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Girl Claims Price Scanner Gave Her Tourette's Syndrome 558

Posted by samzenpus
from the it's-$4.99-you-f*#@ing-co^&%#@!er dept.
Attorneys for Dominica Juliano claim that she was burned and developed psychological problems after a store clerk aimed a hand-held price scanner at her face. Store attorneys say their scanners uses a harmless LED light and that the girl had serious health problems before she was scanned. From the article: "Dominica Juliano was 12 when she and her grandmother entered the Country Fair store in Erie in June 2004. A clerk allegedly called the girl 'grumpy' before flashing his hand-held bar code scanner over her face and telling her to smile. Attorneys for Ms. Juliano and her guardian say the girl was sensitive to light and burned, and later developed post-traumatic stress and Tourette's syndrome."

Comment: Re:*source code* (Score 1) 522

by scoot80 (#31697522) Attached to: Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy

I have the source code for Chrome (Chromium) and I can study it, make sure it's safe, or change whatever I want. Also, I know the community has reviewed it, and the company is not trying to hid anything behind a binary

How do you know the community has reviewed it? Have you actually studied it yourself? Personally, I'd be too lazy to do so, but then again, so would be many others.

Comment: Re:Yeah right - f**k you Microsoft (Score 1) 522

by scoot80 (#31697500) Attached to: Microsoft Claims Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy
You have some serious mental issues.

Are you really shocked that Windows has a default browser? Same as every other OS? And they all take you to some default web page? And it has a default behaviour? And most of all, are you shocked about the fact that its default action for a mistyped URL is taking you to their website?

Lets see. Chrome and Mozilla by default take you to Google. (Mozilla takes you to their google formatted page). How dare they!!??!! Next thing you'll tell me that when you mistype something in Chrome, it takes you to a google search engine?

+ - Documentation Naming Conventions 1

Submitted by
realsilly writes "I am a requirements analyst, and I often find myself in companies where they either have an extremely rigid naming convention and structure for storing documents or there is no structure in place at all. I find myself in the latter of the two situations, where I'm trying to come up with an easy to use and implement naming convention that will be followed by those who don't name things formally. I am avoiding using numbers and dates within document names and in many cases, I have much of my early documentation on internal wiki pages. I'm looking for some best practices ideas from the Slashdot community."

Comment: Re:Doesn't make a difference. (Score 1) 334

by scoot80 (#28117189) Attached to: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Released

half of the video streaming sites I use (legitimate, obviously) break with "AMAGAD UR OS IZ NOT ZUPPRORTREAD." messages

Which, of course, are all thanks to Microsoft's monopoly, which you're supporting by still using Windows. Not trying to cause trouble, but there's no point complaining about a problem if you're still part of the problem.

And you are supporting terrorism, animal abuse, and global warming by using whatever the hell you are using.. Mac is it?

Comment: Re:Make darn sure the Feds don't mind! (Score 1) 259

by scoot80 (#28089077) Attached to: Best Way To Build A DIY UAV?
Yes, however with most RC toys, the person using it is usually in "total" control (unless it runs out of batteries/goes out of range) and it either plummets to the ground, or keeps flying into a really tall tree... It sounds like the OP is trying to build a set and forget plane, and there may be a few issues with that.. Don't know, just my 2c worth..

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".