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Comment Free (Score 1) 353

The best you can do is get your company to agree that it is okay for you to put a BSD-style license on it and share it with the community. As long as it not special-sauce kind of code, they may actually agree. I've done this myself.

But don't count on ever making any extra side-money for work you've done on their dime.

Comment Re:Sounds awesome except.... (Score 1) 191

> we just need to look at how often the patent database is used by inventors as a resource when they're looking for solutions to problems they have.

This has probably been brought up before, but typically companies will instruct their people to _not_ look at existing patents. The reason for this is that if they do create something that is similar to an existing patent, they can justifiably claim ignorance and avoid the treble damages associated with 'willful infringement'.

Comment Re:Ramifications (Score 1) 334

>then the photographer owns the copyright. I don't see how that can be undone.

It can't. The problem is that there is (generally) no model release form. Posting photos anywhere would require written content of the model. I'm surprised I haven't heard of any cases using this idea. Or am I missing something.

Comment Re:Oh, it's on SyFy? (Score 2) 167

>Actually (to answer the AC), Wesley Crusher was the annoying one, mostly due to the Mary-Sue-ing scriptwriters

The glut of Wesley episodes (many substandard) came about like this: A writer writes a WC episode that's well received so producers tell writers to whip up some more. Writers' Strike comes along and all they have all these WC scripts which end up getting aired as a result. Or something like that.

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