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Comment Fuck IOT (Score 4, Insightful) 199

Look, I'm not a Luddite by any means (got started with Data General back in 1976 but am currently in development of a web-based app using Laravel, so - welcome to my lawn!), but the current trend of "internet-ize everything and we'll figure out security, basic expectations, etc. later" is ridiculous! I love my flat-panel TV but, when it comes time to buy my next one, it will NOT be a "smart" TV. A TV is a fucking receiver - period. I'm OK with having it (STV) as an option on models clearly marked as such, and I know that some of the FB/Twitter-oriented crowd will just love the idea of sharing what they're currently watching, commenting on it, etc. But.....count me TF out!

Comment Re:Why (Score 4, Insightful) 965

I am very disappointed that this is currently modded +5, Insightful. While I very much agree that we - as a modern, liberal (in the true European sense of the word - not the American caricature of a rich elitist sipping Chardonnay from the backseat of a limousine) society are confronting a medieval, barbaric, religious-whacko movement that wants to apply religious law (as does Ben Carson, etc., BTW) to everyone in the world, just where in the hell do you get the idea that NOT just declaring all of muslims as evil who should be exterminated becomes "Blame America First"? What kind of disjointed, fucked-up thinking can lead from one to the other? Let me guess - you watch Fox News almost exclusively and keep talk radio tuned in all the time. Try expanding your thought process to be able to hold 2 separate thoughts in your head at the same time. Trust me, it can be truly liberating to think independently.

Comment Having to show the dumbest graphs in existence.... (Score 2) 474

...will do it, too. I don't doubt the accuracy of their surveys, but - Crikey! - look at some of the graphs they use! One shows a 5% delta as, visually, the difference between a ranch house and a skyscraper. Another shows a larger % difference, but visually much closer. Not to be too pedantic, but there's this great old book called "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information". It'll make your job more satisfying...

Comment Just wait until the MIB gets hacked (Score 1) 60

For those of you outside the field, be very, very worried that these (,_Inc.) guys get hacked. If you have ever had a medical condition covered by any of our world-renowned Private Health Insurance Industry providers, it's on file here. Enjoy. :-)

Comment How could this even get this far? (Score 2) 172

Listen, I'm what I consider to be a pretty good, card-carrying tree-hugger who is also an omnivore, and I have supported racial, sexual and marriage equality for as long as I can remember. However, when we talk about human rights, they are *Human(TM)* Rights. This is not to say, of course, that we should not treat all sentient beings with as much Humanity(TM) as we can - and that's always a shifting goalpost - but no animal is a human except us human animals. Crikey, PETA-types!

Comment Yes, but.... (Score 2) 351

Similarly to Germany's ban on billboards on the autobahn - which are proven to distract a driver's attention - there should be some reasonable limits on ads. I originally signed up for cable, then satellite, because so many of the channels were then ad-free. Today, there is virtually nothing that's ad-free, including my Camry's radio start-up message that reminds me that - yes! - I'm driving a Camry! Basically, I am sick and freaking tired of ads everywhere and have fine-tuned my life to avoid them as much as possible. But, man is it tough!!

Comment Re:lettice under LED grow lights? (Score 2) 279

As someone who as - in the past - grown pot indoors under lights and outdoors, there's no comparison. Growing outdoors, for every 10 seedlings, you're lucky to get one healthy plant - and it has a 50/50 chance of being a male, hence worthless. Indoors, you start with 10 seedlings and get 10 plants. The same 50/50 ratio of male and female, but you've got 5 instead of .5. Next, factor in the insect and animal damage outdoors and then the bud rot at harvest time, and indoor farming is far, far superior. Not sure about corn, but - fuck that! I can buy any type in the store I want. :-)

Comment Lemme guess (Score -1, Troll) 413

More "Gummint givin way free money to deadbeats" rhetoric sure to come despite the facts that the size/cost of the program (tiny) compared to the benefits derived to society are, by any empirical measure, shown to be tremendously beneficial. But, as usual, the loutish barroom stool rantings will usually win the discussion. Sigh.....

Comment Re:I can see this running afoul of.... (Score 1) 545

OK, fit this scenario into your argument. I was raised by Jehovah's Witnesses (true!). JWs do not believe in accepting any blood transfution as it's against their religious beliefs. Now, say, I - as a a 10-year-old child of said JWs - was shot through the finger by his brother (also true, sadly) - and needed a blood transfusion to survive (NOT true). Should the parent's religious belief trump the medical necessity to save said child (me)? Being a little bit closer to this stuff can give you a whole different perspective.

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