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Comment Because it's Canada (Score 1) 393

The 50 largest businesses in Canada are all in the business of selling off natural resources to the US, or are banks which primarily exist to help fund selling off natural resources to the US. Of course they are not going to have as much need for college graduates as a nation with a more diverse, developed economy.

Comment Pure hype (Score 0) 67

It's a great story, but her invention was never used. It's really a huge stretch it really relates at all to current spread-spectrum technology. Even if you think it is related, spread-spectrum as developed did not base their ideas on her invention, and it's unlikely they were even aware of it.

Comment Re:The strings are his to attach (Score 2) 416

I'm sure that's true, due to your extensive knowledge. Also, most black people agree with you that black teens need to pull their pants up and stop blaming society for there problems, and most gays agree with you that homosexuals should have some legal protection but not be given full rights of marriage, which are historically understood to be between a man and a woman.

The liberals are making up these platforms all themselves! All people discriminated against, in any way, know that right wing Texans speak the truth.

Comment Re:Acronym (Score 1) 83

But if you don't know American shows, why would it matter? If an English person talks about R&C kickstarter, I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, any more than if they talk about bringing back Rhubarb & Custard.

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