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Comment Re:Excellent point (Score 1) 169

Engineers don't collect royalties on bridges in the first place, unless they have some insane contract. They don't own the bridge, they designed it under contract for people with lots of money (who do own it). The children of the people who own the bridge can, in fact, keep collecting money. The Rockefeller family is still tremendously wealthy.

Copyrights are legally property, the same as sports cars or collectible stamps or gold bricks or bridges. If the parent dies, he can leave the copyright to his children in his will, same as any other property. This ability to sell the rights to the song is responsible for basically every single piece of culture you enjoy. The Beatles sold the copyright to their music: it wouldn't have been practical for them to sell tapes of their music after their shows. The reason they were able to sell music in the first place was because of the copyright system.

Comment My Mac Experience (Score 0) 187

I use Pages, which comes with the Mac (not a Communist). I tried out LibreOffice by loading up a super-simple Pages document, really it's just a text document with a few lines bolded or using different fonts. In LibreOffice, every line is a new page, so my simple text document renders as 38 pages long! Why even offer Pages compatibility if it fails such a simple test?

It makes major failures in rendering keynote files (Mac Powerpoint) and small mistakes rendering Powerpoint. With .docx, just looked at a single page and it couldn't handle an embedded grid, but is otherwise OK.

User interface is uglier than sin. Really, if you care, just pay the Microsoft Office tax, or maybe Google Office. Apple Office products are OK for simple stuff and (for my rather basic uses) render Powerpoints and Word files with absolutely no problem.

Comment Re:Ok. (Score 1) 667

In this case I use Google cache, if Google or Bing caches dont work - Im done. There just isnt anything on the internet worth putting up with scumbag ads which are obtrusive, distracting and full of scumware, malware, trojans and script hacks. I root android only to use AdAway.

Ads that are not "worked into" the content are toast. And good ads, eg, BMW chase ads or superbowl ads that are funny often become the destination for people to watch on youtube, etc. So marketers best be making great products, have great service, get high ratings on the etailer and build a brand and get creative with advertising.

Marketing rats dont realize most sheeple dont care or know why they buy things and the people who are conscious make heavy duty use of comparative reviews, forums, youtube reviews, etc.

The days of spam working are over imho.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 144

If the free version is just as good and just as easily available, approximately nobody would pay for a similar sevice. Hulu and Netflix are great, sure. But if bittorrents (and the like) had never been prosecuted, and you could just get the popcorn time app for your ipad and watch whatever you want, what sort of idiot would pay?

Even now, with threats of prosecution, and sketchy websites with advertisements for Russian brides, and a good chance of viruses, and the need for technical know-how, bittorrents are still a larger percentage of internet traffic than, say, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. Imagine how much higher it would be if it hadn't been for the legal prosecution.

Comment Re:HDMI=mostly disadvantages (Score 1) 406

So their reasons boil down to:
1) You can't have a cable hundreds of feet long without some kind of signal booster.
2) It comes out when you tug on it.

Jesus Christ I can imagine some video nerds are really upset that they can't send their DVD output to the guy across the street without a $20 booster device, but for normal people these are complete non issues.

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