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Comment Re:truth is... (Score 1) 69

If an Uno isn't fast enough, the Mega is twice as fast as the Uno

It is? They both run at 16 MHz according to the specs. The Mega gives more IO options and more storage and more hardware timers. I don't think you get more speed. For speed, I rather like the Teensy, which has true analog output too (not just PWM pins)

Comment "stealing money from lonely, unhappy men." (Score 5, Interesting) 406

Go watch "Love Me" (available on Netflix) about Ukrainian "mail order" brides. Those guys are charging ten bucks per message from the guy to the woman. Ostensibly because of the translation services they off. One of the dudes on there was out $10k on messages to one woman alone.

Comment Re:Causation? (Score 1) 87

I wonder about that. Most fields are niche fields and you can write a short title in a niche field because the papers are generally pitched at others in your field. A while ago I changed sub-fields (not even fields) and I had learn a whole new jargon and culture to make sense of the papers.

Comment We have this in Switzerland for paying customers (Score 1) 112

One of the ISPs in Switzerland did this but for paying customers. It's an opt-in system. If you opt your router into the pool then you are free to use other's routers when you're out and about. I believe each router has two radios: one is the private and one the public.

Comment Re:Roomba technology (Score 1) 114

Sounds clever, I'll keep an eye out for it if my Roomba dies. Probably we just have different sized homes. Mine is 70 sq. m, and has 4 or 5 rooms (depends how you count). It gets back to the charging station most of the time. Sometimes I'll lock it in one room if I want that space done more thoroughly.

Comment Re:Roomba technology (Score 1) 114

I live in three bedroom apartment and it works just fine for me. Previously I lived in a single-story house: same deal. I wouldn't say one per room is needed unless you live in a mansion. I think you're over-rating the "stupidity" problem somewhat. The machine can and does cover the room. It just takes it longer than it should, but it does do it.

Comment Re:Roomba technology (Score 1) 114

Yeah, they're "stupid" in the sense that the vacuuming path is semi-random. Can't say I care, though. I set mine going in the mornings and most days when I get back the thing is full of dust and dog hair and has docked successfully. The only impact the stupidity has on me is that that the machine needs running *every* day, since by chance on some days it might miss a room or spend little time in a room.

Comment Re:Cue the Kneejerk (Score 2) 244

I'm not sure how I feel about this research...and that's pretty much why I'm all for this. We don't understand enough to be able to say whether or not this should be happening, and this is the best way we know how to move forward.

Do you think it poses more ethical problems than performing animal experiments on, say, mice? I do not think it does because adult mice are more advanced than this brain. Since we allow mouse experiments, I don't see why we don't allow experiments on cultured brains.

Comment Re:Moon Zero? (Score 1) 147

Economically, going to the moon was a failure. What i mean by this is: it lowered living standards for those on earth, because the resources consumed in doing it, did not create anything useful that allowed the same amount to be created.

Do you have any citation for the lowered living standards other than extrapolating from "resources were consumed" and "nothing useful was created". I don't think economics works in this simple way.

Comment Re:Two ideas (Score 2) 57

For me, hurting (even killing) 3 out of 10 pedestrians still sounds quite bad.

Unless we know what the video feed is we can't make that statement. Are these pedestrians crossing the road or on the sidewalk? If the algorithm is missing 3 out of 10 sidewalk pedestrains that's much less serious than 3 out of 10 crossing the road. I suspect the idea behind the visual search is to identify people who could potentially cross the road so the car can slow down in anticipation. People actually on the road, in front of the car, can be spotted in other ways using other sensors.

Comment Re:This is just the looong tail of the distributio (Score 1) 122

Collecting the data is the actual work. Any idiot with a computer can make the analysis. And draw the wrong conclusions from that.

It's a shame that so many people seem to agree with this. I would put it exactly the opposite: any idiot can be trained to collect data; knowing

Both are hard. I've done both and I can assure you that I find gathering data is often not easy. It obviously depends what you're doing, but in my field a good experimentalist is highly regarded. Things often don't work and debugging your protocols takes brains. I agree that it's stupid to say "Any idiot with a computer can make the analysis". I'd love the fool who said that to come and look over my shoulder for day.

Comment Re:This is just the looong tail of the distributio (Score 1) 122

Not exactly a big deal?

Guess that depends on just how much of that ~0.15% is used to drive change and affect policy for millions of citizens.

Don't dismiss what these papers are used for. We're not exactly gathering thousands of minds together to document how to build a lemonade stand.

I think you're talking about the impact of big science on society and funding. This is an interesting question but it's a different one to how many authors are on the papers, which is what the article is about. The article implies that we're entering an era where huge multi-author papers are common. This isn't so because the phenomenon they are describing accounts of a small fraction of a percent of all published papers. The phenomenon they are describing is not a big deal. The content of the science itself (and the money it commands) is a different issue.

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