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Comment: Re:Blackberry (Score 1) 419

by dbIII (#49186837) Attached to: Microsoft Convinced That Windows 10 Will Be Its Smartphone Breakthrough
That attitude of a single platform has been present on and off with gnome since the start and was the reason why Enlightenment was the official window manager for gnome for only a couple of weeks. The merge killed cross platform support in Enlightenment and the attitude that it didn't matter drove off all of the Enlightenment developers. However all the gnome people from back then are probably long gone from the project - it became cross-platform after all, the very thing that they said was not important and they made fun of the Enlightenment developers who insisted it was.

gnome-session will be augmented by a per-user systemd instace, leveraging the benefits that systemd gives you for system startup also for session startup.

That text from your other link indicates a desire to go back to the bad old days of linux only gnome.

Comment: Re:Libertarian? (Score 1) 317

by dbIII (#49186777) Attached to: 'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' Coming To the Big Screen
Ah yes. Forgot how rubbery the definition can be.

And anyone who jeopardizes that gets thrown out an airlock.

Who needs rule of law when you can have might makes right Chinese style?
You are just reinforcing a stereotype and we should probably both stop here before I pour on insults you probably don't deserve just because you've oversimplified things. I accept that the term means a lot of different things to different people - from those that wanted to crown Koch as a benevolent King a few years back to outright anarchists with a lot of less extreme stuff in the middle.
In most forms I believe it's very much about the individual at the expense of society and diametrically opposed to teamwork, nation building, and the foundation of the USA and other democratic nations, but that's just my opinion and don't let that put you off. It's up to you to learn the implications of your ideology and whether it is practical or not. When a sick kid also goes out the airlock despite there being enough resources to go around if pooled then that ideology looks a bit less shiny doesn't it?
OK, so I didn't stop. Let's just leave it where I don't respect selfishness relabelled as ideology and you probably don't see it in those terms as yet.

Comment: Re:It's to make the situation unworkable (Score 1) 429

by dbIII (#49186339) Attached to: White House Threatens Veto Over EPA "Secret Science" Bills
It was about climate science denial so some people would see that as a troll, but I agree that it's an abuse of mod points to vote for or against climate science by modding a post about climate science denial that is not offensive in any way.

And in just the last couple of days, EPA director Gina McCarthy, in testimony before Congress, demonstrated complete ignorance

It's the age of the MBA who is expected to be able to run an org without having the least fucking clue of what it does. You get your ticket via family connections plus money and suddenly you are born to the purple. If it was an interview with a leading advisor of the person in the sinecure that would be a different story, but here it's just another page added to the large pile of "political appointee to important job is an idiot out of their depth" stories.

Back to your earlier post, I can't see the EPA being able to function properly at it's current size with this clog being deliberately cast into the machinery of it's operation. Clearly attempted "sabotage" to expand their function to explain things they previously did not have to do and get tied up in court over it.

Comment: Re:Blackberry (Score 1) 419

by dbIII (#49186295) Attached to: Microsoft Convinced That Windows 10 Will Be Its Smartphone Breakthrough
I should have written "I'll bet my left testicle systemd dependency fed someone's ego" instead of sounding like I had absolute proof. It's a guess from being on the gconf mailing list for years, seeing the behaviour there and extrapolating. We can't blame Miguel for that project or the systemd connections, there are others that are far more petty.

Comment: Re:There might be hope for a decent adaptation (Score 1) 317

by dbIII (#49186243) Attached to: 'The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress' Coming To the Big Screen

Verhoeven completely misunderstood the book, was the thing, and made a parody of it

IMHO he got some ideas from the book that didn't really fit with it and made his "own vision" aimed at current events which was different to the book. See also the Star Trek reboot that deliberately shat all over all Trek stuff prior to it as part of the "director's vision". Directors want it to be remembered as something like "Verhoeven's Starship Troopers" instead of "Heinlen's Starship Troopers".
I think it's a good movie just like "Blade Runner", while having not a lot to do with the Phillip K. Dick story is a good movie. Both could probably be vastly better if they came closer to the books but they are still good movies.

exploring an ultra-libertarian society in the same detail

Lord of the flies does that best :)

Comment: Re: Try and try again. (Score 1) 419

by dbIII (#49186081) Attached to: Microsoft Convinced That Windows 10 Will Be Its Smartphone Breakthrough
There was Nokia stuff better than the iPhones right up to the time they Eloped with Microsoft. It's easy to forget that and instead mentally compare current incrementally evolved iPhones with ten year old Nokias.
Then there was the Japanese stuff that seemed to be about five years ahead of both when the first iPhone came out.

Comment: Re:Blackberry (Score 1) 419

by dbIII (#49186043) Attached to: Microsoft Convinced That Windows 10 Will Be Its Smartphone Breakthrough

Office 365 and services across all devices are going to save Windows Phone

Personally I doubt it. The Nokia N900, among others has very good MS office compatibility, as did many of the MS WP* phones, as do some android phones with the right app but very few people seem to have used them for that purpose over the last five or so years. It's probably the form factor and the awkwardness of dealing with stuff intended for large screens on a small one. To me it makes sense on tablets, phones not so much.

As for your sig, gnome has always been more about grubby club level politics than functionality. Systemd dependency fed someone's ego.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen