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Comment Re:Are and storms that fierce on Mars? (Score 1) 56

I know this feeling - something is outrageously wrong and you want to tell the world about it. Believe me I have experience with this - this is pointless. It is a nice flick nothing less or more(*). I tend to get this surges of anger too - I sit and write an essay for myself only and list all things that are wrong. Most often though I find that the most annoying parts are not omissions, errors and some such - they are stories where humans hardly play a role or/and which are inconsistent internally. No SF can even hope to describe the reality because of the fiction part. It is not even its role or ambition. The close description of reality does not even get done by most of documentaries so we can excuse a fiction movie as long as it is well made. If the movie about trip to Mars were a bit realistic it would have to include a show of idiocy and corruption on capitol hill as all these billions needed would be only spent if associated with heavy pork lifting and and done on basis of a lie or two about how this is going to cost and what it is going to achieve.
* - sometimes inaccurate and fairy tale like but exactly that is why it is so motivating for some as to show how impossible is possible.

Comment Re:Some is Better (Score 1) 1136

Just imagine this nice sight of dead bodies everywhere - some shot by perpetrators some by volunteer ad hoc force of armed bystanders and some by police who came and shoot everybody taking part in a shootout. That would make nice news. It would not change anything anyway but as long as you try it in some place I am not frequenting I am all for it.

Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1136

There have been shooting just about everywhere. In USA much more frequently than any other land living in peace(*).
The choice has been made by majority of US citizens - we and our criminals want to have free access to guns. There is no way any shooting will change that. If it does then it only increase amount of guns sold. This assures that the business will continue with new better guns. this is a tragedy only because there is a sizable minority in US that disagrees with this.

* - by peace I mean a state of peace that most of Western countries enjoy on their soil whereas some of those countries' armed forces take part in various adventures around the globe (which may or not be a moral hazard but that is not a topic here).

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 391

They did most certainly not. Most humans working on just about any project will know neither about what their neighbour slave is doing nor about big picture. The very few would have the ability and occasion to see big unpleasant picture and foresee consequences. And as it happens there are reports of such people coming forward and complaining to the management of VW who promptly ignored the warning either because they did not recognize its importance or did not want to do so. That is why we say corporate parachuters should be put into jail for this if the criminal liability applies at all here which I guess we may even never know if that gets settled out of court. Other than that flagged is not enough - I am for corporate arses being flagged and from time to time thrown into the cages with wild animals or serial rapists etc. The whole proceedings should be put into youtube or at least into tv. I would like to see banksters and all these assholes that try to force TTIP into our throats being thrown to the lions first tho.

Comment Re:So you remove their only way to make a living? (Score 1) 166

Now think of this. Uber's concern for the families, citizens and society and then the local government's concern for the families, citizens and society.
I have almost no trust for the later and if this is the only choice I am gonna get I still go for it anyway as the alternative does not appeal to me. Unless of course Uber will bribe me enough.

Comment limits (Score 1) 184

As we know real world has limits. Politicians and religious and business leaders often ignore this reality - how about limits to the pilgrimage too - There is limited place in front of certain holy objects and you need certain time to do what you want to do. This means you have only this many people that can visit the place assuming smooth flow.
Are Saudis anywhere near this limit yet?
Assuming we have maxed on safe numbers of people per unit of time we still assume smooth flow. Humans not being fluids, having their own ideas distorting the flow make accidents inevitable even with best design.

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