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Comment: Really? (Score 5, Insightful) 92

First of all, why not simply upload a PDF with the new menu every day? That is easy, and scriptable. (For example, copy finished menu in any format in a folder. This folder is polled occasionaly for new content, if new content is there, eventually convert (doc, docx, odt to pdf), and upload to FTP server. Done.)

Second, you could just take a stock webcam, attach it to an RPi, let it make a picture, let's say every 15 minutes and upload it to the desired FTP server. 100% scriptable.

Personally, I think this idea is ripe for abuse. Somebody is going to draw penises on the menu and it will be there on the site for all to see. Overthink your workflow instead of doing this.

Comment: Re:So your point then... (Score 1) 54

by smitty_one_each (#48949139) Attached to: Props to William Jacobson
I'm able to agree on getting the government out of marriage. I can no more accede to the contemporary, diabolical lies about marriage that I can the Satanic falsehood of life beginning at some random point past conception.
God have mercy on the constellation of liars busily attempting to make these fish pedal a bicycle.

Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 54

by smitty_one_each (#48949063) Attached to: Props to William Jacobson
Um, no. Look at the context. The 2A was born in the wake of the Revolution, when the States were delegating power to a Federal government that was needful for protecting the States against the likes of King George III, without giving it so much power that it could become as tyrannical as King George III, disarming the populace, as tyrants will.
The Bill of Rights undergirds the notion that the unit of analysis in the document beginning "We the People. . ." is in fact the person.
Why you can't understand that "the security of a free State" is about the absolute right of self defense, and instead want to call it "a product manufactured by the gun lobby" (I do not even own a gun; this is a matter of common sense) is both worrisome and a pretext for some really dodgy decision making.

Comment: Re:Word on the street is that SW rocked (Score 1) 25

by smitty_one_each (#48949011) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Starts Kampaigning

It is in now way an "inescapable conclusion". Or are you trying to support a movement to set all government employees' pay to zero?

I submit that you may be kind of oblivious to organizational behavior. Perhaps it's deliberate. But I'm in no way advocating that any employees anywhere work for $0. Such would be (a) theft, and (b) legitimize even WORSE behavior than already in evidence.
What I *would* do, granted ridiculous powers of fiat, is limit public employment (non-teacher & military, I mean bureaucrats) to 10 years.
Simpler systems and higher turnover rate are worth a try for minimizing corruption.

Happiness is a positive cash flow.