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Comment Brute force? (Score 1) 83

I may misunderstand this -- my quantum physics are hazy at best -- but I am under the impression that "brute force" isn't the leverage that quantum computing will apply to the problem.

Can anyone who actually understands what a quantum computer could do give us (ok, me) a lesson on the nature of the threat to encryption?

Comment Re:Does the real name policy curb trolling? (Score 1) 223

You entirely missed the point. The community is on FB. They are not going to move, even if I build a much better site. I can't -- no one can, in fact -- offer them what FB does, which is that hub, plus connection to family and friends and job, including the very good chance of re-connecting with old friends, associates and classmates.

What they have is the public. Getting the public away from them is a pipe dream for anyone. Google couldn't do it, and Google+ is *far* better, technically speaking, then FB is.

It is simply glib to say "go build your optimum site" because to be optimum, the community would have to be there. And that is not going to happen no matter what you do.

As I already said, I can live with the down-side. What I can't do is replace with something of equal value.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 145


When the government subsidizes the costs, it doesn't actually make the energy any cheaper it just makes it more affordable. The costs remain the same, the burden is just shifted around a bit.

When they require a "professional installer" in order to obtain the subsidy, it takes more out of anyone's pocket who was already willing and competent. Which actually does make it more expensive.

Comment Re:Does the real name policy curb trolling? (Score 1) 223

A huge proportion of the population is on Facebook. Your "other service" simply won't reach them. For instance, my community has a hub on Facebook; it's unofficially, but without any question, the actual "only place you can talk to the community." More generally, there are many sites that use a Facebook plugin for comments. No Facebook account, no ability to comment.

I can live with this -- and I do -- but I certainly recognize it as far from optimum.

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