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Comment: Re:Only doubles?! (Score 1) 159

by umghhh (#49592009) Attached to: US Switches Air Traffic Control To New Computer System
You are right but also you miss some. YOu are spot on with quality of critical software - I used to work for a company producing telecom infrastructure. We were obliged by customers who were obliged by the states to produce software of good quality with low outage times and some odd characteristics. We paid hefty fines for outages and interoperability was a must. Over last few years I have moved away from that and at the same time I have had to deal with number of students from different universities coming to 'learn' to the company I worked for. Some of them were intelligent but none of them knew anything about software quality for critical systems. Their view of critical system is a smartphone FB app or some such. That it crashes once or 3 times a day did not concern them - this is how they view quality of software. For most of them this will stay so and there will be no need to learn what actual quality with robustness etc does mean
There is also this other thing that software people often miss completely thinking that having an app for something actually solves the problem. There is this nasty thing about real life where complexity is no only in software but also in physical rules for subcomponents (like airplanes for instance which are everything but simple) as well as those things called traffic rules - these can pretty much limit what the amount of traffic in certain area can be. In other words software is only one part of the system that has limiting factors in different places. Again most of 'software people' I had to deal with in my life were simpletons even if some of them were real programmers with very high standards (this is a tiny minority of course). They are of course no different from anybody else. There are reason why humans need regulations - otherwise 'experts' that is me and my brother in law would fuck up all there is to fuck up after all we are flight control experts because we have no clue about huge software and real life systems which contain software among other complex parts. The good thing is /. is still the place where some critical and wise comments are made albeit with diminishing frequency.

Comment: Re:40 years & merely "almost doubles" performa (Score 1) 159

by umghhh (#49591931) Attached to: US Switches Air Traffic Control To New Computer System
We live in modern times where all reality is produced by FB. Besides in all movies I have seen for years everything of value is produced by click of a mouse or stealing of fort Knox gold or some other such thing. In other words physical limitations do not apply on reality created by Zuckerberg & Co.

Comment: Re:Lifehacking (Score 1) 140

by umghhh (#49567503) Attached to: New Privacy Threat: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection
If the system detects balaclava wearing occupants in the car I am sure yet another agency will be informed in real time and the car will be taken out from traffic with some dHrones acting on the car in such a way that remains will not be of any problem for the remaining traffic, unless the drivers get scared by explosions and all the shooting of course but what is worth a good security without dhrone action.

Comment: Russians tried that already (Score 1) 678

by umghhh (#49511531) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California
They tried real hard and 'succeeded' at Aral sea. They also tried but not so hard with lake Sevan so it still exists. Let us see how US env. engineering can fuck things up.
BTW Could this be that huge number of mad cows steaks have been consumed by Shatner along his service in Enterprise?

Comment: Re:An alternative to the death penalty (Score 1) 591


If you want to execute people on the cheap, remove some of the due process and accept that you will occasionally condemn and execute an innocent man.

You assume then that there are no innocent people on death row in US? Hmm there are reports of some being released from time to time which surely tells us this is not true? What about badly done DNA checks as was reported lately? What about few other 'little' shortcomings of US justice systems where it is sometimes better to accept a 'deal' putting one in prison for life than fight an uphill battle with a chance of ending on death row.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 591

It seems US have no quarrels in sending drones to kill random people across the world and without a court ordering so. Why not extend the procedure to local death market? That goes over the need for all the gas chambers, restricted drugs etc and if you televise the proceedings you may just as well make some good buck on it - it is win-win!

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