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shocking (55189) writes "Arizona National Guard member Vivin Paliath was surprised to be commended for writing Perl scripts and Excel macros while his unit was deployed in Iraq. His work automated a number of previously manual processes that were part of the logistics processes of his unit."
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by shocking (#43031415) Attached to: Controversy Over Violet Blue's Harm Reduction Talk

Well, I sat down & listened to the talk (which apparently a lot of commentors did not) and sex was really only peripheral to the whole thing. It was more about the state of mind that people in the hacking community have, and the stresses and dangers that it has as a result. It spoke about mitigating some of that damage.

Comment: Hanvon n516 with the OpenInkPot firmware. (Score 1) 684

by shocking (#31139422) Attached to: It's 2010; What's the Best E-Reader?

I have one of these - 5 inch e-ink screen, with the supplied firmware replaced with the OpenInkPort ( stuff. Works well. Reads just about every ebook format there is. All the source code is open and can be compiled by yourself using a the cross-platfor environment IPLinux. You can even ssh into it from the USB connection (no wireless). I have over 2000 books and short stories loaded into a 2GB SDHC card that came with it.

I also have a Merlin HYGE0109B, with a 6 inch screen, but that's still running proprietary firmware, which only supports TXT and PDF. It gets a bit flakey when you have more than 64 books loaded. There is an OpenInkPort port in progress to this device, which is not complete yet.

Both these devices can be managed by the Calibre ebook manager, which runs under Linux, OSX and Windows (and there's also a port to FreeBSD, and possibly others)

The wireless access and ability to buy DRM'd books from one book store are not things I'm particularly interested in. I am aware that there are cracks for DRM'd epub books from B&N, as well as those using the Adobe DRM, but still, there's a bunch of classics out there, as well as independent publishers such as Baen. Visit, Feedbooks, to mention a few, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I intend purchasing a unit with a 10 inch screen when they become more available at the end of this year, so I'm able to view PDFs without having to zoom in. This is a good size for textbooks and other puiblications utilising diagrams.

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