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Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 1) 159

Sure, but: 1) they're making a lot less than if they were selling me both, and 2) a bare Internet connection is (at least hypothetically) replaceable. Once you've made the decision to drop TV programming, there's not a lot to holding you to a particular ISP.

Comment Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 5, Insightful) 159

Every time Comcast increases my bill, I drop a feature that costs the same amount. They're getting perilously close to the point where that feature will be "TV".

An open message to Comcast execs: be absolutely sure you're ready to make customers decide between your content and Netflix. I bet you'd be surprised how often the response won't be what you'd hope.

Comment Re:Mostly troll posts (Score 1) 129

While I appreciate and respect the work that went into LILO, I'm not going to wax nostalgic about it. There were lots of things I used daily Back Then - think AGP drivers, X modelines, PATA - that served me well but that I'm happy to move past. LILO did its job and I'm grateful to it, but I don't feel like a troll for not caring about what it's been up to for the last decade or so.

Comment Re:Federal Overstepping Again... (Score 1) 383

This is the last thing the Federal Government needs to be involved in. The mountain is in a state, so let the state name it whatever they want. End of story. What a waste of Presidential time (not that he would be doing anything useful anyway) and front page news space.

The mountain doesn't belong to the state, it's federal property, belonging to us as a nation.

Comment Re:Naming things after politicians (Score 1) 383

Naming things after politicians is stupid. Politicians are gone and forgotten in a matter of years; things like mountains are around for hundreds of years.

If you want to name a building after a politician, knock yourself out, but I fail to see why anyone would support remembering some politician for hundreds of years.

Hell yeah! Let's remove Washington State and D.C., Lincoln, Nebraska, and all those Jeffersons.

Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 383

How is it that the Interior Secretary can unilaterally declare a name change?

Guess we wouldn't have this problem then, as the name of the Mountain would have continued to be Denali, and never called McKinley.

Although it would be kinda cool if the people of Alaska would rename some part of Ohio and demand Ohio's citizens accept it.

Let's just call it state's rights, Alaskans by and large wanted it to return to Denali, so why shouldn't they.

That's fine, but it doesn't belong to the people of Alaska. It's a national asset.

And a side note for those commenting on Obama, and Rep. vs. Dem. The Ohio delegation has been from both parties.

Comment Blah, Blah, Blah (Score 1) 213

" Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were identified by an examination of footage from numerous private security cameras that were recording the crowd in downtown Boston during the Marathon. Imagine if they could have dispatched their bombs in the trunk of a car that they were never in themselves? Catching them might have been an order of magnitude more difficult than it was."

Let's see. Car...registration, license plates...probably fingerprints, and random DNA from hair. Yeah, that will be a "magnitude more difficult", even if it's a rental.

Comment Curious (Score 4, Interesting) 383

How is it that the Interior Secretary can unilaterally declare a name change? There has been a long congressional issue over this. It was a congressional act that named it in 1917. Note that it's mostly an Ohio (President McKinley was from Niles, Ohio) delegation that's previously resisted the name change.

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