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Comment: wut (Score 1) 185

by xevioso (#49433607) Attached to: The Key To Interviewing At Google

The thing is, some of these questions don't seem all that hard.

How many golf balls fit in a school bus? Well, I could give a ball park figure by estimating:
The volume of the bus/the size of a golf ball.
So even if my numbers aren't right, I'm sure the general application is what they'd be going for in an interview, so...
school bus: 20ft x 7ft x 9ft x12 for cubic inches= 15120 cubic inches.
If a golf ball is 1.5 inches in diameter (have no idea if this is true) then 10080 golf balls fit in a school bus.

Now, its true that with spheres you can actually fit more in by stacking them in certain ways, but I wouldn't know of the top of my head how to actually adjust my calculation for that. So I guess I won't be the next Google employee.

Comment: That may have been the original goal... (Score 2) 26

by xevioso (#49425897) Attached to: Mobile 'Deep Links' and the Fate of the Web

...but things change, and the primary purposes of links now, on almost all platforms, is for one primary reason: to generate income.

You click a link, it goes to a page with an ad, which, when served and clicked on, will generate income, allowing the owners to pay for the website. While some websites are purely informational, most websites generate information in order to make money, and most of that money is made by people clicking links.

Comment: Re:Stupid opening line (Score 2) 324

by xevioso (#49375741) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains

But it does in every other place in the world with the population the US has, which is more than most places. The larger the population, the larger the disparity. Comparing economic disparity of people in, say, Sweden, to the entire US is pretty silly when you realize Sweden's population is less than that of L.A county.

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