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Comment: Re:Combating email spam is easy ... (Score 1) 54

... if it costs one penny (or some other pricing scheme) to send each email.

The fee would be tacked on the ISP's bill, much like a tax, and would go to the government toward litigation costs for prosecuting spammers.

That simple change would kill spam.

I have to think of everything.

And legitimate double opt-in newsletters.

Comment: Re:Given the depth of surveillance (Score 2) 54

There should not be exceptions for Charity/Political calls. Those are still unsolicited. They are not covered by the first amendment. Free Speech does not mean that you can annoy people to your heart's content, on their dollar. They can make all the charity handout messages or political statements they want and if people are interested in hearing them, then people can call them.

Comment: Re:So what happend to the "Do Not Call" list? (Score 1) 54

The CRTC need to hold the telcos' feet to the fire and abolish the "we don't know who they are" stonewalling that the telcos do.

SOMEBODY is getting billed for the call. SOMEBODY knows where it originated from. The problem is that the same SOMEBODY who you are asking to block these calls does not get paid when that call does not go through. Therefore, they lose business. The illegal autodialer makes a million calls a day. You make maybe three or four.

Comment: Re:It wasn't about Pluto (Score 1) 195

by tompaulco (#49155757) Attached to: One Astronomer's Quest To Reinstate Pluto As a Planet
So what is wrong with establishing the definition as Criteria 1, Criteria 2, Criteria 3,etc., etc. or objects currently classified as planets? It's not like there aren't other classifications that we ignore if we choose to. We also are in no danger of some intelligent life from another solar system dropping by and saying "What? How is that a planet? It doesn't meet your own criteria!"

Comment: Re:Don't explosions create seismic waves? (Score 4, Interesting) 88

by tompaulco (#49155629) Attached to: Mysterious Siberian Crater Is Just One of Many

If these are truly explosions ejecting many tons of earth out of these holes, wouldn't they be detected by seismographs around the world, or at least in Russia? I think they should plant seismic detectors in the area so they can immediately detect the next explosion and quickly send a research team to site.

Yes, if there had been a large explosion, even if it was not combustion, that amount of earth moving would have been measurable by seismic instruments thousands of miles away. Quarry explosions have been known to display as earthquakes as large as 2.7 on the Richter scale and felt for hundreds of miles, and those would pale in comparison to the amount of earth movement involved in the Siberian craters. It is much more likely that they escaping gas just gradually caused sinkholes, which would still create seismic events, but would be more likely many smaller ones and probably would not pick up on instruments unless they were within 100 miles.

Comment: Re: I appreciate the sentiment.. (Score 1) 102

Oh, you must not live in the United States where the insurance must cover people with pre-existing conditions. I have not had insurance through my company for years. Well, I did, but not my family. They paid for my coverage. However, it was much cheaper to insure my family on the open market rather than through the employer plan. People seem to have got it in their head that they have to be tied to a company in order to receive health insurance. This has never been the case. Outside coverage has always been available, and it is often cheaper other than whatever part the company covers. These days a lot of companies "offer" an "excellent benefit plan", but when you look at it, you pay 100% of the premium. How is that an "Offer"? You could get the same outside, probably for less money, and not be tied to a particular employer.

Comment: Re:I appreciate the sentiment.. (Score 1) 102

MS could give a full free ride including rent, food, and gas to a good number of students every single year and it would be the rounding error on their earnings.

And if they tied that education to a job at Microsoft, they would come out ahead, even if they paid industry standard wages.

Comment: Re:Just damn (Score 1) 409

by tompaulco (#49151145) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83
The tobacco companies don't get people hooked. As required by law, they are not allowed to advertise and must fund anti-smoking legislation. There are also numerous other anti-smoking lobbies which constantly bombard everyone with the message that smoking is deadly. In light of all of this, there is only one person that can be held responsible for starting smoking, and that is the person theirself.

Comment: Re:Just damn (Score 1) 409

by tompaulco (#49151057) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

Tobacco company execs should be publicly flogged. Goodbye old friend.

Optionally, we can inundate everybody's daily lives with constant reminders of the health hazards of smoking, including the second hand smoke deaths, breathing through stoma and hundreds of other daily images of how horrible smoking is. Then NOBODY will ever even CONSIDER smoking./sarcasm.

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