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Comment Re: NSA? (Score 1) 183

They do exist, but by and large they are much smaller countries, and in many ways their current existence is predicated on an understanding that the US will come to their aid militarily.

We live in a mostly peaceful era, despite all the horrible things occurring. the age of nation-on-nation violence is largely over, and that is due primarily to the fact that the US, with its massive military, will not hesitate to use violence to support its allies in times of great need.

That includes you, European.

Comment Re: The internet started with DARPA (Score 1) 183

Actually, the Soviets were able to waltz into Eastern Europe largely because of material support the US provided. And also because Hitler had put huge amounts of material in the west to counter the western Allies large numbers, thus making it easier for the Soviets to enter the east.

The Soviets only started really advancing westwards after the onset of Operation Bagration in late June, '44...and that happened only after D-Day. Before that the Soviets were flailing about in the east, losing millions.

Comment Re:Congratulations, guys! (Score 1) 442

I have no problem with ads...IF they don't make it difficult for me to use my computer. I have installed an adblock program on my iPhone because I was getting pages reloaded all the time because of some ads not loading correctly. As soon as I installed the adblock app, that problem went away.

It's very simple...if ads didn't muck with my viewing experience, I wouldn't have installed a blocker.

Comment Re:Old Habits Die Hard (Score 0) 442

What? So if my business is, say, making people unable to turn their TVs on, the people in the TV industry should just "adapt" to people being unable to use their product?

Adblock plus is literally in the process of destroying the business of online advertising. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is beside the point; why would a group of advertisers want to have anything to do with them?

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