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by umafuckit (#47786777) Attached to: Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory
Why is that the elephant in the room? How many people need 64 gigs of RAM? 8 to 16 gigs is currently plenty for most applications. Yes, there are instances where more is needed, but these instances are rare. Usually people who need more than 16 gigs are requiring this for work-related reasons, where the $700 takes a different perspective.

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by umafuckit (#47741909) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

PS. Practicing star hopping when using standard charts without EQ mount, is kind of complicated too if your next star is not in the same field of view. Or you don't know which direction is which because your chart is completely out of whack.

Over twenty years in the hobby here and I can't say I've found this to be true for me. I can star hop just fine with a Dob and a star chart. Actually, most of the time I don't even need to star hop through the eyepiece. I just do it naked eye with a Telrad.

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On 90% of nights in most places, you can take an 8" Dob to the seeing limit and hand-track planets by hand with no problems. For many objects you're not approaching higher powers anyway, because they're larger and don't require the magnification. Hand-tracking is zero problem under these conditions. I've seen lots of beginners take the hobby because of Dob. You're simply wrong in your assessment of them.

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I know this is the popular stance on this site, but the reason is obviously to promote risk-taking. Many (most) creations never see the light of day. The patent system has some inherent usefulness, however it's somewhat corrupt and the terms under which patents are granted do indeed discourage innovation. I don't even think the system works very well for promoting inventions from small entities. I saw a talk by a researcher who invented sticky material based on gecko feet. The material is interesting because it's not "glue-like" and doesn't get less sticky over time. To manufacture it, he contacted a bunch of companies (big ones). I presume he had a patent, but I'm not certain of this. The best offer he got was in the low tens of thousands. They more or less told him that he wouldn't get a better off and if he asked for more they would go ahead without him.

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If he's like me, he's lost the freedom to have no responsibilities. i.e. that which you crudely brush off as a "mom and dad don't want to feed you any more" Having no responsibilities is a very liberating feeling. I rate it much higher than freedom to drink large-size soft drinks, which apparently some people consider to be crucially important.

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In Switzerland the slowest speeds you commonly get are about 15 Mbits/s, but one thing I really like is that UPC Cablecom offer 2 Mbits/s down for *free* so if you're unemployed or in financial straights you still have access to the internet that's sufficient for doing things like looking for a job, paying your bills, etc. In England, on the other hand, if they think you're not doing enough to search for work they cut you off unemployment benefits. They in effect killed someone this way recently.

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I agree with you, although in many places in the US there is an over-abundance of stop signs. Many stop signs should actually be a yield. It's also damn stupid placing a 4-way stop sign on a larger road, where it crosses with a more minor road. The more minor road should always yield to the larger road. Either that or add a roundabout. Other countries do this and it works much better: traffic flows faster, everyone knows who has the right of way, and people on the more major road don't have to be on the look out for randomly placed stop signs.

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