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by yoshi_mon (#46577523) Attached to: <em>Diablo 3</em> Expansion <em>Reaper of Souls</em> Launches

While I've played a fair amount of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft my main interaction with Blizzard was with WoW and so I'm not really here to talk about D3. I only played D2 a bit and have not even watched a LetsPlay of D3 just to give an idea of my interest in the series at this point.

What I would like to say is that it is less than a year since Activision/Blizzard has detached themselves from Vivendi Universal. And as such there may be hope for them going back to some of the older better ways.

IIRC Vivendi Universal was losing money pretty badly during the years that introduced a lot of the really blatant cash grab moves that happened. And while getting any sort of proof from corporations is laughable in this day and age it sure as hell looked like Vivendi was pressuring Blizzard to make those moves.

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I have been on /. for years now. And I've watched it change from Taco's personal site to a corperate entity and that is fine. Things change and we all move on.

But that beta Not gonna be viewing that. Slashdot will become one of the many sites that I used to know and love to something I don't visit anymore.

So good luck Dice and all you who are getting those paychecks. Once you make the change I will remove /. from my bookmarks and not look back.

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Big props for you speaking truth here. I honestly have run into so many MS shills/fanboys that I am rather shocked and amazed that you are not one of them.

The only issue I have is that in your OP you list the few "under the hood" upgrades that Win8 has as nice but when pushed have to honestly list them as marginal. Again given your overall honesty I'm not faulting you I'm just saying that there really is nothing "under the hood" of Win8 that outweighs the bullshit that is its UI.

(BTW, Process Explorer FTW if you want anything better than Task Manager information.)

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So I actually have been actively using Opera for a while now. As well as it having a place in my history as my primary browser back in the day. And by now you might have then inferred that while I use Opera it is not my primary browser. Let me explain.

Since, at least as far as I'm aware, you still can't give a command line options to any Windows browser to tell it where/what size to open it has been convenient for me to use Firefox on my main monitor for my primary browser and then a 2nd browser that opens up on my 2nd monitor. Further it is nice having my 2nd monitor browser be different since then I can keep 2 effective sets of bookmarks. Since my 2nd monitor browser is in effect more a media device than my primary browser.

And for that Opera has worked great. In fact it still is working right now on my 2nd monitor where a YouTube video is playing right now. The UI was decent, it did not eat up a ton of resources, and overall did exactly what I wanted it to do and did it pretty well.

Well just a week ago I wanted to do a reinstall and so I packed up all my programs config/data files and did the deed. Opera's data files sit in:

C:\Users\$UserName\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera x64

Notice that last archive said just Opera not Opera x64 which I thought was a little odd since Opera kept auto updating for me so I thought I was running exactly the same thing that I had been not 45m prior. But whatever, I could see why that could happen between version installs but not updates. I was wrong.

I had been running Opera 12.x. I did not really keep track of it since all the dev's lost their heads and went for version number bloat and all that. So when I hit Opera's download site I just grabbed the latest version, installed, turned it on once, killed it, replaced the default config files with mine, and turned it back on and...

It was like installing Win8. Total UI change for the worse. (This was now Opera 19 btw.) No way to even put up a button for bookmarks. Everything had to go though a "quickdial" type page. Options were dumbed down. Just bad bad bad. It took me to realize that I was running what amounted to a whole new Opera and not the old one that had served me well.


You can see where the change was. The old Opera, which they appear to still be doing some updates to, stops at 12.x and then the reboot starts at 15 and is up to 19, lol, now. That version is something that again I liken to a Win8 version of Opera. I did not use it long enough, the new version of Opera, to give it any sort of proper review. All I know is that it was bad for me, reeked of some sort of desire to force tablet UI on desktop computers, and dumbed down everything as if I was using some Apple OS/app.

I am not opposed to change but where Opera is going now will not have me as a follower.

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by yoshi_mon (#46077451) Attached to: VC Likens Google Bus Backlash To Nazi Rampage

As self absorbed as any of the current "libertarians" have to be today.

I read Rand. All of her works. Over and over during the early 90's. I actually went to the USSR in 89. I know a bit about these things first hand.

I also have seen the works of how large scale economics have worked since we went from a "Great Society" model to a "Trickle Down" model. The latter fucking does not work but it sure as hell empowers and enriches the people at the top

Further once they got the idea that, they as those that existed in a republic, had to capture the media too made it a real. Because now you had not only the power but the "facts" on your side.

I don't know how many discussions I've had with people who are so woefully misinformed that they will not change their minds because their bias is already set by the corporate media.

At this point I really don't care about chaining peoples minds, all I want is money out of politics. Once that happens I might care a little more.

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As someone who is trying to gather data, wording a question to be totally natural to anyone bias is a hard thing. I may have failed at that as that is not my profession however I clearly would say that you have a bias in seeing in any question your own intents.

You have displayed great bias while I have tried my best to be impartial.

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by yoshi_mon (#46036591) Attached to: Federal Court Kills Net Neutrality, Says FCC Lacks Authority.

Thank you for finally answering the question.

> So your assertion and assumption that those that oppose Obama watch Fox News is silly.

I made NO such assertion. I only asked you a question. However that you said something like that does give me more data. Which in and of itself is very interesting.

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by yoshi_mon (#45955455) Attached to: Federal Court Kills Net Neutrality, Says FCC Lacks Authority.

It is pretty unbelievable that they are viewing it though that lens. However given the outcome they wanted that is about the only way they could frame it with any shape of rationalization.

Here in the small town I live in I actually have TWO, DSL & Cable, options for my broadband. Maybe three if we count satellite internet but really.

And that is typical even for even the larger towns that are near me. I can't speak for the largest city's in my state but as I said it is a poor rationalization at best.

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Vista IIRC also suffered from some hardware issues beyond just drivers. And by that I mean that a vanilla Vista install could run OK if on the bare minimum hardware recommendations, what was it 512M of RAM?, but it would use up every bit of that minimum.

And of course OEMs were not installing vanilla installs! Oh their business models now are dependent on kickbacks from all sorts of types of software slipstreamed into that install. And so they sold hardware that just met the minimum requirements and then dumped a ton of crap on top of that OS and shipped them out the door.

So by the time the end user got their NEW computer all fired up it often was slower than their old computers. And the IT people who had a clue after analyzing the situation had said, well it could be ok but such users are gonna need more RAM, you can guess how well that went over with customers who had already spent money on a NEW computer.

Add that nonsense to the poor driver situation along with the final fact that XP was still chugging along just fine and you have a pretty good summation on the failure of Vista. (It should be noted that just like now with Win8 fanboys, there were people who praised Vista.)

Today we have something similar. Computers now are powerful enough, and or you can get a computer that is easily powerful enough pretty damn cheap, to run even a bloatware filled OS out of the box. And by in large there don't seem to be any other real software or hardware issues with Win8, however...

Metro is a train wreck of a UI for the standard keyboard/mouse PC setup. You know, the majority of the PCs that are our there Microsoft...the ones that sales have been slowing down on. Anyway that fact has been covered by myself and many others plenty so suffice to say that the forced UI change is bad, pretty damn bad.

And you have Win7 still chugging along just fine. So it is no wonder what happened to Win8. And if they don't see the trend and fix it it will be very interesting to say the least to see what happens with Win9. (And MS's future overall.)

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