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+ - Chicago voters using invisible ink?

Submitted by weeboo0104
weeboo0104 (644849) writes "Forget the earlier voting scandals with hanging chads and Diebold machines, A precinct in Chicago beats them all with election workers telling voters that they were voting with invisible ink!

"Twenty voters at a Far North Side precinct who found their ink pens not working were told by election judges not to worry.

It's invisible ink, officials said. The scanner will count it.

But their votes weren't recorded after all.

"Part of me was thinking it does sound stupid enough to be true,'' said Amy Carlton, who had serious doubts but went ahead and voted anyway.

As it turns out, Carlton was one of 20 voters at the precinct who were given the wrong pen to use. They were also then told, apparently by a misinformed judge, that the pens have invisible ink, elections officials said."

Remember your civic duty, vote early and vote often."
User Journal

+ - Alex the African Grey Parrot dead at 30 years old->

Submitted by weeboo0104
weeboo0104 (644849) writes "On Friday, September 7th 2007, Alex the African Grey Parrot passed away.

Dr. Irene Pepperberg first purchased Alex from a pet store in Chicago in 1977 and went on to found the The Alex Foundation. The research was instrumental in furthering the understanding of avian cognitive ability as well as interspecies communication.

For those of you who don't remember, Alex is the African Grey Parrot who also displayed traits such as object permanance, numerical comprehension and a grasp on the concept of "zero", or the absence of an object.

Look at the Alex Foundation's research page to see a better description of the work Dr. Pepperberg performs with her remaining African Greys."

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