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Comment: Re:Why are you giving this dipshit free PR? (Score 2, Funny) 112

by uCallHimDrJ0NES (#47751059) Attached to: Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With "Swing Copters"?

This is an idiotic who had a mental breakdown (or whatever) and removed FB because it was "too hard and ruined peoples loves", after he staged a meltdown online where he blatantly lied and said that the amount of money he was raking in was too much and posed a threat to himself because of where he lived in the world.

IMHO, this jackass should have been banned from the App Store with all the shenanigans he pulled. Now you jackasses are giving him free PR again, because he wrote another shitty HTML5 game that is once more purportedly "too hard". Nice.

Wow. This guy proves i kan reed's point IMMEDIATELY.

Comment: Re:100 percent bullshit (Score 1) 200

ADHD meds are no more a slippery slope than Antidepressants before them. And they were no more a slippery slope than the Tobacco/Pot/Alcohol/Coffee before them. Arguments like yours are why Slippery Slope is considered a logical fallacy.

I'm saying that seeking chemical sources to soothe over the overabundance of reward-based interactions we are experiencing will naturally progress towards escalating both the drugs and the reward-based interactions. I apologize if I misused the term "slippery slope". Invoking antidepressants as an example of harmlessness is far more questionable than any incorrect naming of a type of fallacy I may have done.

Comment: Re:100 percent bullshit (Score 1) 200

Which medical school did you graduate from?

You don't know? I graduated from the school that passes out pieces of paper that prove I'm more authoritative than you are. Look at my creds, they prove everything! It's way better than thinking about what I'm saying. Now shut up and call me Doctor.

Comment: Re:100 percent bullshit (Score 1) 200

On the plus side, even if we accept the assertion that the disorder is nonsense (which is questionable; but for the sake of argument); the usual treatment has the virtue of being sufficiently useful, safe, and even pleasant that plenty of people who don't even suspect ADHD will try to score some through alternate channels or complain until they get a prescription.

The risks aren't zero, and there are certain people who should stay away; but psychostimulants are some very nice drugs.

I have to reject that. Slippery slope. If we take enough drugs, we can totally mechanize and work/play on our machines/selves/machineselves all the time, and be "content" about it. Why would that be good, as opposed to changing our expectation of the next generation being the same mental configuration as the previous one?

Comment: 100 percent bullshit (Score 2, Insightful) 200

The persistence of the notion of this disorder is disturbing. The method by which it's diagnosed is faulty. You can't come in after all this legacy of crap and tell us that you can diagnose it physiologically using a single criteria like this. These assertions will be disproven within the year. The entire ADHD diagnosis phenomenon is the culture struggling with the ramifications of human interaction with technology. You can't set the example of "pay close attention to the stimulating box for long periods of time" over multiple generations and not expect a massive change in the way kids behave. Whether they fit in with our plans or not, these kids are NORMAL. It's the expectation that this generation will behave like the previous one which is faulty.

Comment: Re:Hey Apple, U got problems? I got solutions! (Score 1) 249

This doesn't solve the problems listed, it makes them worse. By having multiple stores you decrease each apps visibility, unless the developers do much more work to list their apps in every store. Taking time that would otherwise be devoted to developing more or better apps.

I don't agree, Basil. More app stores means more/different lists of most "popular" apps, and more diverse bodies of users who will be looking for something different. It's not very Apple, but it is true. Does this mean developers have to choose which market/appstore to be sweet to? Yes. This is simply "humans" managing the App store, as Tim Cook pretended to propose. He meant "Apple employees who do what we tell them," but we are suggesting more truly independently run App stores.

You seem to be pursuing a dream where Apple drives customers to independent Apps. That was a fine dream when iOS was fledgling. Now, it's a behemoth. New stores, new markets, new risks, new rewards for new developers.

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