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Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 2) 192

all that was said was

> and many of these users expect modern conveniences like intuitive UI and documented processes

Which doesn't necessarily imply that the customers "hate the product because of UI". Have you considered that maybe the customers priorities are not the UI, even though it's near the top of the "nice to have" list?

OP then says

> However, convincing the development teams that undertaking projects to clean up the UI or build more self-explanatory features are often met with, "It's too big an undertaking," or, "it's not worth it."

So an entirely plausible scenario is that the customer NEEDS feature X, and WANTS nicer UI, devs say UI work will take extensive time because blah blah blah and it'll delay feature X, customer says "eh.... well feature X is more important, here are my tens of thousands of dollars of maintenance dues".

The devs will work on whatever the management deems a priority, and management will deem revenue streams a priority, regardless of what anyone wants.

Comment I'd use it (Score 1) 93

I've never played minecraft but I'm a huge fan of garrys mod and space engineers. I'd use this, but only for my small home network. Its impractical but fun, which is perfect for hobby grade stuff.

I.can't imagine myself using it in any professional capacity and I can't see how it would be easier than what we have now.

Comment Re:Military funding to thwart this threat? (Score 1) 273

> Which does not mean we have to like them or even mean we have to or should tolerate them but if we want to act 'rationally' and possibly self interested

"we" as in the politicians, will need the political capital to act, capital that comes from "we', the people.

So painting the actions of someone who threatens us as "irrational" is a good way to gain that capital.

Comment Re:Candidate Obama (Score 2) 169

> versus an elitist who thinks that the people are not capable of making the right decisions. The latter is the "nanny government" mentality, which is what we're dealing with here.

In most modern democracies, the people elect a leader on their behalf to make decisions that the people are not capable of making on their own. This is not elitism, this is just common sense. Especially in countries like the US where the education system a mediocre mess.

Honestly, do you think a country as big, powerful, and comparatively unintelligent as the US, should have a referendum on every decision made by government?

Comment Re:What if I don't want to own a car? (Score 2) 397

Many transit lines are fully autonomous. Vancouver's SkyTrain and Montreal's metro both run on autopilot. Montreal does have one person occupying the cab though, but that person's job is exactly what TFA is talking about. Should anything go wrong, that person can take manual control of the train. Slam on the breaks if someone is on the tracks. Hold the doors open a few seconds longer if they notice someone who is just a few seconds late, coordinate evacuation if needed, and so on.

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 2) 399

> the electorate are going to punish anyone who brings the government down and brings on another round of elections

Considering that only 1/3rd of Canadians want Harper, I'm not sure there would be "punishment". Also, I suspect that our current Governor General will not be so feeble and kowtow to Harper's prorogue or dissolution requests if the NDP and Liberals go the coalition route.

And despite Harper having scared Canadians the last time a coalition was tried, I think the desperation of so many Canadians to see Harper go will force them to settle all their centrist vs left wing differences and be much more open minded to an NDP/Lib coalition. At least... I hope. Our system would work far better if we can accept coalition governments. Heck, if we were really open to coalition governments, maybe we would still have the Reform party.

Comment Here we go again (Score 4, Insightful) 1165

Anti gun lobbyists will say this is because of guns.

Pro gun lobbyists will say this is because there weren't enough guns

The rest of the world will look at America and wonder "what social/economic/cultural problem exists where there can be a few mass shootings a year?"

Everyone will argue for a month or so. John Oliver might say something about it. But after a month, everyone will forget this has happened. Then, several months later, there will be another mass shooting in the US and the cycle repeats itself.

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