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Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 52

Wow, that is a lot of anger!

Of course almost anybody here *could* do all of this. But it's non trivial, either. Personally I have better things to do with my time. And for non-Slashdotters...I know a lot of non-techie people who just wouldn't seriously consider building their own computer.

Windows 10 for free is the free upgrade, isn't it? I run Mac and Linux so I don't have old windows disks lying around to upgrade.

Comment Re:It's what we "do" (Score 1) 109

Right. The military had a system for distributing "ice bucket challenges," and later that became Facebook. The military had a thing where people drove their own personal tank but acted as a taxi, and that became Uber. The Navy was taking selfies *years* before Kim Kardashian.

Comment No (Score 1) 41

You want somebody who can somehow survive the incredible boredom of traveling to Mars without going crazy. Seriously, he'll be locked inside a tiny cabin where he can barely move for two months just to get there. Then he'll arrive with muscles mostly atrophied and stuck inside either a space suit or a tiny living quarters.

He doesn't need to solve shit, for most everything it would make more sense just to radio home and ask them what to do. He won't have to make split decisions, because he'll be going through his actions incredibly slowly, confirming with home base.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

You are seriously concerned that you might have an emergency, and need to drive more than 600 miles, and having to stop and re-charge for an hour would just make the emergency worse? Has this ever happened to you?

It's like you're coming up with bizarre scenarios just to justify your current preferences, or perhaps it's a sour grapes issue that you can't afford an expensive car.

Similarly, you could conceivably have an emergency situation where you need to drive a mariachi band to a wedding, but that doesn't mean every single car should have the ability to sit art least eight. Or you could conceivably need to get to the plastic surgeon right away for an emergency rhinoplasty, but that doesn't mean every car should be able to reach 150 mph.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 208

I don't understand. Women carry purses. It's easier for a woman to have a large phone than a man for that reason. The phone goes in the purse! My wife and like every woman I know does this. I could never have as big a phone as she does, just because putting a large phone in a purse is way easier.

Woman's clothes oftentimes doesn't have any pockets at all - making the phone smaller to accommodate non-existent pockets doesn't make any sense.

Comment Re:Dear Mr Musk... (Score 4, Informative) 396

Go on to truecar.com, look up car prices! You can print out a sheet, take it to the dealer, and get it for that price.
Keep in mind that you should take the car price and subtract $7500 for the Federal subsidy (which is given at time of purchase.) Additionally, different states have different subsidy levels - California will subsidize it $2500, it takes na few weeks though).

So after $10,000, truecar.com currently lists:

A Nissan Leaf for $15,000 (that is a seriously fucking good deal)
A Fiat 500e $19,000
An e-Golf for $21,000 (A little over, but it's Motor-trends car of the year.)

They're all 4 seat and will get about 150km.

I have an e-golf, I drive more than an hour a day, and I just charge is on a 120v overnight.

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