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Comment: Re: You're doing it wrong. (Score 1) 199

by i_ate_god (#47672589) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should You Invest In Documentation, Or UX?

One of the benefits about the teams I work with is just that, we're TEAMS.

So if I'm working on my part of the project, and something breaks from the other teams and the error is non-obvious, a bug report is filed saying not only how the error was generated, but that the error message itself is not clear to me and needs to be fixed.

QA has also been trained just enough to know when an error message doesn't make much.

Comment: Re:I got tired of waiting (Score 3, Insightful) 213

by i_ate_god (#47108589) Attached to: PHP Next Generation

> You're talking about Python, right? It may be a lot of things, but consistent isn't one of them.

Python's inconsistencies are bizarre enough that they become easy to remember, and there aren't that many. PHP's inconsistencies are much more subtle, and are everywhere. Peruse the string functions for a good example...

> Again, Python? Also, I wasn't aware that PHP was "difficult to scale". No one else seems to have trouble with it. Well, "double-digit percentage of total internet traffic" sites excepted, of course. Though at that point, just about everything is "difficult to scale".

for web apps I'd assume python and PHP have the exact same problems, and more or less the exact same solutions. PHP is going to be slower if you use mod_php over php-fpm though, which many don't do. As well, it's a lot easier to write up performance-dependent code in C when using python than when using PHP.

> I've never seen a "web framework" I'd classify as "good", let alone "excellent".

You should elaborate on this. Are these just frameworks for PHP and Python or are you being language agnostic with this statement? I've grown comfortable limiting my webapps to just RESTful APIs that frontends use and whipping up those APIs are painless in almost any language that has something similar to JAX-RS/Flask/etc

> A language known for abysmal performance

False, an implementation known for abysmal performance, which is CPython.

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