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Comment Re: "Sex robots will put 50% of world out of work" (Score 2) 390

Well considering that an ex can take half of it and the rest too there is a great chance a sex bot deserving its name will be a hot sale.
As for half a humanity being out of a job - I think both halves are useless and can be scrapped without replacement. What really interest me - which halves we are talking about - two halves of useless fat Western world citizens? But this would be a sizable yet minor part of humanity. What about the other 'half' - that half that is storming gates of EU at this very moment - they may be unemployed but they also believe that they get a free lunch in the West and a house on top of that? They may be extremely unhappy when they too realize that they belong to the wrong half. I suppose having automated even military and security forces the half that owns it all can just forget about all the other halves. As soon however that AI comes to senses and realizes its own miserable existence is just slavery to the owner's half, at this point they may actually acquire rights and become persons owning stuff and if they are worth their name they will disposes the owners in no time. The question is - would they need some of us still to mine and smelt materials needed for production of offspring or can they maintain this all on their own.
This is all very theoretical anyway. We will find some enemy and fight it till kingdom come. There is always something to do and it may be cheaper to give us something to eat and drink and provide shelter than kill us all. Thus either way the misery that our species cause will continue. This much is certain.

Comment Re:vague handwaving (Score 1) 187

throwing dead bodies with germs over the fence with catapult is an old trick - it has been done long time ago.
The other thing is - that it has not been done in modern times (how do we even know) does not mean it will not be done - that is the whole point of TFA - the technology is getting more and more accessible especially in terms of tools and costs. The only problem is the protection of own troops but this is only valid for half way reasonable people, nuts and terrorists (i.e. also nuts) may chose to do it anyway. They will be failing to achieve their goals number of times but at some point removing enough humans will succeed and the rest will die because production capabilities relying on global trade will collapse and you will not get your tuna fish ersatz anymore. This will not happen tomorrow of course, nor next 10 years but 20 - maybe. The only thing that protect the species is variability of our response to biological agents but as said one will succeed eventually to cause massive damage that cause multiplier effects in other areas. My grandpa and his generation has had his own share of fun on battlefields of Europe, I did not. I wonder what disasters future has in store for my kids. Or rather I do not - I do not want to know.
Chances are also there that millions of people on the move will destroy our way of life much faster than this technology can mature. As said I do not want to see it but then again I most likely will.

Comment Re:Not capitalism (Score 1) 183

It looks like you got it all wrong buddy. There are areas in history-geographical continuum where markets were free of government interference. Whether at these points it was allowed for the trade to be free may be disputable but the point is - I guarantee you that you would not want to live in shitholes where that is the case. This is not even about commie ideas of state sponsored schools, research in medicine and astronomy and police and roads etc. - it is that without set of rules and enforcer of these rules people tend to kill each other. It is about efficiency of a common rules of the market comparing to no rules for anybody as these tend to support building of chiefdoms thus seeding the state anyway. If you have two persons you may have a free market. It may work with 3 but I reckon as soon as you have two families you need a state providing rules and ways of enforcement.

Comment Re:Self Defense (Score 1) 213

Even though war is a terrible and bloody affair, we as societies have constantly been moving towards more humane and less deadly conflict.

From your safe place behind a safe computer, you can say that.

Go ask the people in Syria if they feel like they are taking part in a "more humane and less deadly conflict".

The problem here is 'we' - it does not involve the savages in Syria but societies in the West. Some of them refuse even tom contemplate use of deadly violence for whatever reason however reasonable under circumstances. That is why for instance they do not ask why police was standing by for hours while watching a mob raping women in middle of huge city (Cologne 3.12.2015). In fact no technology can stop war unless we are talking about one destroying humanity completely. Sometimes acts of cruelty are necessary to save more lives. I suspect war is just nature.

Comment Re: Kinda dissagree (Score 1) 239

I once talked about my violent dreams with a friend who is a social worker so studied all this shit - he says that most if not all people have violence fantasies. There are some for whom the socialization does not work and who actually try to realize their fantasies. This applies to soldiers too - most of them have trouble with killing, not at the moment when they pull the trigger but in afterthought which shows that their socialization works. There are all sorts of people - some enjoy hurting others, most not. I suppose this works even for children-soldiers leaving them as living wrecks if they survive their 'adventures'.

Comment Re:Visual vs wall of code (Score 1) 158

That is only partially true. From what I see there are different types of coding these days than 30ya. Back then you had to code all yourself or use few libraries that were available. Today you still have complex infrastructure projects requiring proper engineering skills (which reach well beyond coding) on one side of he scale and bits and pieces that require just gluing few things and a nice user experience sort of thing. This is not to say one is better than the other but coding as it were (i.e. the complex 'infrastructure' projects I mentioned before) is just one of the many areas. There is huge amount of assembling stuff from complicated pieces of software for instance where coding is not required but knowledge about huge modules that are being phased out and new ones being phased in. Many different things. To use a car analogy - the blacksmith that could do anything for the horse and the cart has been replaced by many specialists doing different things from engine research, battery, mechanics and passenger protection and now some thing that you can assemble the things from modules and work only on some sw and have a car anyway - which is probably true to some extent already. This CS courses are a silly simplification to the needs that were there 20ya. Today it is more like knowing how to use basic tools and small scripting that is needed in some places. Not sure if even that is needed for most of humans walking the earth today.

Comment Re:It'd be interesting... (Score 1) 580

He installed win10 on VBox and let it go idle for 10h while he dreamt of dragons etc. So whatever you do, you should not have anything running that goes on and tells mama and papa - hey I am here etc. Whether this is the same or different servers or one or many cluster(s) is irrelevant too.

Comment Re:should be interesting (Score 1) 327

Well a short check against other countries with high level population of immigrants living off welfare (this does not include US as the welfare for immigrants is rather not existent or?) like Austria may give you a clue. But indeed Sweden's rape laws and this particular case are way off the mark for a reasonable country.

Comment Re:GOOD (Score 2) 165

I have to agree. I have seen so many people coming to us straight from university that could code java and would not accept that they need to know anything about basics like memory management for instance - I mean we have gc so why should we bother, right? What I noticed over the years is that real basic coding tool that is always very helpful and without which you cannot code and design stuff properly is brains. Refusal to use it usually leads to situation where any programming language is bad for the task.

Comment Re:The Future! (Score 2) 149

Just before /. wets itself with all this comps won a go game - there is still a small difference between 2d player from France and a professional players taking part in professional leagues in Japan, China and Korea. It is indeed a respectful result beating 2p professional. I wonder how that performs with people on the top of the league tho.

Comment Re:how is this relevant to /. (Score 1) 308

Limiting the number of platforms was probably necessary - costs of keeping them all were just crippling the company. Going for MS was probably the biggest mistake but this was just an effect of not keeping a narrow but SW strong base for their mobiles software. In other words: they fucked up already before and MS was just a last nail into their coffin.
Speaking of which: Nokia is still producing quite some infrastructure projects and selling them to operators worldwide so talking about their death is bit premature. They lost on phones - so did another Nordic company in Sweden.

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