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Comment Finally finished explaining everything. (Score 1) 236

I've summarized all known and unknown information accurately, and published it. You can buy any papers you need, and stop worrying about this topic now. Why not take the extra time I've made for you to adopt a new vegetative state? Finally, you've arrived! Congratulations, GRADUATES!!!

Comment Re:Seems like they're already dead (Score 1) 86

Agreed. Ease of use + price point + exclusive app = console sales. Nothing has changed but the vendors's ability to produce a compelling package. Someone will step up. Maybe we are looking at the wrong price point for the next big thing in consoles. I predict it's cheaper.

Comment Goodbye, Nintendo. (Score 1, Interesting) 86

It's been over for a while now. The first Wii was promising, but I don't think they've had an idea since then. Their decisions have seemed poor and unfriendly for years. Their user agreement is one of the worst I've seen, and possibly even illegal given the child's role in interacting with it. Seems like it's time to make money by cannibalizing the brand. People comparing this to what happened to Sega are right on. If you think Sega is still intact, please try getting some Chaos Emeralds on Sonic 2 on your Android, and tell us how the support story goes when it crashes.

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