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Comment Hardware hack help (Score 1) 249

Here's a hardware hack I need some serious help with. I've tried everything, and it seems like it's something someone out there would have figured out by now.

I have a bluetooth speaker. My phone is paired with it. I can listen to music from my phone or ipad on it via bluetooth. However, due to an accident, the input jack on the speaker (headphone size) is broken, so I am ONLY able to listen to music by pairing it.

What I would like to do is use my phone to play on two different devices, one of which is the bluetooth speaker, and the other is a regular speaker. You can't pair bluetooth with two receiving devices at once, so I can't use another bluetooth receiver for the other speaker (which does not have bluetooth). I've tried using another bluetooth receiver for the other speaker, and I can get music running through that one, but not both.

Is there a solution? Also, the bluetooth speaker, a Jawbone Jam box, has a small USB power connector for hooking up to the computer and getting updates. But as far as I know this port will not accept incoming sound.

Suggested hardware hack?

Comment So, I actually don't understand this. (Score 1) 143

Someone explain this to me. I don't understand from looking at the pictures.

1) You have a tank with no Hedgehog add-on. It rolls up to a hedge. it is a heavy tank. Because it's heavy, it pushes forward and crushes the hedges underneath it. or not.

2) You have a tank with the hedgehog add-on. It rolls up to a hedge. it is a heavy tank. Because it's heavy, it pushes forward and crushes the hedges underneath it. or not. I don't see what benefit the comb-like structure does to allow for easier crushing or rolling over the hedges. Is there a saw in there somewhere? Like a giant hair-clipper? I actually don't understand what physical advantage the add-on gives to the tank. What am I missing?

Comment Re:Theory (Score 4, Insightful) 591

I'm not. Evolution is a fact. In so far that science can say anything is a fact, evolution is a fact.

When science uses that word to describe a process, it's not saying that description is a "best guess". It's not a guess. It's a complex description of how things work, which, to the best of our understanding, is a fact.

Can certain parts of that understanding change? Of course. But the general statement "Species evolved from previous species over time" is not a guess. It's a fact.

Comment Re:I don't see anything different. (Score 4, Interesting) 132

That's actually not true. Companies often rebrand themselves, not to further get more traction and get more users, but to retain the ones they have. If a company is perceived as being old or stodgy, then people are more likely to gravitate to companies that don't appear that way. This is doubly true in the tech sector.

But more to your point, as the article states, Google is by no means done trying to get more users; it's now all about getting users in developing countries. And making sure their logo looks peachy on a tiny African or Asian cell phone is in fact actually important for branding.

Comment Re:I don't see anything different. (Score 4, Insightful) 132

No, a major branding change of the internet's arguably most powerful or important company is news.

WHY did they change it? That is news for nerds.

They changed it because serif fonts are hard to read at different resolutions and don't scale well on small phones and watches.

Non-serif fonts do scale well.

Thus, news for nerds.

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