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Submission + - The enemy of my enemy is my friend (

grrlscientist writes: Tiny hummingbird eggs and babies are a favourite snack for nest-robbing jays, so what’s a mother hummingbird to do to protect her family? According to a study published recently in the journal, Science Advances, the hummingbird cleverly builds her nest near or under a hawk nest. The reason for this seemingly risky behaviour? When hawks are nesting nearby, jays forage higher above the ground to avoid being attacked from above by the hungry hawk parents. This elevation in the jays’ foraging height creates a cone-shaped jay-free safe area under the hawk nests where mother hummingbirds, their babies and nests, enjoy dramatically increased survival rates.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 64

My point was, it does not affect only those who are trying to connect. It affected those who were connected as well, as I leave my computer and skype always on. The summary says that if you were connected, you won't be able to see or change the status but that the messages to individual users would pass. Which is untrue/impossible to test, because every machine I had access to that had skype connected all night long lost connection to skype and any attempt to send messages directly user to user has failed.

And your envy related jokes about the girlfriend were totally unnecessary. You probably still get to point out that you are a poor little thing do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/octopuss/whatever somewhere.

Comment Re:00000-00000-00000-00000-00000 heh (Score 2) 354

Windows 95 (original) and Microsoft programs to the time, including Money 97, had a simple MOD 7 program key. So, 000-0000000 worked and so did 000-0000007, but 000-0000006 would give an invalid key error. With Windows 98 they introduced a real key that, IIRC, the formula has not been cracked to this day. (In fact, I remember installing Win98 on a 486DX2/66. Verifying the validity of the install key took 15 seconds on that machine...)

Submission + - Life history trade-offs: why tropical songbirds have fewer chicks (

grrlscientist writes: Tropical songbirds produce fewer, high-quality nestlings per breeding effort than do songbirds that breed in temperate zones, according to a study published today. This study reports that tropical songbirds’ nestlings grow longer wings, and faster, which means they spend less time in the nest where they are vulnerable to predators

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