Good luck getting any service that way if the only cellular carriers with a usable signal in your area are CDMA2000 carriers like Verizon and Sprint. I'm under the impression that they won't just sell you a CSIM for an unbranded CDMA2000 phone.

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