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Submission + - GlassRAT Targets Chinese Nationals, Lurked for 3 Years Undetected (

chicksdaddy writes: RSA researchers issued a report today ( about a remote access trojan (or RAT) program dubbed “GlassRAT” that they are linking to sophisticated and targeted attacks on “Chinese nationals associated with large multinational corporations," The Security Ledger reports. (

Discovered by RSA in February of this year, GlassRAT was first created in 2012 and “appears to have operated, stealthily, for nearly 3 years in some environments,” in part with the help of a legitimate certificate from a prominent Chinese software publisher and signed by Symantec and Verisign, RSA reports.

The software is described as a “simple but capable RAT” that packs reverse shell features that allow attackers to remotely control infected computers as well as transfer files and list active processes. The dropper program associated with the file poses as the Adobe Flash player, and was named “Flash.exe” when it was first detected.

RSA discovered it on the PC of a Chinese national working for a large, U.S. multi-national corporation. RSA had been investigating suspicious network traffic on the enterprise network. RSA says telemetry data and anecdotal reports suggest that GlassRAT may principally be targeting Chinese nationals or other Chinese speakers, in China and elsewhere, since at least early 2013.

RSA said it has discovered links between GlassRAT and earlier malware families including Mirage, Magicfire and PlugX. Those applications have been linked to targeted campaigns against the Philippine military and the Mongolian government. (

Submission + - A Secretive Air Cargo Operation Is Running in Ohio, and Signs Point to Amazon (

citadrianne writes: In 2013, at the height of the holiday season, a surge of last minute Amazon orders and bad weather left many customers without gifts under the tree on Christmas day.

Amazon said the problem was not due to issues with its warehouses or staff, but failures on the part of UPS and other shipping partners. It apologized and reimbursed some customers with $20 gift cards, but the debacle underscored for Amazon the disadvantages of relying on third party shippers for its delivery process.

Since then, Amazon has been increasingly investing in its own alternatives, from contracting additional couriers to rolling out its own trucks in some cities.

The latest rumored venture into Amazon shipping has a name: Aerosmith.

An air cargo operation by that name launched in September of this year in Wilmington, Ohio on a trial basis. The operation is being run by the Ohio-based aviation holding company Air Transport Services Group, or ATSG, out of a state-of-the art facility. It's shipping consumer goods for a mysterious client that many believe to be Amazon.

Comment Re:"Clock parts" wired together in an adhoc fashio (Score 1) 727

"If anyone thinks that parts from a consumer device are obviously not a threat, go find an Iraqi/Afghan vet and ask them what sort of parts detonators of improvised explosive devices are sometimes made from. "

Nobody thinks that. We think that 14 year old boys bringing in clocks that they have torn apart and rebuilt in a new case for science class are not a threat, even if they might be Muslim!

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 727

"doesn't "innocent until proven guilty" mean the onus is on the boy to show the school district wasn't acting the same way as they would for anyone else in the same circumstances?"

No, because "innocent until proven guilty" is a standard for criminal offenses. This is a civil case, and the standard is the much easier to meet " beyond a preponderance of the evidence ."

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 727

"Again the school district surely has other examples they can point to."

That only makes sense if some white kids actually did something similar in the same school, with the same administration in place. If there are no instances of that, pointing out that none have been treated badly for it is a complete Red Herring.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 2) 727

"Disassembled clock parts wire together in an adhoc fashion and found in an ordinary box unrelated to time keeping looks like the detonator to an IED."

Or it looks like some shit a 14 year old might throw together, being unlikely to have training in bomb creation and access to the explosives required to make that little box dangerous. It depends if you have a basic grasp of Occams Razor and a rational thought process,or watch a lot of Fox news and believe Muslims are the latest scourge of ne'er do wells looking to kill whitey and rape his woman.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 727

He was only treated that way because he was perceived to be a Muslim ...

Perceived? Is he not Muslim? Perhaps you meant something else.

He stated it correctly. If he was Muslim, but was perceived to be a God fearing young Christian lad, it wouldn't have been a problem. It is indeed the fact that he was perceived to be Muslim that was the issue. Indeed, if he was Christian, but perceived to be a Muslim, same problem ... arrest now, and think later. See. It really is the perception that is the problem. The reality isn't a problem at all, at least in this case. The reality is that a young kid hacked together something that probably resembled a movie style bomb (not a real one) for whatever reason (but almost certainly non-nefarious), and no harm was intended. Youthful indiscretion is what we call it, unless of course we perceive the young lad to be a perpetrator, because we perceive him to be Muslim, and perceive all Muslims to be "bad actors" (again, despite reality to the contrary.)

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