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Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

South Korea is possibly an example, one of the few, where imperialism (of both sides) was accompanied by good dose of pragmatism and great amount of luck. This is however not the usual result of US interventions. Germany and Japan are on this short list too - almost complete destruction was followed by great progress but I guess this is in big part also a way these societies were before anyway. They both did wrong and understood it afterward. Whenever the scene was not so clear US had messed up.

There were also examples where US military was used to satisfy explicit business needs if Smedley Butler were still around he could tell you something about that but then again if he lived in McCarthy era he would be revealed as a hidden commie and liberal or?

Corruption of US agents in 'introduction of democracy' and 'opening way to prosperity' in Iraq made a joke of the high moral ground that US wanted to have. We will never know for sure of course but chances are that US did a great disservice to people of Iraq and Syria by said corruption, associated lies etc. Were that not enough, genuine errors and plain incompetence and negligence helped the bloody mess to develop.

One thing that I cannot see trough is Ukraine. Both sides there are the same if looked at by not involved observer. The same corruption and incompetence which makes a question of US motives quite interesting - this clearly cannot be a case of informed, well meaning intervention as moral high ground does not really exists in Kiev. If so then it is either incompetence combined with naivety, evil conspiracy (NATO seems to be stronger already and some countries in the region are more willing to by US military HW now) or just accident. I'd actually preferred US to be involved in evil conspiracy here as a though of a global police force being so naive and/or incompetent is scary.

Independent on the motives of 'democracy' introducing troops, I would still run away if their arrival in my country were imminent. And to answer the question of imperialism - it certainly looks like it from aside. Pity your boys and girls and whole bunch of bystanders had to die in actions that look like imperial hegemony.

Comment Re:You only need 3 essentials... (Score 1) 149

Not everybody chooses a hobby based on possibility to meet chicks trough it. I recall those few that I met trough go tournaments were rather how to say it politely... Och never mind. You can have two or more hobbies. Some nerds, that I know, even apply nerdy tricks to hunt chicks too - like analysis of herd and individual mating behaviour etc it even worked in some cases...

Comment Re:I prefer the old ways (Score 1) 242

The same pattern as any industry that matured actually. AT some point you have few specialized houses doing good stuff and the rest of cheap stables where stuff is made 'well enough'. Users (by which I mean not only the humans using mobile devics for chatting trough FB etc) want it to have it cheap so they get cheap. Those few that want to get it right, pay for it.

Comment Re:Old Progrmmers should create the hoops (Score 2) 242

I recall getting a task and making a new module fulfilling it. Most of the time I spent on making it simple. I checked a half a year after release and to my surprise my code was full of patches - I look at all the tickets (these were old times where if you fixed anything then only because it was ordered by an architect or trough maintenance channels. All tickets but one were done in my module because it apparently was simpler to do. These also were times when design centers were paying fines to HQ for too high fault quotes which explained actually all of the tickets then. This was when I was young. I am an old fart and:
I know very few guys as old as me who did not leave hoops - they are minority. The rest of surviving 50+yo guys go as far as refusing to cooperate with 'youngsters' like me or producing incomplete documentation (if any is produced at all). The resulting mess can be made working on customer premises in an emergency after weekend of well paid time in a hotel, by heroes and only by them. I did not believe any sane corporate management would allow it but in fact they appreciate it - all they have to say is this "I hired this guy who saved our arses so many times!" They do not of course mention that a simple industrialized fix could be cheaper. Why should they....I was fighting it for years until I understood. You just have to learn stop worrying and love the bomb.

Comment Re:as a 107 year old programmer... (Score 0) 242

I also knew a guy who after 9.11 picked up a job in airport security at Heathrow - steady job and you can feel a lots of fresh warm bodies - would this mean he was behind the attacks? Come to think of it - modern airplanes have lots of software that make them to fly. Maybe he obfuscated a piece of code that did fly them into WTC and Pentagon?

Comment Re:Software error ... (Score 1) 234

there are many things that should be part of software design - communication techniques, decision making, decision making in a group, project management techniques, product life cycle, maintenance, fault management and few others. If one concentrates on memory management one can teach about manual ways, semi manual ways and garbage collector that contrary to what some think is not some Aztec god that does things automagically but something that usually counts references thus can release your objects only if they are not linked from anywhere. GC has also consequences on performance and ways to tune it other than hoping it works.
OTOH that is probably pointless anyway and if all software was maybe not first time right but say 3rd time right than the world would be less funny.

Comment Re:Lets calculate that ... (Score 1) 157

It depends on the job. The discussion about legally allowed work loads in EU was quite informative and sometimes funny. There was a guy there for instance - a president of a small country, claiming that he is putting more than 100h/week and all is well. OC this job was including dinners with other assholes from other states etc on which they stuffed themselves with expensive, tax payer funded food. I do not care about the food, his job is doing that but comparing that to any other job (operating table personnel in a hospital) may be quite idiotic. In other words: being a president is good. At least in civilized world where you do not get killed in a process.

Comment Re:Most people who say (Score 1) 157

There are some out there who believe that your working time is only when you press the keys and move the mouse. Gosh there is even SW that provides such metrics for the bosses if they so wish. I guess then he is not working 100h/week or his hands would fall off and his heart would just stop. But if you count thinking and discussing things at 'coffee machine' then it is manageable for some at least. Not for me tho - I did 60h/week few months in a row and this is it. Never again. It is 20ya now and it probably would kill me (and let my ex take custody of the kids away from me before that).

Comment Re:It's a union thing (Score 1) 277

Ach this 'proper' deescalation technique - you mean this one. I see. That reminds me about many other things which if done 'properly' work well.
You know what the difference between practice and theory is? I think there was a guy here with a proper sig for that, IIRC it went like: in theory, practice is like theory, in practice.... well think about that.
What I think the actual problem of police violence in US is (besides what the other police forces in say Europe have) is war on drugs combined with well armed population. You get rid of both and I am pretty certain that a need for swat teams, heavily armed police officers and general readiness for violence will decrease. Alas that is not what is going to happen, is it? I mean you need your well organized militia and all this other nonsense because it allows you to err - well what exactly does that do besides increasing murder rates and general level of violence in your country? Not sure really. But it is good to hold an assault rifle and shoot something with it- I admit it myself, I liked the feeling. Still I do not need a gun at home and I hope times of failing states in Europe are not imminent.

Comment Re:It's a union thing (Score 1) 277

you mean firemen are to jump into fire because you say so? Wow. I thought it is rather so that they mitigate the risk by training, equipment and company of other firemen and if that is not enough they just get out. Read for instance what firedep during PEPCON accident did - they stopped as soon as they were informed about what is burning and did not enter the fire zone which is good because they survived the following explosion.
They are supposed to take a risk they can mitigate. Accidents happen, firemen die and police officers get shot but that is neither a requirement nor it is expected of them to go into situation where their death is almost certain. This said if you want to avoid police force shooting people because they take precautions then go and think hard about need of firearms everywhere and this well organized militia that is supposed to protect you from tyranny. There does not seem to be any relationship between how well a population is armed and how they can avoid tyranny or do you think say Syria (what is left of it) is well of because anybody can and mostly has some weapons?
Alternatively get your army to patrol the streets - seems that you like the idea. I am sure people all around the world would applaud if US military stopped helping them to achieve democracy and prosperity as it usually involved heavy blood toll and mayhem. They did quite well In Fallujah too or?

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