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Comment: Re: What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 2) 179

Well, I can vouch for the fact that we have over the last 12 years replaced just about all of the water heaters in our rental houses. The water heaters which were replaced were built in the 70s and 80s. I guess I can expect something 30 years old to fail. In fact, it probably wouldn't have failed even after 30 years if we would have checked and replaced the anode. However, the new water heaters which we have replaced them with have already had problems within just a few short years. We have had to replace pilot assemblies, thermocouples, and one has a safety device with a well known calibration problem which causes it to fail and close the dampers so that you can't light the water heater. The suggested fix is to replace the water heater because the safety is not considered field serviceable. The safety device on that unit failed after about a month of operation. One month of use seems entirely to short for a water heater, especially compared to 30 years or more for the previously installed unit.

Comment: Re:The Canadian middle class is dying out. (Score 1) 183

by tompaulco (#49362503) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

Seems to me those fancy trucks and SUVs you speak of may perhaps belong to the upper class? I think your confusing the 150K+ a year crowd with the middle class.

Middle class is more of a median income between that and the poverty line, most of the 30-60K people aren't out driving around in new 60K+ vehicles, most of us are the ones in the crappy older vehicles. and the rest are the ones on the bus

Seems kind of unlikely. At least where I live, the upper crust drives fancy sedans. The lower class drives fancy trucks and SUVs and the middle class drives cheap econoboxes.

Comment: Similar issue with my government (Score 2) 150

by tompaulco (#49360737) Attached to: UK Licensing Site Requires MSIE Emulation, But Won't Work With MSIE
When I was recently laid off and applied for unemployment, I discovered that signing up for unemployment requires MSIE. Well, a lot of sites say that, so i tried it in Firefox. It didn't work, the workflow just went in circles. Then I tried it in MSIE and found the same thing. However, when i read very carefully, I noticed that it said that it had to be a specific, no longer supported version of MSIE. I set the compatibility level to that version, and then it worked. But I am sure everybody that has been laid off from work knows how to override the automatic updating of MSIE and set the compatibility level back to an older version.

Comment: Re:One more view. (Score 2) 309

I have worked in Tech for over 25 years as well. I would say that it has been my experience that there are more males involved in tech, but that it is far easier for a woman to be promoted to management than for a man. Also, pretty much all of my managers in tech, whether male or female, were not very tech savvy.

Comment: Re:MY data in AMAZON's cloud ?? (Score 1) 121

by tompaulco (#49356773) Attached to: Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans
Oh I KNOW that they store it in a multitude of locations. What I want to know is what kind of technology they are using such that when their system crashes they manage to lose the data on ALL of the multitude of locations. That must be some pretty fancy technology.
Or they don't really store it in multiple locations.

Comment: Re:MY data in AMAZON's cloud ?? (Score 1) 121

by tompaulco (#49356107) Attached to: Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans

What happens when your house burns down?

I guess the same thing that happens when the Amazon location with your data burns down.

Amazon restores the data on the guy's servers from their backups? No wonder everybody is all tinfoil hat over Amazon.

Yes, exactly. just like Comcast offers service to the address of the house you are going to buy. At least until after you buy it.

Comment: Re:Paypal better pick what it wants to be... (Score 2) 68

by tompaulco (#49350995) Attached to: PayPal To Pay $7.7 Million For Sanctions Violations

Why aren't the big banks doing this? I guess because they can't tack on all kinds of horrendous fees and still get people to use it, and PayPal's business model isn't profitable enough for them.

I have a different guess. My guess is that big banks are banks and have to obey the banking regulations and so they can't afford to compete with companies like Paypal which doesn't have to obey the banking regulations even though they act as a bank.

Comment: Re:I hate PayPal (Score 1) 68

by tompaulco (#49350981) Attached to: PayPal To Pay $7.7 Million For Sanctions Violations
I will not use a service that enjoys all of the benefits of being a bank without having to abide by the regulations of being a bank. Obviously this article indicates that they are being held to SOME of the regulations of being a bank, but clearly they are not being held to all of them. A bank cannot just decide to freeze your account except under specific and documented circumstances.

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