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Comment: Re:The bigger issue here is the so called "reporti (Score 1) 289

Just like when a cop gets right up on your bumper to read your license plate before pulling you over. If you had to stop quickly due to some emergency in the road ahead and the copy smacked into you, you will be charged with driving too close to the officer.

Comment: Re:Unclear if any law was viaolated (Score 1) 289

It is not against the law to operate a radio controlled craft in populated areas. AS long as the craft is within line of site of the operators and is being controlled through means of radio communication then no laws were broken by anyone by the police.

The FAA says that model aircraft flights should be kept below 400 feet above ground level (AGL), should be flown a sufficient distance from populated areas and full scale aircraft, and are not for business purposes. I'm pretty sure two out of three of those rules were busted. One for certain.
The Police also violated FAA regulations by approaching within 500 feet of a person, structure or aircraft.

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It looks like 6 people worldwide and 0 people in Pennsylvania. So they should also remark that it is not just sending them out to people who were born in the 1800s but also that it is sending out to people who are no longer alive. Kind of like a Chicago voter registration.

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by tompaulco (#47420179) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...
The regulatory agencies prevent the per kwh prices from going up, but the billing fees, line item fees, paper statement fees, non-paper statement fees and whatnot are able to be adjusted at a whim. Also, the local electric utility is only regulated on their delivery charge. They are allowed to pass the cost of fuel directly to the consumer. The cost of the fuel is passed on at cost to the consumer, so there is no profit. But they don't need to make a profit, since they buy their fuel from their parent company, which is a fuel company and not a utility, so their prices are not regulated.

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by tompaulco (#47420117) Attached to: UK Computing Student Jailed After Failing To Hand Over Crypto Keys

And that bullshit about powering on electronics if you're flying to the States? That just got broadened to *all* flights *anywhere*. I knew it was coming, I just didn't expect it within 3 fucking days...

I remember this "war on dead batteries" starting as far back as 1996, after some sort of bomb threat or something. They forced you to fire up your laptop, but only if it wasn't rush hour, and then after about two or three weeks, they stopped doing it because it wasn't worth the effort.

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Not store specific, but there were pre-order bonuses of 15th anniversary cars. In order to play some of the seasonal events, you have to have one of these cars. Under no circumstances should one ever be forced to buy aftermarket (or premarket) content in order to play a game. If they want to sell content to make it easier, to add bonus missions, to put stupid costumes on your character or whatever, that is fine. But I bought the game and I should be able to play it to completion with spending an extra penny.

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