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Comment: Re:FM Radio in disaster (Score 1) 275

I guess I didn't know they had replaced the system. That is a good thing that they send out on the cellular network now. I'm not sure why my phone has never done one of the required periodic tests. Nor has it ever given me an emergency alert at any other time. It has given me countless Amber Alerts, the average distance from me being about 100 miles, and most of them have turned out to be either runaways or child custody issues, which they are not supposed to issue Amber Alerts for.

Comment: Re:Mr. Plow (Score 1) 275

All FM stations are required to be part of the Emergency Broadcast System. If you were in an emergency, it wouldn't matter which one you listened to. I am no t sure how you could have missed this information, since this is even taught in grade schools that you should watch local news or listen to local radio in an emergency.

Comment: Re:Battery drain? (Score 1) 275

If you were not listening to it, I don't see how there would be much additional battery drain. It kind of depends on whether they have disabled it at the hardware or at the software level. If it is at the software level, then it is already draining your battery. However, if you look at it in perspective of FM versus streaming radio, then you are talking a SAVINGS of battery by orders of magnitude.

Comment: Re:i want radio on my phone (Score 1) 275

Real FM radio, not streamed internet radio.

Of course you do. Anybody who can think clearly would want this. You have already paid for it. It is available on the phone, you should be able to listen to it. FM radio offers local entertainment, sports, weather, traffic and news. The FM receiver will give you alerts from the Emergency Broadcast System. The FM receiver uses a tiny fraction of the battery that a full time data connection requires, and of course, the one that makes the carriers disable it, FM doesn't require you to pay huge sums of money to the carrier for a data plan.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 275

I'm sorry, is it just me? What kind of information are you going to put out over FM to cell-phones, in an emergency, that will be life-saving?

Life saving information is already put out over FM in emergencies. Your smartphone probably has an FM receiver. It is disabled because your carrier is money grubbing scum. The possibility of you receiving life saving information over your cell phones FM radio is currently 0. The possibility of you receiving life saving information over your cell phones FM radio if the carrier did not block it is greater than zero. You already have bought and paid for the equipment and your carrier won't let you use it.
I can't understand what all of this defense of the carrier is about. They are stealing from us by not allowing us to use our equipment that we bought and yes, endangering our lives, even if they are doing so by only 1 chance in a billion, they are still endangering our lives by not allowing us access to what we have bought and paid for.

Comment: Re:FM Radio in disaster (Score 1) 275

Yeah very pointless. More and more stations are going to cyber jocks who wouldn't have the slightest clue about a tornado warning or flooded roads. The FCC should be more concerned about that. Local TV is much more effective at reporting local emergencies.

I am not aware of any stations in my area that use recorder or remote disc jockeys. The local personalities are definitely local. You can go see them at grocery stores, car lots and what have you if you feel like it.
There are syndicated shows, but if there is a weather or other emergency the local people break in. Some of the stations carry the audio from the local TV when there is a weather emergency.
All of them have to support the Emergency Broadcast System, as do the TV stations. Cell phones don't have to support the Emergency Broadcast System. If the system was more reliable or useful for emergency communications, then they probably would be forced to support it.

Comment: Re:No more refunds from here on out (Score 1) 88

by tompaulco (#49502923) Attached to: For the most recent tax year ...
Of course the IRS provides you with a convenient way to pay estimated taxes midyear if you think you are underpaying, but they don't provide you with any way of retrieving back money if you are overpaying. Companies that pay a lot of bonuses usually take out the maximum percentage of taxes for the bonus. If you get a large portion of your pay as bonus, you often don't get use of that money until 16 months later when it is worth 5% less according to the government and probably 20% less in real terms.

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 1) 49

If I was looking at 10 TB of storage, I would guess that I might have a need for maybe a 300 or 400 GB SSD along with platter. I use SSD for only a small fraction of my storage. Basically the OS and files which I need to load fast. In my case that is Flight Simulator files. I have 3 TB of platter drive for everything else. If you are storing media (just guessing, based on the 10 TB), then platter is plenty fast enough for loading.

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 1) 49

Most blatant slashvertisment I've ever seen.

Problem is as a consumer I could care less about the speed of SSD drives. I would like to care about the speed but they've not addressed the major problem: price. $1/GB is just insane in a $0.03/GB world. I need capacity far more than I need speed.

Actually, in the SSD world, that is more like $0.40/GB. So this new low price point is only 2.5 times the existing price point. But then , the speed is about triple.
I don't think I would pay 2.5 times as much for 3 times the speed, but maybe other people would.
If you REALLY don't care about speed and are only interested in capacity, then SSDs should not even be on the radar for you. Look at Hard Drives instead.

"Pascal is Pascal is Pascal is dog meat." -- M. Devine and P. Larson, Computer Science 340