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Comment: Re:Science and politics are orthogonal (Score 1) 440

by PhilHibbs (#48875255) Attached to: Science By Democracy Doesn't Work

Actually, most Slashdotters are High School nerds, dateless college guys, single guys living in their mother's basements with apolitical axe to grind, or trolls poking the first three with a stick...

Consider yourself poked.

I suspect that the latter category also substantially overlaps the first three. Hah, poked you back!

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 381

by PhilHibbs (#48863651) Attached to: FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN

So, Airbus's reaction to this should be just to accept that anyone can eavesdrop on their VPNs? Are Boeing ok with European governments snooping on their VPNs? Maybe China should be allowed to snoop on all our communications as well. After all, more eyes means less corruption, right? And since American companies never bribe, they have nothing to hide by letting every government in the world listen in on all their internal communications.

Comment: Re:A guess (Score 1) 241

by PhilHibbs (#48856893) Attached to: Could Tizen Be the Next Android?

Android is already entrenched, and in a market where not even microsoft can dislodge it...

They're probably happy raking in the patent royalties. And that's probably a big factor in Samsung wanting to move away from Android. I can see Tizen being successful in India and Africa, if they can break into the Chinese market as well then that would be huge. From there, expanding via Korea and Japan into western markets doesn't look quite so impossible.

Comment: Re:What exactly do you mean by "Fraud"? (Score 2) 786

by flyneye (#48784425) Attached to: Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science

The whole situation of it all, doesn't escape me. Look at a bigger picture. Perhaps there are a lot of scientists getting slagged. It may have nothing,something or everything to do with claims stated here. I am willing to explore the nothing or something of it, though.
What reasons can we find by wringing our memories of the events of , shall we say, the slashdot age?
1.Science tainted by money.
2. Science tainted by politics.
3. Science tainted by idiots.
4. Misled, mismanaged,misinterpreted research that misses the mark.
5. Broad misconceptions by an ever more distrustful public about the quality of bullshit now coming from the founts of Politics and Religion and now Science.
6. Bad timing
7. Good timing (we can't have that! REGULATE IT!)
8.Self affirmative hubris about infallibility of accepted assumptions based on findings of less enabled generations accepted as the norm by throngs of sheep.
9. Perpetual motion, zero point, cold fusion of snake oil that makes the media ahead of actual progress.
Finally 10. The Geeks seemingly stereotypical inability to interpret the fruit of social situations readily enough to figure out who he is pissing off with his findings/words/opinions and further his work by dissecting the politics of his environment in a lit room with both hands and a map.

Science isn't exactly out of this particular Dark Dis-information Age thing. Too much, too little , too late, two cold beers, please.

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