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Comment Re:If ads didn't misbehave.... (Score 1) 539

While I do have mod points, you're well on your way to 5 anyway and I wanted to applaud your stance whole-heartedly. Look, I am a capitalist pig and get that the website owners need some form of income to pay for their costs and - yes - profit. And, I also get that ads can be very beneficial (I've seen ads for stuff I didn't know existed, clicked, bought, etc.). HOWEVER.....I'm reminded of the early days of the internet trade shows. First, the booth-babes who knew next to nothing, but were otherwise inoffensive. Within 2 years it was nothing less than a porn show until the organizers finally put the kabosh on it. Internet ads today have become like that, but even worse (being able to fuck with your computer) and there's no authority to shut them down. Hence ad-blockers. If they ever learn their lesson, the need for ad-blockers would evaporate. But, as John Belushi said: "But Nnnnnooooooo...."

Comment Re:I'm a new convert to Java (Score 1) 358

I'm not sure why you'd say that: I started out fat-fingering binary into the front panel of a Data General Nova, went through and saw lots of evolutions and - yeah, working on my first app, thought "Sure, let's see what's out there that is the LAG." Looked at RoR, Laravel and a few others and was - quite frankly - disgusted by what I saw. Stumbled across this fucking nice, easy framework to develop "real" apps and - Oh! BTW! - it happens to be based on java. Like I give a shit. It works, and that's what I care about. But, yeah, convince yourself of whatever the hell it is you're trying to convince yourself of, but you've missed the mark here by a mile.

Comment I'm a new convert to Java (Score 2) 358

Well, not Java per-se, but I recently came across OpenXava (www.openxava.org), a Java-based framework and was just blown the fuck away at the incredible productivity built-in for developing applications. After wrestling with RoR and Laravel, I was amazed at the difference. It's like night-and-day. Quite frankly, it (OpenXava) could be written in asembly, Java, COBOL or haiku for all I care. What I do care about is app development productivity and if it happens to be based on java? So what? You "gotta have the very latest or you're just not cool" guys can engage in your techno-masturbation all day long. Meantime, I'm building an app.

Comment WTO Sucks! (Score 2) 22

There has never been a worse trade agreement ever signed by America. Sure, it's been fantastic for the Asian countries but - being an American - you'll excuse me for putting my country's interest first. Let's look at the results: destruction of American manufacturing; elimination of decent middle-class wages; tremendous profitability for the elite "owners" (and don't give me the crap about how - since pension funds invest in mega-corps it benefits retirees when they do this) of said mega-corps; and....the complete abrogation of national sovereignty that it brings. How many of you know that the WTO can (and has) declared American laws "illegal" under the WTO agreement due to a loss of profit to int'l corps and the American citizen has had to either: change our laws or pony up taxpayer $$$ for the "fine". Yeah, tell me again how this is great for America.....

Comment Re:land of the the free ? (Score 1) 563

Just between us girls, you do realize that you contradicted yourself in your response, right? Early in your response, you mention that the NRA is consistent with "training, responsibility, and safety" and then later say that their role (yes, through their "political wing", but that's hair-splitting, IMO. If you, as an organization support something, your "political wing" expresses it.) is to be a "rabid dog" defender of gun rights. I would submit, sir, that if the NRA was *truly* concerned with "training, responsibility and safety" that they would - independent of any law or regulation - require any gun dealer who sports their logo to require that the dealer prove to their (NRA's) standards that the person ready to walk out with their very first AR-15 have some basic knowledge, understanding and competence with the thing. All you you have to do is visit any gun store (or Walmart) and watch the average yo-yo buy one as their very first gun, waving it around, doing their Rambo impersonation, etc. It's a bad situation, I think. Till then, their just shills for the gun makers who love it whenever something terrible happens cause their sales go through the roof. (And, BTW, make it damned difficult and expensive to buy ammo these days! .357 Magnums and .45 ACPs are bad enough, but .22s are impossible to find.) PS - I very much appreciate the quality and tone of your posts. No name-calling or sloganeering. Kudos, sir!

Comment Re:land of the the free ? (Score 3, Insightful) 563

Actually, I own 3 guns and I like them a lot. However, being a Certified Old Fart(TM), I clearly remember a time when the NRA stood for responsible gun-ownership with a relentless focus on gun safety. Today, I am appalled at the level of "Gun Worship" with nary a thought for responsibility or safety. Worship? Like a God, you mean? Sure. To what else besides a God would we regularly sacrifice our children on a daily basis?

Comment Re:Who is this person who claims to speak for the (Score 1) 676

"The last 5 years"...I take to mean "since Obama became President". I'm more than a little shocked that - even in the current libertarian/conservative bent that /. is under these days - a post that basically memes the old Fox/talk-radio theme that "the NY Times is *in the bag* for Obama", etc gets modded +4, Insightful. Insightful? Really, fellow /. ers?

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 475

Err...I doubt you recognize the irony of your statements, so let me try to help here. You said: "They don't even like people with a proper science or engineering background at the EPA." (Which is so obviously, inherently untrue as to be a very bizarre statement, one likely to only be uttered by someone with an agenda.) Immediately followed by: "People with an agenda don't want to be bothered with pesky issues like reality." My jaw remains open that you could not see that before clicking "Submit". Cheers!

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