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Comment Never gave it a chance! (Score 2) 402

This show stands alone in the history of entertainment as the one piece of media that I decided willfully not to give any chance whatsoever, regardless of input from friends and relatives. I read the premise of the pilot, was insulted, and said to myself "the masses of above average intelligence normies are going to LOVE this crap". Now, in 2015, I feel privileged that I couldn't pick a single Big Bang theory actor out of a lineup. Also, get off my lawn.

Comment Re:Finally, we've arrived! (Score 1) 569

Let's start a guild.

Wait what? I'm pretty sure engineers have guilds all over the world already. At least I hope so since I'm a member of 2.

Just two? You'd better start another one. Obviously you haven't been through enough pledging processes to know you're under blackmail control yet.

What this country needs is a good five cent ANYTHING!