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Comment: Re:They are neglecting over time proffit (Score 2) 188

by tompaulco (#47571107) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math
Yes, when I see a new hardcover book, I make a mental note to check back in 6 months when it has gone to paperback. I just don't need to spend 50% more for the same content just because it is hardbound. In my experience, paperback books last at least as long as hardbound. Which is to say, I have yet to have a paperback book fail on me, and I have some that are over 50 years old. I've had a few hardbound ones fail, because they are generally heavier and less likely to be able to stand up to their own weight.

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by tompaulco (#47568403) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?
It all depends what you want to do. A laptop is useful for lots of things, but when I really want to get some work done, I need screen real estate and a full keyboard and mouse. I have a homebuilt computer that I built about 3 years ago that is still gives me enough bang for the buck that I don't need to think about upgrading. I have an i7 2600k, an ASUS Maximus IV Extreme, an SSD for the OS, 3 TB drive, and a Radeon HD6900 and the system still kicks butt. It only took me a few hours over a couple of days to put it together.
It is great for gaming, but I also use it a lot for programming. I have a 30" IPS and a 21" auxiliary monitor that I find I hardly ever need to put in. At work I just have a laptop and a 21" monitor. I find that it is much easier to program on my home computer, but during working hours they want me to be at work where I am less efficient. So when I come home, I use my rig for my own projects.

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This is how we manage to increase inflation while keeping the CPI from growing out of control. A "case" of soda still only costs $7 (didn't it used to cost $5), but now there is only 20 cans in a case in stead of 24. But, no, the price didn't go up, so no inflation. A box of crackers is now 8 ounces instead of 12, but it's the same price, so no inflation. On the other side of the coin, you have added features that you don't really want or care about, but can't get the product without. A new car costs twice as much as it did 8 years ago, but it has so many nifty new features and safety mechanisms that you don't really need or want and that make the car weigh more and use more gas. So that is not considered inflation either.
It's all a big lie. In real terms, the price of everything is going up 10 to 15% or more per year, but salaries are remaining stagnant. This can't go on forever.

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Streaming IS a dead end, because the cable companies, which happen to provide much of the internet service in the United States, have begun instituting caps on what was sold as unlimited service. With my girls watching netflix while out of school this summer, they reach the bandwidth cap in about a week. The cable company wants me to buy an upgraded plan, but the highest plan they offer is a little less than double the current bandwidth cap, which means that we will hit the cap in a week and a half. Also, why should I upgrade my plan when I was sold an unlimited plan? Besides, with all of their extra fees, my $99 a month plan is costing about $240. Since I am paying 2.5 times what I agreed to, I should be able to consume 2.5 times what they agreed to (which was unlimited).

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The 50s, 60s and 70s saw huge innovations in technology. They were focused on the right people for the job and there was little to no racial prejudice. It was largely after that that race became an issue in science and technology. Now, it is not whether the person is right for the job but whether the person will help meet our diversification quotas. We won the race wars in the 50s and 60s and now the race war is conquering us again.

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What do you expect? We no longer have the motivation or the desire or the technology to go back to the moon. Nor do we have the engineering expertise necessary to redevelop what we have lost. Back in the 60s we had unprecedented spending by the government on education, research and technology, which led to the space program, huge advances in engineering, computing, science and technology. Now we have unprecedented spending on self perpetuating programs designed to keep people at home in front of their TVs and remove any incentives or concerns that perhaps they ought to educate themselves or learn a skill. Go to the moon? Heck, in another 20 years, we will probably be back to most people not ever venturing further than 100 miles from their house, something unheard of in the last 2 centuries.

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On the other hand, to me it looks like the spin doctors won this one. Only one of those summaries hints at the plane being shot down. All of the others are calling it a crash. Even FOX news, as conservative as they supposedly are, were not calling it shot down. They also called it a plane crash. I'm sorry, but the plane did not crash. It was shot down. There is zero doubt about that. So why are all the news agencies trying to downplay the missile strike?

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FYI, military jets already have civilian transponders. When they are not in actual combat or conducting military operations, transponders are used by ATC to separate all Instrument Flight Rule flights, military or civilian, and when available and asked, to provider advisories for flights operating under Visual Flight Rules.

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I don't know what airline you are on, but if you arrived at 8:43 for a 9:07 flight on most airlines, they would not let you on the plane. Policy is that you must be at the boarding area 30 minutes prior to takeoff. Many of them won't even let you check in and get your boarding pass, let alone attempt to make it through security.

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