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Comment Re:Surge protectors *must* be voltage specific (Score 1) 137

Not really - anyway - most of these 'surge protectors' are simple MOV blocks that get blown open after a few years of use. (They silently die in the line of duty).

Amazing how many people here don't know anything about transients. - Common mode vs differential mode etc.

Most power supplies have one built in - and work well above both voltages.

The key bit is most transients are at RF frequencies - you don't have to know down all of what gets on the first cap past the rectification - and with PFC the inductor will just reflect most of it.

Much more important is what happens when your computer is hooked up to two different grounds (Ethernet vs power mains ) and it becomes a shunt between the two.

Comment Not clear if this is really totally open source - (Score 1) 117

Probably not.

There is firmware in the BMC - the hard drives, several other places - are they making the claim that ALL of these have open source code? Open microcode?

I didn't see any mention of Linux Bios.. hate getting information via videos.. You really don't need a separate processor to start up the main one - and it provides huge security holes when you do.

I've wondered what systems the spooks use for their security - there are hints about power 8 - not sure.

Comment Did everyone forget about fingerprinting? (Score 1) 112

Just won't work.

Mostly due to java creep in browsers -

If you want to get unwarranted attention - randomly flip your MACs - makes you look like a spook.

What we really need is a browser that looks very common via finger-print - the page is not shown - only an OCR document created from the page with links that have tracking information removed. Once the OCR doc is created the instance of the browser is removed.

I really miss web sites that don't use java..

Comment Not only tools - how about Socks? (Score 1) 329

I got tired of buying XL socks only to find they were closer to medium. I finally found some made in the USA - not only do they fit - they are thicker and better made.

I do believe in "good-enough" Some imports are good enough - but cheap tools that break can also be more expensive when you add in the cost of repeated replacements.

I have found that Japanese and Taiwan machine tools tend to be of very high quality - compared to the China stuff.

Also - be aware that the safety features of imported machines can be missing - providing nightmares of law suites.

Comment Re:Basic economics (Score 2) 124

There is a false meme that the big-business people and the big-government people are not one and the same. I call them DemoPublicans. What we live under is best called cartel-socialism where the big-business people funnel money to their big-government buddies to insure lockout of any competition. The result is the disappearing middle class - a clear indicator of the level of corruption. ( Yes - the old guard Republicans are practicing me-too socialism - socialism-lite. )

The fact is that the USA in now more socialist (48% of GDP is government spending) than Russia (35%)) - Keynesian economics of course doesn't work long term and anyone that thinks the general public is better off than we were before Tarp and the great expansion of government over the last years must have a government job.

The key problem with Keynesian is quite simple - yes they can print money - but they can not print wealth. Wealth only comes from the activity of productive people - who are getting screwed to the point that they are slowing or stopping productive activity. This screwing is a direct consequence of Keynesian spending.

Comment Re:The regulations have destroyed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

You know - I am complaining about nanny regulations - not the cops. Non of my friends that are cops give a s*** about how much water and electricity I use. And you might notice that the security issues here are a little different than in the middle east. (Was that a drunk post?)

I'm all for the limited government - hard to see the need for the 48% of the economy we have now - making us much more of a socialist country than the Russians (at 35%) . How about 5%?

Comment It is not the scanner - it is the software. (Score 1) 122

OK - open source has a really good OCR engine - tesseract.

But that is only one part - you need software that can recognize layout - differentiate pictures from text etc.

There are two approaches - put a text layer under a bitmap (searchable image) - or make a real document with fonts and pictures where needed (clear-scan) . (Hopefully a ODT file ).

Even in Windows clear-scan is iffy - diagrams with text confuse the software. Clear-scan to ODT is what we want - but can't have yet..

Notes and links on this:

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

"Oh my, you believe it's the environmentalists keeping nuclear plants from being built, because they're so powerful, but strangely they can't seem to do much about coal and oil, huh?"

I didn't say anything about environmentalists.

"Lives don't matter."

Hope you realize that there are people in coal and oil that don't want nuclear ... but I don't think you realize I understand just how corrupt government is.. (my take it is the DemoPulicans at fault.)

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

Homework assignment - look up the deaths/KWH generated of different forms of power generation.

Fukushima was bad - and yes a few people died - more will later but nothing compared to other methods (see ) how many die every year in the oil and coal business?

Those were old technology plants that didn't get updated like they did in the USA. There are newer safer technologies that are not going on line due to the insane regulations.

  By stopping nuclear plants - it has cost a lot of lives - dead in the middles east - cost of imported oil it would have replaced has been estimated to be similar to the national debt.

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 0) 481

Yes - you are right - it isn't like water falls out of the sky or something...

Here is a hint - don't live in deserts and let those of us that don't use all the water we want - water isn't 'used up' . What do they teach people in school these days?

The only reason we are burning stuff to make electricity is the excessive regulations that prevented the development of cheap nuclear power. Ludites.

There is a real world to enjoy.

It is sad that so many are falling for the fake crises to promote world socialism - of course it will be world tyranny - and there will be no where to run to - they will make slaves of your children.

Comment Re:The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 1) 481

You do realize why they had to change the soap for 'high efficiency' washing machines? They use so little water that there is still soap in the clothes - so it had to be changed so it wouldn't irritate the skin.

I would rather have a machine that really gets the clothes clean and well rinsed.

Comment The regulations have destryed Dishwashers (Score 4, Insightful) 481

The reason they suck is they now have very weak motors - to change that out is not an easy modification. One can change the computer to use enough water.

People are washing on the long cycles and multiple times - using a lot of water in the sink rinsing so they will get clean - the regs are not doing what they think.

I wish I could have the Maytag I bought in 1986 - it worked really well.

They have destroyed Dishwashers, Washing machines, water-heaters, shower heads (they did improve conditioners. )

I just want the government to stay the F*** out of my life.

Comment Re:If encryption is outlawed (Score 1) 345

If there are backdoors in UEFI BIOSs, encryption won't help.

I hate analogies but try this - if you have a steel-plated front door with a high quality lock, what happens when they get a copy of the key from a corrupt government cop that opens the front window?

Keys to backdoors will be stolen and compromised. Humans have not mutated into some other species.

Look - what happens when the mob/bad-guys/bad-country threatens the families of the key keepers? Centralized control of keys is a grave danger to economic security. A seriously stupid and dangerous idea.

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