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Comment: Re:Sounds awesome except.... (Score 1) 191

by xbytor (#47148777) Attached to: Patent Troll Ordered To Pay For the Costs of Fighting a Bad Patent

> we just need to look at how often the patent database is used by inventors as a resource when they're looking for solutions to problems they have.

This has probably been brought up before, but typically companies will instruct their people to _not_ look at existing patents. The reason for this is that if they do create something that is similar to an existing patent, they can justifiably claim ignorance and avoid the treble damages associated with 'willful infringement'.

Comment: Re:Ramifications (Score 1) 334

>then the photographer owns the copyright. I don't see how that can be undone.

It can't. The problem is that there is (generally) no model release form. Posting photos anywhere would require written content of the model. I'm surprised I haven't heard of any cases using this idea. Or am I missing something.

Comment: Re:Oh, it's on SyFy? (Score 2) 167

by xbytor (#46645981) Attached to: Wil Wheaton Announces New TV Show

>Actually (to answer the AC), Wesley Crusher was the annoying one, mostly due to the Mary-Sue-ing scriptwriters

The glut of Wesley episodes (many substandard) came about like this: A writer writes a WC episode that's well received so producers tell writers to whip up some more. Writers' Strike comes along and all they have all these WC scripts which end up getting aired as a result. Or something like that.

Comment: Re:French government (Score 1) 248

by xbytor (#46229381) Attached to: Blogger Fined €3,000 for 'Publicizing' Files Found Through Google Search

There are times where "double jeopardy" (seemingly) does not apply. Specifically, if a judge is corrupt and has been paid off to throw a case for a defendant, the case can be tried again once the corruption has been revealed. This admittedly is a borderline situation but it does happen.

United States

Detroit Wants Its Own High-Tech Visa 398

Posted by samzenpus
from the fixing-the-D dept.
dcblogs writes "Detroit, a city in bankruptcy and dealing with a shrinking population, hopes to turn itself around with the help of 50,000 employment-based green cards. In exchange for the visa, an immigrant would be required to 'live and work' in Detroit for an undetermined length of time. The visas would be made available under the EB-2 visa category, a visa for advanced degree professionals or those deemed with 'exceptional ability' in the sciences, arts and business. The proposal was made by Michigan's governor, Rick Snyder. Daniel Costa, an immigration policy analyst at Economic Policy Institute, said Snyder would have more credibility on the issue if he were doing more to help workers in Detroit. In 2011, the state cut jobless benefits by six weeks to 20. 'I also think the federal government should be offering people in the U.S. some money and land in Detroit if they'll move there,' said Costa, or 'just offer it to people across the country who have advanced degrees.'"

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