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Comment This is pure BS (Score 3, Interesting) 53

all frequencies involved in the collective state (1) are dampened by the factor 2-n

And this is where they stuff away the rabbit they pretend to be pulling out of the hat. For any moderately sized, non-trivial SSP ( Subset Sum Problem ), this brings down the produced output signal's readability to being so hard to detect that you need exponential time to decide upon a reading. Which debunks this entire piece of bullshit in one phrase. 'Nuff said, OP is BS. QED.

Comment Re:Stuxnet (Score 4, Informative) 409

Quite decisive. One of my customers is Siemens, who built and delivered the centrifuges that were spun to death by Stuxnet. I am not allowed to give numbers here, other than the fact that more than half of the centrifuges were destroyed, basically doubling the lenght of the gas enrichment process. Not to mention the great cost and difficulty of repairing the centrifuges with their own, somewhat primitive technology.

Now for the most interesting bit: successors of Stuxnet, stealthier than their ancestor, may still be lurking in some parts of Iran's nuclear infrastructure, says my well-informed source @Siemens.

Comment Actually, my build server (Score 1) 558

Fujitsu TX 200 S7: two (2) Xeon E5-2420, totalling 12 physical cores, 24 logical threads, 2 x 15 MB cache 48 GB ECC RAM 1 RAID controller, with backup battery ( not present in my mind what brand ) 4 x 1 TB Western Digital yellow disks 2 x 1 Gb/s NICs 1 x 10 Gb/s NIC

The nice thing about this machine is 1) how quiet it is ( hums in a corner, while ventilating away in 30+ degrees celsius 2) its low power consumption: 80 to 84 Watts while running a Jenkins build job.

I know I will probably curse myself in a few years for having bought this machine, as the mobo has built-in obsolescence. Fujitsu even cry it out loud in their user manual, when mentioning the aluminum-electrolyte capacitors. Until then, it will have been my absolute workhorse.

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