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Comment Congratulations, guys! (Score 1) 442

ABP folks, this is a strong indicator of success. Time to consider charging users for licenses in some way. You're winning. Good luck. Almost every individual human entity using the Internet is on your side, even though they may not know it yet. I'm shooting $20 your way today.

Comment Re:Putting words into our mouths (Score 1) 353

Me too. That's not the reason we increase the use of encryption. That's politics. Encryption is practical technology for securing communications and transactions. It's part of the business of computing. We will be increasing its use regardless of whether stories of intelligence agency tactics leak to the world or not.

Comment Putting words into our mouths (Score 1) 353

What's this? The post says, "The revelations of the last few years about widespread government surveillance, especially that involving cell phones and email systems, has spurred device manufacturers to increase the use of encryption."

Really? THAT'S why we increase the use of encryption? POLITICS? I wonder if the Mr. Fisher believes that as a fact, or is just writing copy.

Comment Never gave it a chance! (Score 2) 406

This show stands alone in the history of entertainment as the one piece of media that I decided willfully not to give any chance whatsoever, regardless of input from friends and relatives. I read the premise of the pilot, was insulted, and said to myself "the masses of above average intelligence normies are going to LOVE this crap". Now, in 2015, I feel privileged that I couldn't pick a single Big Bang theory actor out of a lineup. Also, get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Finally, we've arrived! (Score 1) 569

Let's start a guild.

Wait what? I'm pretty sure engineers have guilds all over the world already. At least I hope so since I'm a member of 2.

Just two? You'd better start another one. Obviously you haven't been through enough pledging processes to know you're under blackmail control yet.

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