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Comment: David Brooks (NYT) said it best (Score 4, Interesting) 143

by whitefox (#40874765) Attached to: Today, Everybody's a Fact Checker

Dullest Campaign Ever - NYTimes.com

"Finally, dishonesty numbs. A few years ago, newspapers and nonprofits set up fact-checking squads, rating campaign statements with Pinocchios and such. The hope was that if nonpartisan outfits exposed campaign deception, the campaigns would be too ashamed to lie so much.

"This hope was naïve. As John Dickerson of Slate has said, the campaigns want the Pinocchios. They want to show how tough they are. But the result is a credibility vacuum. It’s impossible to take ads seriously. They are the jackhammer noise in the background of life."

Comment: Re:Not an EXE, it was a COM file, people (Score 1) 487

by whitefox (#37960286) Attached to: Things That Turbo Pascal Is Smaller Than

The Turbo Pascal 3 family included three compilers:
* TURBO.COM, the standard compiler;
* TURBO-87.COM for compiling programs that would only run on a computer with an x87 math co-processor;
* TURBOBCD.COM that included a binary coded decimal (BCD) data type for highly accurate real numbers.

Initially, the latter two were additional products and had to be purchased separately. At 3.02A, all three compilers were included in the package.

Yes, I still have my 3.01A & 3.02A diskettes with manuals and will keep them 'til the day I die.

[Grr, didn't realize I wasn't logged in until after I posted the comment.]

Comment: Sports? (Score 1) 183

by whitefox (#36055006) Attached to: Smithsonian Unveils 'Art of Games' Voting Results
Overall, I think it's a pretty good list. But where's the sports category? Beginning with simulators like the ancient "NFL Challenge" by XOR Software to the life-like playability of Madden Football, video sports games have been some of the prime drivers in advancing the state of gaming platforms. Some of the early commercials for the Xbox and Dreamcast put a heavy emphasis on their NFL franchise games to demonstrate the new realism available. Without these, who knows how "Splinter Cell" and the like would've evolved.

Microsoft Holds iPhone Funeral Event 311

Posted by samzenpus
from the buried-alive dept.
theodp writes "TechFlash reports that Microsoft celebrated the completion and upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7 on Friday with a 'Windows Phone Pride Parade' complete with zombies, a 'Thriller' Dance, and pallbearers carrying a giant iPhone. 'These kind of "ship" parties are common throughout the industry,' explained Microsoft communications VP Frank Shaw. 'It's a great way for teams that have worked overtime to create a kick-ass product blow off steam and have a little fun.'"

+ - Plastic Logic cancels Que e-reader->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In October last year while people were getting excited about the Nook, and spending hundreds of dollars on Kindles, Plastic Logic caught our attention with the Que e-reader announcement. Sporting a capacitive touchscreen which measured 8.5 x 11, it was both large and desirable next to the competition.

The Que was meant to be launched in April this year, but it got delayed until the Summer and pre-orders ceased. Now it has been canceled."

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+ - Facebook speeding boast leads to conviction-> 4

Submitted by Meshach
Meshach (578918) writes "In Canada a nineteen year old man has lost his driving license for six months and is facing one year of probation after the police arrested him for dangerous driving as a result of a post of facebook. The tip apparently came from an uninvolved American who saw the post bragging about how fast he went and called the Canadian authorities."
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+ - iPhone vs. Android war takes it to Afghanistan-> 1

Submitted by redlined
redlined (1875582) writes "Cell phones are tired of waiting for the troops to come home and are going to war themselves. Tech start up company Berico Tailored Systems (BTS), Lockheed Martin and apparently an army of Slashdot users are currently making tactical 3G cellular networks and smart phone applications for the military to use overseas. While DARPA has held a competition to develop iPhone and Android applications, this should open up a slew of opportunities for Apple and Google to duke it out on an actual battlefield."
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+ - FBI Prioritizes Copyright Over Missing Persons-> 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The FBI has limited resources, so it needs to prioritize what it works on. However, it's difficult to see why dealing with copyright infringement seems to get more attention than identity theft or missing persons. In the past year, the FBI has announced a special new task force to fight intellectual property infringement, but recent reports have shown that both identity theft and missing persons have been downgraded as priorities by the FBI, to the point that there are a backlog of such cases."
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