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Comment Re:Fixed that for you (Score 1) 111 111

You're mostly comparing the iPhone from today, to the N9 from 4 years ago.

And yes, the iPhone did have a faster processor back then. But the N9 still managed to be faster, with true multitasking, even running 20 programs at the same time. The N9 didn't have a faster processor because it didn't need to. And somehow, I was more productive in the N9 than I ever was in any iPhone or Android phone.

Yes, it did have its own shortcomings, nothing is perfect.

And ApplePay? dafuq? That just debuted last year, dude. Are you seriously putting that on the list to compare it with a phone from 2011? But if you are, then let me tell you that in 2011, the N9 already had NFC and was able to make payments with NFC without being tied to a vendor specific way to do it, like ApplePay.

Comment Re:Nokia N9 (Score 1) 111 111

Oh yes, a large Retina display, because that's the most important feature of any phone... and a big ass screen to make it a big ass phone that does not fit in your pocket.
Seriously? If that's your priority, then I can already see where this discussion is going.

NFC, for example, only became available in the last or previous generation of iPhone and its support is limited to what Apple wants. N9 had it.
What about total control of your phone? Hmmm supposedly, rooting your iPhone voids your warranty and it's something you have to do with tools of dubious origins. Rooting your N9 was flipping a toggle button in the configuration panel.

Comment Re:Nokia N9 (Score 1) 111 111

That was the point of what I was saying. The OS was only dropped after the phone going on sale and only because of Elop's plans to make Nokia's meat more tender for Microsoft's teeth.

And why are you trying to contradict my comment by stating exactly what I was saying? I don't think you realized that I was actually saying the same.

Whatever happened with the OS, the distribution and the support, the truth is that the N9 was, in fact, a great phone and, IMHO, the best phone I've ever had (and believe me, because of my work, I've had quite a few and had tried several more).

My point is exactly that this phone did not get the love it should have gotten from the company that built it. It was a sturdy, fully featured phone, in some features ahead of its time, that had, back in 2011, things that only the last iPhone finally got.

Comment Re:Fine, but what about Pascal? (Score 1) 387 387

I thought that was the whole point of Windows 3.0 Real Mode - to be able to run Win 2.x programs. Granted, switching between Real and Standard/386 Enhanced modes required exiting Windows and going back in... Now, when Windows 3.1 came out, your friend was screwed---although supposedly some Real Mode programs could run under 3.x Standard & 386 Enhanced Modes (e.g. Word 1.x, Excel 2.x).

Comment Some PS/2 Model Ms don't work with USB... (Score 2) 147 147

You should be aware that some PS/2 Model M keyboards will not work with a USB-PS/2 adapter. Some keyboards draw too much power (amps?) for some USB-PS/2 adapters, even though both PS/2 and USB are 5v. So, you may replace your Model M with an (older) one and it suddenly won't work with your adapter or will drop at random times. There's no way to tell which adapter-keyboard combination will fail until you try it...

That's why I went with a Unicomp USB clicky keyboard, as they bought the factory & patents from Lexmark... (IBM -> Lexmark -> Unicomp)

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