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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 4, Insightful) 96

Additionally which models did they test one with or without a case the diagrams suggest a case however most models with cases have fans and filters did they open the case and measure was the filter defective or removed to allow the particles to be measured they talk about the sealed room not a sealed printer in the setup

Comment Re:So...federal breakfast+lunch+dinner+... = fail? (Score 1) 413

Looks like they are just doing more of the same, showing welfare isn't the problem. Not enough welfare is the problem.

No the wrong kind of welfare giving money to parents who waste it best to give precisely food, clothes, medical and shelter for the children first and welfare for the parents second after all they had their chance. Notice in the article she gives parenting classes maybe add to that home budgeting and they could break the poverty/welfare cycle.

Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 1) 519

Unions are only part of the problem and that goes in each country In Australia pay increase in public schools is by years of teaching that is 10 year teacher gets the same pay as every other 10 year teacher regardless of ability want to get more accept a role in a less desirable school (country, bad area) and that wil alllow you to move up to be a principle faster or apply in the private schools where they select better teachers and fire bad ones.

Parents are another part lower income parents have less time as they are working multiple jobs to survive to involve themselves in the students teaching and if the wealthier parent doesn't have the time they can hire a tutor.

Although this is limited to stats for NSW schools showed the number 2 dropped 6 places this year while catholic schools in the area picked up why tutored for exam students entering that selective high school should not be there the students who should be there moved into the local Catholic schools and are still thriving raising the average there

then we have ethnic values Asians value education more than Non English speaking Europeans etc all the way down to aussie bogans and american rednecks. Now education will drive up IQ to a point but it does not mean the educated are smart creative thinkers this is something inherent in your genes and upbringing

Many factors i am sure I could go on

Comment Re:It's not about "Uber" (Score 1) 233

monopolies like taxis

Monopoly - a company or group having exclusive control over a commodity or service. Which one of the 400+ cab companies in New York has the monopoly?

Whilst 400+ companies might be a monopoly in the strict sense it is due to regulation and barriers to entry I live in another country where taxi plates could cost as much as a nice house and using your credit card in any cab would incur flat $10 surcharge even if the amount was less getting a cab meant calling a cab company who had subcontracted drivers. If you used cabs often you would learn to get the phone numbers of the drivers in your area and this let you skip quite a few surcharges - sounds like uber in a before the tech for uber existed.

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