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Comment: Re:$4649 as configured? (Score 1) 130

Games these days make far more use of the GPU than the CPU. Still, when I build a system, I want it to be versatile, so I will put in the CPU that just got bumped down in to second tier pricing by the latest whizbang CPU. I find the price of this unit astounding. A homebuilt with the same components and a better looking case with better airflow can be had for half of that.

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not everyone has time to waste building their own, unless perhaps you're a kid who "got hold of daddy's credit card" and you don't have any real responsibilities.

You don't have time to spend four hours one evening assembling the parts? Not even if it saves you $1,000 off of a similarly configured prebuilt?

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This is not even the first slashvertisement for this ugly space inefficient design. I'm not going to link the other one because they don't deserve the clicks.
I'm eligible to disable advertising, but I have not done so because I get at least some enjoyment out of the site and I know they get money for impressions even though I have never clicked on one. But now the Cox Contour advertisment auto starts audio blasting at random times such that I can't leave slashdot running in my browser. That is beyond poor form.

Comment: Re:Fool me once... (Score 2) 201

by tompaulco (#48247503) Attached to: Car Thieves and Insurers Vote On Keyless Car Security
No big trick. They did the same thing when they introduced aribags. These lifesavers were going to decrease insurance premiums dramatically. Unfortunately, they have increased premiums dramatically because when they go off, you have to pay thousands to get them repacked, and plus you are probably badly injured instead of dead, possibly injured by the airbag itself, and your medical bills are higher than they would have been if you didn't have an airbag.

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by tompaulco (#48247465) Attached to: Car Thieves and Insurers Vote On Keyless Car Security
My mother had a car stolen out of her garage while she was on vacation. The police actually found it, amazingly, in a park and ride well known to be a dropping off point for cars bound for Mexico. They actually took prints, which almost made me fall over in surprise. They got a match to a guy who was a known car thief. They did not arrest the guy and would not press charges even though my Mom wanted them to. Not only would they not do their job, but they wouldn't even tell my Mom who the perpetrator was so she could do their job for them.
Why waste time dusting for prints when you are not going to follow up?

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by tompaulco (#48239169) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
Fortunately someone taught you that there WAS such an equation so that you would know to look it up in your book or on the internet.
All learning is cumulative. You have to start somewhere and build on it. Giving kids a calculator before they have learned basic math on their own is just a bad idea. What if they fat fingered on their calculator and came up with 10*10=1000? If they didn't know basic math, they wouldn't recognize that this is just an unreasonable answer. Once they know basic math and start doing calculus and trig. They are working on more complicated subject B and having proven they have learned A, they can now use the tool for the A problems that make up subject B.
Kind of like geometry. Once you prove a simple thing, you can use that entire proof as a single step in your next proof. Then THAT more complex proof can be a single step in a very complex proof. And so on.

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by tompaulco (#48239139) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills

"if it really costs the company $500 and takes 3 weeks to procure something that Amazon could have on my desk in 24 hours for $100, maybe its not me that should be under pressure to make efficiency savings?"

Our company prices disk storage at $10,000 per terabyte. We are under a lot of pressure to do whatever we can to lower storage utilization, from deleting potentially helpful log files, to deleting data that we often find we need to recreate because somebody needed it. Some people have taken to storing critical data locally on their laptops. There is no backup of local drives. There is a backed up shared drive, but the space is limited to about 3.5 GB per person. Now I know that there is overhead in storage costs, but it seems like 10 times the actual cost of a terabyte drive ought to be a reasonable upper limit, not 200 times.

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by tompaulco (#48239101) Attached to: Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills
Two problems.
The employers DO pay taxes at about the same level and percentage as they have done for at least the last 60 years.
The school systems budget per student is at an all time high, however, very little of that gets to the student due to a several thousand percent growth in administrative overhead.
In the 1950s schools were funded much like today, through property and sales taxes. Back then, sales taxes were commonly in the area of 2%. This was enough for the schools to get by on in the 1950s. Today, incomes are many multiples higher and the cost of gods has outpaced income, so if sales tax was at 2% still, the adjusted amount going to schools would already be higher than in the 1950s. However, the sales tax rate has risen by a factor of 4 in most area, to 8% or even higher. And now the schools are struggling. With budgets that are a dollar adjusted 10 times or more what they were in the 1950s they struggle to get by now.
Rather than tax more and spend more, we need to trim the fat. Get rid of the middle class welfare that is school administration. In many school districts, there are more administrators than there are teachers.

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