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Comment: Re:Nobody else seems to want it (Score 1) 727

by VGPowerlord (#47720149) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

I think it's funny that you'd say this.

DOS had drivers in the form of Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) programs.

For instance, you had Microsoft's mouse.sys or for standard serial port (and later PS/2) mice.

CD drives required config.sys to load a vendor-specific CD-ROM driver followed by autoexec.bat executing mscdex.exe.

From memory, sound cards notably didn't have drivers built-in, or rather the only startup programs they had just set the ports and interrupts the cards used. (i.e. sb16set)

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by VGPowerlord (#47663063) Attached to: The IPv4 Internet Hiccups

If it weren't for the stupidity of OS and IP stack authors, we'd be able to use the - addresses.

However, most of them refuse to route to those addresses because they're "Reserved for Future use."

Apparently no one stopped to think that blocking routing to those addresses would stop them from being used in the future because people insist on using older technology.

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by VGPowerlord (#47601825) Attached to: Satya Nadella At Six Months: Grading Microsoft's New CEO

Because at the end of the day it is "business as usual" -- no one really gives a fuck about Microsoft's new CEO.

Microsoft still doesn't a fucking clue about UI, it still shits on PC gamers with its crappy GWFL (Games For Windows Live), the Xbone has the stupidest marketing name ever, XP is still holding on because business can't be bought off with the latest untested shiny, DX12 will be only available on Windows 9 as MS tries to force gamers to upgrade, etc.

Weren't all those things done during the "lengthy and ultimately unpopular reign" of Steve Ballmer?

Comment: Re:Arrest the Credit Card Issuers? (Score 2, Informative) 419

by VGPowerlord (#47558013) Attached to: A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States

It sounds like the real scammers are the credit card issues that have a system in place to override that has ZERO security in place.

The security is supposed to be that the retailer is supposed to call the bank themselves to verify it. Which they didn't do.

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by VGPowerlord (#47474313) Attached to: Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

The early 2000s (and 1999) also saw fierce competition between AMD and Intel. This happened after AMD stole the performance crown from Intel with the release of the original Athlon, which likely pushed Intel to actually make some improvements.

This eventually lead to the Pentium M (and later Core) microarchitecture which Intel has been building upon for the last decade or so.

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The real injustice is that I'll never be able to fill that spot on my bucket list under "Perform open heart surgery in front of a judge while vigorously arguing a case on behalf of the guy who is having his heart operated on."

No, but you could probably work that into an app!

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How did it get to the point of being a "series of kludges upon hacks upon misbegotten designs"? So much of it was because of shit-headed ad-hoc, fix-it-now solutions done by amateurs. People like Brendan Eich were nothing but enablers: much of Javascript's stupidity comes his trying to make it accessible to non-programmers.

Much of JavaScript's stupidity was because it was a shit-headed ad-hoc, fix-it-now solution written for NetScape 2.0... back then it was called LiveScript.

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Bad examples. Transistor and Mercenary Kings are both on Steam, as is pretty much every indie game of consequence. In fact, what most indie developers are learning is that they get more sales on Steam than they ever did on the consoles - and Steam will allow them to support their games past release without placing stupid restrictions on it.

This is one of the reasons I don't plan on buying any current gen consoles.

Not only that, but on the WiiU front, Nintendo has released the first game I might actually be interested in for the WiiU, but I'm not about to shell out a bunch of money just for one game.

To add to this, the WiiU's other big upcoming title (Smash Bros.) is also going to be on the 3DS... which nearly all my friends already have. As opposed to the two of them who have WiiU consoles.

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