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Comment Re:LSD does have benefits (Score 1) 332

I could definitely see this working. The goal would be to integrate a positive/illuminating experience into your life. Without that it will fade. I had a very powerful experience only last weekend on mushrooms. I was very shaken (in a good way) at the time and felt that my life would be forever changed afterwards. Even the next day that feeling was totally gone. Like it never happened.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 332

That's a law enforcement spread myth. while potency can very greatly due to the dipping process so you never really know how much is there, there has been no evidence of "quality" issues otherwise. I usually ask about the mic count on the tabs.

The concern is people being sold shit like Bromo-DragonFLY and being told it's LSD. Unless you test your drugs or your really know your source then you'll never be certain.

Comment Re:Placebo (Score 1) 332

Of course, it's in the freezer in a small air-tight sachet. IIRC, once you've ruled out light it's exposure to oxygen that's the main issue. The gas in the original vials from Sandoz was pure nitrogen and were supposed to have a very long shelf life. Anecdotally, I've heard that blotter can last for years in the freezer. I'm curious if this is true, because if so I may stock up on the 1p LSD before it gets banned.

Comment Re:Francis Crick may have done the same thing (Score 1) 332

So, the illicit LCD use explains why he broke into Rosalind Franklin's lab and stole her research results that were critical for his insights?

You clearly don't know your history, nor have you read the article you link to. Crick and Watson didn't "break into her lab." She was working in Maurice Wilkins' lab. She had a bad relationship with Wilkins and Wilkins showed some of her results to Crick and Watson without her permission. Crick and Watson made their first model based on a talk she gave, but the model was incorrect because Watson misremembered the water content of the sample from the talk. Also, Franklin was resistant to the idea of a helix and so was barking up the wrong tree.

Comment Placebo (Score 1) 332

I've seen no evidence so far that these claims of positive effects (which are notable by their suspiciously wide variety) aren't just placebo. I like experimenting occasionally with psychedelics and have 10 blotters of 1p LSD waiting for the right moment, but I think it's not helpful to anyone when people make unsubstantiated claims of positive effects about psychedelic substances (and weed). It just makes the community appear eccentric and non-critical.

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 2) 98

This is what I did for my desktop. Back to mint 17.x (which is 14.04). I do image registration with elastix and my registration times jumped from about 10 to 15 minutes with 14.04 to about 45 to 50 minutes with 15.10. I also work with the MATLAB parallel computing toolbox. Connecting to parallel workers normally takes a few seconds. With 15.10 it took over five minutes or never happened at all. Also the desktop (KDE) would lock up for many seconds at a time when the workers were running. Total train-wreck. Same symptoms running off a freshly downloaded 15.10 USB stick.

Comment Re:LTS? (Score 2) 98

No, thankfully 15.10 is not LTS. I don't know if the problem is widespread, but on my i7 X99 system I saw a big performance nosedive on some CPU-intensive tasks. Desktop locking up, computations becoming 3 to 4 times slower, etc. This happened both with an in-place upgrade from 15.04 and when running from the 15.010 USB stick. Downgrading to 14.04 fixed everything.

Comment Re:Fact check or PC checking? (Score 1) 337

Not to defend it, but then they would have used the word slave twice in close proximity, a writing no no.

Oh, wait. They used the word worker twice anyway.

But repeating the word "slave" isn't the issue. It's the use of the word "worker" that's the problem. They said: "The Atlantic slave trade ... brought millions of workers from Africa ..." They could have said: "The Atlantic slave trade ... brought millions of people from Africa ..." Then there would have been no problem.

Comment Re:Performance (Score 1) 106

IIRC, the MATLAB results have improved a lot since they last posted these. Also don't forget that these benchmarks emphasize lower-level tasks. People use MATLAB and R for the higher-level functions they provide. I've generally found MATLAB's built-in higher level functions to be pretty quick and convenient. R is a language for statistics and so is pretty specialised; it almost doesn't belong on that list. I'm surprised at Octave's bad showing.

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