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Comment Relativity (Score 1) 203

Having lived within walking distance, less than a handful of blocks away from LGA for the better half of the last decade, I've seen countless improvements to LGA over the past 3 years. It doesn't make sense to now close the airport after upgrading the terminals, adding new buildings, and adding the new ATC tower with the new radar antenna situated on top. Having flown from LGA on numerous occasions, I really don't see it being a 3rd world country airport at all. Is it shittier than JFK, yes, it doesn't have a gigantic mall in it like JFK does. But who goes to airports for the shopping? Or for the scenery? I suggest people take a flight to a 3rd world airport and see the conditions there. I've been to HK Intl too (to the new airport, not the old one), and in comparison, JFK is far shittier than that airport. It's all relative.

Comment Re:50% of us have an iPhone (Score 1) 495

There are tons of options in the settings that allow you to restrict what apps have access to resources like geolocation, social media, contacts, pics, etc. I'm not too sure what you mean by allow us to decide what software we run to do so. Do you mean that the app store doesn't have enough variety for your tastes? It's a difficult juggling act to please your desire for a secure environment while at the same time allowing you to run any piece of untrusted/verified code out there. Personally, obviously I think, I'm happy with the balance now.

Comment Re:They did that already (Score 1) 115

I actually found Google Health pretty useful, and my doctors were amazed when I pulled out that detailed medical history. They were able to easily cross reference CBC results & see trends easily. Microsoft HealthVault just doesn't compare in the ease of use & functionality that Google Health provided. I haven't been able to find a decent replacement for keeping medical records electronically stored since.

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 308

I don't really think this has anything to do with race, per say. The stop & frisks are based on location of high crime areas. If the majority of people in those high crime areas are of a certain race, then the stats will reflect that those people were more likely to be stopped. The problem is that the WHOLE thing is flawed. When you're making shit up to stop & frisk everyone in a dangerous neighborhood, you begin to harass citizens who have not done anything wrong, and are in no way suspicious just to pat the numbers up. Just my $0.02 as a longtime nyc resident.

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