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Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 366

wtf, are you a 90 year old smoker on a family plan? 50+ smoker is under $500 with 3500 deductable here.

If you make as little as you said would be mostly subsidized. Probably under the $180 figure. Try again.

Nope, 45 and non-smoker. No previous conditions. It's just that the plan I was on went up 500% when Obamacare kicked in.

If you make as little as you said would be mostly subsidized. Probably under the $180 figure. Try again.

I will try again at my next renewal, but by then I expect I will be working again and trying to catch up with all the bills that had to go unpaid so i could pay my insurance premiums.

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 366

You're doing something wrong. If you don't have any income, you should qualify for Medicaid. ObamaCare is for people who actually have an income.

My kids did qualify for Medicaid. After 27 years of contributing to social programs, Medicaid for my kids and 4 months of unemployment are the only things society deemed fit to give back. Social programs are a way of life for some people, but for many people that pay into them, they are rarely available as a safety net when they are needed most.

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 3, Informative) 366

Mine went from $180 a month $7,500 deductible Major Medical plan to a $950 a month $12,500 deductible Bronze Major Medical plan. I was told that I had crap insurance before and that is why it went up, but it was with the same company and the only change was that they raised the deductible and raised the premium.
After this new premium kicked in with no notice and after my bank started sending me overdraft notices due to the insurance company taking out an unapproved amount from my checking account (a process commonly known as "theft"), I immediately went searching for other insurance and got the plan down to only slightly over double what it used to be for 60% higher deductible.
A few years later, I was let go from my job and redid my application for insurance, hoping for some assistance with the premiums, but unlike the commercials for Obamacare which state "most qualify for assistance", I did NOT qualify for assistance, and did not qualify even for tax rebates. Still paying 100% of the premium, which is infinity percent of my salary. Before Obamacare, insurance was 2.5% of my salary, then it went up to 14% overnight, and now it is up to infinity percent. Still Hoping for Change.

Comment Re:The solution is simple (Score 1) 366

The problem is that neighborhoods are fighting the construction of apartments and other affordable housing. Anytime someone tries to build an apartment building (even the small apodments we have here), NIMBYs show up and scream that the lower classes will spread drugs and rock and roll music over their precious streets.

Well, the NIMBYs are right, but it will take at least 10 years for that to happen. When a new apartment complex is built, it is beautiful and desirable and a bunch of people move in. Then when another apartment complex is built in a another area of time a few years later, the residents move to the new building. The owners of the old building are forced to rent for lower amounts to anyone who will sign a lease. The new tenants scare off the old tenants, and the cycle continues. The lower rents insure that no repairs are done, and within about 10 years your brand new apartments have become Crime Central.
Not sure how much of a say NIMBYs really get in Seattle, but around here, everybody within 1,500 feet must be notified of any zoning change, and that is not normally a very large number of people. They can't vote, either, they can just express their opinion. Usually a promise to build a sidewalk, a water feature. or a children's park is enough of a bribe to overcome any dissenting NIMBYs, regardless of the legitimacy of their grievance.

Comment Re:Win 10 (Score 1) 208

I prefer to consider how much the OS memory costs. When I started out, it was at a company with three 370s, and whether to buy another megabyte of memory was a decision made at the vice-presidential level. When I upgraded the memory on my first computer (somewhat later), I was paying only about $120/16K, so I filled the thing up.

How much does 4 GB cost nowadays? It's been years since I bought RAM, but back then it would be well under $50. That makes it equivalent to something under 8K when I first started with my own computer.

4 GB for my computer is about $35. If your price is from years ago, then the price difference is not really that impressive. When they say "why is RAM suddenly so cheap?", I expect that to mean the price has dropped drastically by 20 to 30% in a matter of months. In fact, by looking at this graph, it appears that RAM has dropped by 20-30% since the beginning of the year, but at the beginning of the year, RAM was TWICE as expensive as it was in 2011. The graph is logarithmic, so a little hard to read. But in fact, it looks like in 2011 there was a bottom hit, which we are still sharply above. So again, when they ask why the price has dropped drastically, yet the price is far above what it cost 4 years ago, It seems like the question is kind of moot.

Comment Re:Win 10 (Score 2, Insightful) 208

is fine with 4. I put another 2 gigs in after the upgrade and didn't notice any difference. When Vista hit it was barely functional with 6. Win 7 fixed that so it worked with 4 again. Hell, I've got an old AthlonX2 5600 I play Streetfighter IV on that's only got 3. Basically, there's not a lot of demand.

I think it is disgusting that we think it is just awesome for an OS to ONLY need 4 GB.

Comment Re:Are there anti-gambling laws anymore? (Score 1) 174

When the online gambling sites first came out, they got shut down really quick. I am not sure why the same is not the case for the these online sports gambling sites.

They got shut down when Congress passed anti-online-gambling legislation in the form of UIGEA. It specifically says that fantasy sports of this sort are exempt: (1) Bet or wager.— The term “bet or wager”— ... (E) does not include— ... (ix) participation in any fantasy or simulation sports game or educational game or contest in which (if the game or contest involves a team or teams) no fantasy or simulation sports team is based on the current membership of an actual team that is a member of an amateur or professional sports organization (as those terms are defined in section 3701 of title 28) and that meets the following conditions:

Wow, that must have taken a lot of dollars to get such an exemption. Some congressman somewhere must have gotten about a 100 foot yacht off of that clause.

Comment Re:"Agile" claims to be better than everything els (Score 1) 281

Exactly. I have seen development methodologies come and go. The one thing they all have in common is that they are created for and marketed to the management. Because management is not good at, well, managing, development methodologies give them things that they can see and touch and thus believe that progress is being made. Meanwhile, every single development methodology has aspects that do not fit how development actually happens, and as such, time is wasted trying to fit how real life works into the development methodology. I have been at two different companies that used Agile. At one, I never heard the words "scrum" or "sprint" or "stand-ups". At the other I did, but the developers computers were locked down so that participation in the stand ups was difficult.
Agile, to me, almost looks like a caricature of a development methodology. It is almost like Scientology, where L. Ron Hubbard made a bet that he could create a new religion and gullible idiots would eat it up.

Comment Re:Enough (Score 1) 215

Uber is hardly the only cab company that has an app for hailing a cab. They are not unique in this perspective. They are unique in the perspective that they are the only company that thinks that because they have an app they are somehow magically not a cab company. I'm sorry, but in the world of regulated commerce, the laws determine what type of entity you are, you don't just get to pick one, and especially you don't get to make up a new one, especially when there is an existing type of entity that has the exact same characteristics of your supposedly new entity.

Comment Re: Monopoly on what exactly (Score 2) 215

You're not paying the Uber driver. They dont see that money. Uber collects from the passenger electronically then calculates a commission based on that fare (80% where I am) and pays the driver om sunday the aggregate commissions earned.

Technicality, yes. But in law those are two distinct transactions. Many business models work this way paying on commission only, so why does Uber get the short end of the stick?

And that is the same technicality that taxi drivers have. You are giving money to the company they drive for, not to them. They get paid by the company. Only the tip (which you presumably also give an Uber driver) goes directly to the driver.

Comment Re:If the black cabs have a legal monopoly... (Score 4, Insightful) 215

There could be a compromise. American in the U.S. here.

How about allowing the legalization of it as a "hobby"? If someone earns less than $2000 (USD) per year, require personal auto-insurance to not only cover it, but to have it as legal since it doesn't really cross into "commercial" territory at such a low level.

I'm all in favor of them doing it as a hobby as long as they don't collect money for it. If they collect money, then they need to abide by the regulations.

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