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Comment Re:Why is prostitution illegal in the first place? (Score 1) 133

The expected moral indignation of those in our population who believe prostitution is just bad. I don't think there's much constructive discussion to be had here one way or the other.

And yet this discussion - to what extent do you have a right to force your moral standards on me - is the important one.

2. Prostitution is *heavily* associated with human trafficking, along with other behaviors that boil down to a girl being forced to sell her body, rather than wanting to. This is the reason that really matters.

Right, so the same people who consistently vote conservative positions because justice is something to be had only on the other side suddenly become concerned about human suffering when sex is involved. I call bullshit.

Comment Is It My Imagination (Score 1) 87

Is it my imagination or is this sort of thing happening a lot with those airbus planes? "Lot" being a relative term, I suppose, since the vast majority of the planes never have a problem. But it seems like there have been several high profile crashes lately that seem to be the result of a shitstorm of the pilots and the computer fighting one another. It takes a pretty long time for a plane to fall out of the sky like that -- more than enough time, one would think, for either the pilot or the computer to realize that their actions are not fixing the problem and try something else.

Comment Oh, Com'on Robin (Score 5, Insightful) 153

The very best thing you could have done with that particular posting of Eric's would have been to ignore it, and run the story about that nice woman without mentioning it. She can stand on her own and nobody but Eric should be held to account for what he said.

Comment Re:Anyone else with security concerns? (Score 2) 303

How is gmail (an email provider, with a web UI) competition to Thunderbird (an email client)?

Gmail's web interface as an interface to Gmail is competition for Thunderbird as an interface to Gmail.

I use Thunderbird to read and send emails on my gmail account

That depends on how long Google continues to offer Gmail access through other clients without charge.

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 135

Indies are huge on PC (as they are on mobile), so that's all left. [...] Heck, while there are a few stubbornly PC only developers, many former PC only developers branched out to consoles

So in your opinion, at what point does a PC game developer stop being "indie" and start being "stubborn"?

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 135

That'd be fine if there were viable PC counterparts to certain console exclusives. Does PC have a flagship fighting game with terrain and platforms (like Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, which are flat plane fighters)? Does PC have a flagship kid-friendly third-person shooter (like Splatoon)?

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