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Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 2) 295

Rumor has it that Nest thermostats will soon be displaying advertisements on its display.

Wait, a thermostat that you paid 10 times as much for as a regular thermostat is also going to display ads at you?
Lucky for us nobody spends more than 2 seconds a day looking at their thermostat. I suspect their ad revenue will be on the order of dozens of dollars a year.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 5, Insightful) 295

I have a feeling that we are going to hear lots more complaints about the "free" version of Windows as people have more experience with it. I also expect that if they get a few million complaints, they might make it so that you can pony up the $130 obligatory dollars per copy to make the "FREE" ad-based Windows into a paid-for, ad free version.

Yes, and then just like the cable companies, the ads will also sneak into the $130 fully paid version.

Comment Avoid companies that are there just to IPO (Score 5, Informative) 129

If you believe in the product you are creating, don't build it at a company whose vision is to build the company just to sell it or to IPO it. They don't care about the product, only selling the company. They will shortchange everywhere they can, cut corners, not test or QA, and eventually, once you have the product built, they will let you go before you get a chance to cash in.

Comment 10 million installs (Score 1) 105

10 million installs, 260 million drivers. So 1 in 26 drivers has this app. I find that hard to believe. It seems like if it was that popular, that I would have heard about it. On a similar note, one of our local news channels has local gas prices on their website.

Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? Serious Question... (Score 1) 105

Can someone explain the value of collecting data on battery strength, phone temperature, etc. ? Seriously, they must be able to monetize that (why else risk alienating customers) but how? What is the monetary value in knowing my phone temp?

I can only guess that they are using the phone temperature, location and the battery strength to estimate the radius of available gas choices that they should show you. Temperature effects the battery life, although it would be easier to snapshot the battery life at regular intervals than guess the temperatures effect on the battery. Location by itself at least established the location around which they should show gas prices, but location over time gives speed and helps them anticipate where to show next, or maybe a radius of how far out to show based on speed. I don't have the app or know how it presents the data, so I am just guessing here.

Comment Re:Sinking island (Score 4, Informative) 140

The sad point is that by killing the coral reef they are destroying the ocean's ecosystem. Forget about the military implications, this is something that the international community needs to stand up and punish China for.
Even though coral reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, they support an estimated 25 percent of all marine life, with more than 4,000 species of fish alone. In fact, coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world with thousands of species relying on reefs for survival. They also serve as important sources of food, income, protection, and new medicines for mankind.

Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? (Score 2) 105

Since they came out with ethanol added gasoline I have found it more important to get ethanol free fuel than get a cheaper price.

Have you seen what ethanol does when it sits?

It separates and trashes lawnmowers/chainsaws/weedeaters/generators and anything that goes any length of time between starts.

What ive noticed is high traffic areas tend to have ethanol added (near walmart) and everywhere else that actually needs the fuel to bring the traffic has ethanol free fuel.

I know exactly what you mean. I went on vacation with my RV and had to go through Texas. In Texas you can't get real gasoline, only what I call "Mazola". After I got back from Texas, my generator stopped working. It would only run if I used my finger to manually force the idler to idle higher. I replaced spark plugs, replaced fuel filter, drained the old fuel which was not even pure Mazola, but a mix of mostly real gas, with some leftover Mazola, put all new fuel, used about two cans of Sea foam, which also seemed to help it run better. Took the carb off and let it soak in carb cleaner, Made sure all the jets were clear. After about 20 hours of work, I was able to get it to run pretty consistently, but it will still occasionally just stop running on long trips, though it usually starts right back up. Basically, the gas permanently ruined the generator, and it is in limp mode.
I never run any of my lawn equipment on Mazola. I know people who live in Texas who actually make runs up to Oklahoma with dozens of gas cans to buy real gas and take it back to Texas to run their equipment.
I really can't believe that it is legal to sell E10. At the very least, they need to put a warning not to use it in any sort of small engine and not to use it if the intended motor is going to sit unused for more than a week or two. The stations need to be required to sell real gasoline so that people can purchase it for use in small equipment.

Comment Most of us are looking forward to the advent of au (Score 1) 231

Most of us are looking forward to the advent of autonomous vehicles.

When you say "most of us", I assume you mean most of the people hanging out with you... and you are by yourself. Because I literally don't know anybody that is looking forward to this.

Comment Re:Not just insurance companies (Score 1) 231

Then of course there's MADD. I assure you that more than one of the neoprohibitionist protofascists behind that organization is crosseyed with rage at the idea of cars that can safely take people home even if they've committed the mortal sin of alcohol consumption. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some MADD type had gotten so angry that she kicked her little yapping lap dog right through the living room picture window at the mere thought of an autonomous vehicle.

You must be that one guy who doesn't know anybody that has been killed by a drunk driver. Most of us know at least one, if not two or three. I assure you MADD is against drunk driving and not against drinking. I am not a member of their organization, but I think I hate drunk driver's just as much as they do, and drunk drivers deserve every bit of hatred toward them and more.

Comment Re:Anglo-Saxon society is too prude (Score 1) 378

In my country the schools start sexual education on a very young age and also show pornographic content and how it is made behind the scenes to learn children that it is all fake

Pornography in the studio is all (well 99%) fake, but there is plenty of pornography on the internet that is just people filming themselves having sex.

Comment Re:Skewed (Score 1) 378

Because you told them that because they looked at one image in a magazine that they were addicted. You set them up to answer that way, likely by saying 'Are you addicted to porn' while shaking your head yes at them suggestively.

Well, 10% were worried that they were addicted, and the other 90% weren't worried about it all, because they are smart enough to know that puberty is puberty.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 484

do you leave the laptop on overnight? most people turn their laptops off when they're not using them. This leaves the laptop with little opportunity to download the updates and get them ready for installing.

I leave mine on at night, but it doesn't matter. It still doesn't attempt to install them until you are in a hurry to shut down and leave.

Comment Amazon Prime? (Score 1) 205

Are they going to ship it to me for free within two days? No, it is Amazon Prime's streaming service. I can't figure why those are bundled together. I'm sure it's great for people who subscribe. But I am not going to subscribe just for Top Gear, and I don't buy enough online to justify the monthly fees. I don't like streaming content. I'd rather have a DVD.

Comment Re:BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctness (Score 1) 205

People enjoy the fact he acts an arse, him actually being an arse is a bit different. People often love "characters" on television they would despise in real life, sadly Clarkson let his idiot persona take over his real one.

Yes, exactly. People love Woody Allen movies about sexual deviants. If he had made a movie about hooking up with his adopted daughter, people would have loved it. When he did it in real life, people were shocked, although they now have come to accept it.

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