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+ - Code in Perl - Get a medal!->

Submitted by shocking
shocking (55189) writes "Arizona National Guard member Vivin Paliath was surprised to be commended for writing Perl scripts and Excel macros while his unit was deployed in Iraq. His work automated a number of previously manual processes that were part of the logistics processes of his unit."
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+ - ReFS: The "next generation" file system for Windows->

Submitted by
vivin writes "This blog post from MSDN, authored by Surendra Verma (development manager on Storage and File System team) describes ReFS (Resilient File System), which will be a new filesystem for Windows that will be rolled out with Windows Server 8. This means that it will not be available in regular version of Windows Server 8. However, ReFS data is supposed to be accessible from clients just as NTFS data would be."
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+ - Sony admits major security breach in PSN-> 1

Submitted by
" rel="nofollow">vivin writes "ARS Technica reports that Sony has provided more information about its "external intrusion". It appears that personal information has been compromised. According to Sony, if you are on PSN, the following pieces of information have been compromised for sure: your name, your address (city, state, and zip), country, e-mail address, birthday, PSN password and login name.

Sony also stated that it was possible that your profile data (including purchase history and billing address), and security answers have been obtained. If you have a dependent on your account, their data may also be compromised."

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Comment: Re:Toilet paper, AI rights. (Score 1) 111

by vivin (#35856870) Attached to: A "Throne" Fit For a Tech King

If an AI is sufficiently advanced as to be distinguished from a human, does it have a right to not stare at people's goatses?

Can you imagine being the QA for that AI? Or even the developer tasked with developing that AI?

"What do you do all day?"
"Oh, I find pictures of people taking shits and feed it to my AI".

Comment: No surprise (Score 2) 346

by vivin (#35614664) Attached to: Cable Channels Panic Over iPad Streaming App

This should come at no surprise to any one. They have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Of course they're going to panic when they see control of the distribution channels slip away from them. What these idiots don't understand is that if they adjusted their business model, they could make a decent amount of money with current technology. Maybe that's why they're idiots.

I'm sure they'll come up with some bullshit argument as to how this is "stifling competition". That seems to their answer for everything. Kind of like "OMG TERRORISTS!".

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 366

by vivin (#35577744) Attached to: China Starts Censoring Phone Calls Mid Sentence

China is still in the year 1984. The censoring of the word "freedom" is very telling. It perfectly sums up what the Communist Party in China is all about; suppressing individual liberty. They are the boot stamping on a human face. I hope China is able to move out from under the shadow of Big Brother in the coming decades

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.