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Comment Re:i8 or nothing baby (Score 1) 40

I saw my first i3 recently, though, and I was stunned at just how ugly it is in person. Serious wow factor, as in, wow that is about the ugliest pile of shit I've ever seen. I think the technology is pretty nifty, but I wouldn't like to be caught dead in the same photograph as an i3.

If they made EVs look just like regular cars, then other people wouldn't be able to tell that you are making such a supreme sacrifice for the good of humanity and they wouldn't even realize how they should bow down and worship you as the savior of the environment.

Comment Re:Won't someone think of hurting the children?? (Score 0) 142

In many parts of the world, it's actually illegal for a 14-year-old to have a paid position.

It is now illegal in the United States as well, but when I grew up a lot of kids worked. I made good money and was able to afford to go on ski trips and purchase musical equipment, and later pay for car insurance and gas. Yes, most other parents just paid for stuff like that for their kids, but we didn't have much money. My mom was a single mom, and I actually worked at the same restaurant where she worked, so I made about the same per hour as she did. I just was only working about 25 to 30 hours a week, and she was working more like 50 to 60.

Comment Re:Won't someone think of hurting the children?? (Score 1) 142

I don't know what country you lived in. Perhaps Australia?

The U.S.A, a country that once existed on the North American continent.

As for what your parents would have insisted on... well, if they never did, all I have is your expectation. If they did I would call them abusive. Paying your debts is one thing, getting something on your record and being subject to the abuse of the "criminal justice" system is something totally else.

They never did, because I was raised right and didn't get into trouble. It is not abusive to allow someone to bear the consequences of their actions. It is abusive NOT to.

Comment Re:Sexting can harm children (Score 1) 142

It's nice that the police said:

"'Sexting' may seem like a harmless or normal activity but there are many risks involved. Once circulated, the sender loses all control of that image and can cause significant distress when it gets into wider hands. It is essential that we work, alone and alongside partners such as schools and families, to intervene early and prevent young people from becoming both the victims and perpetrators of crime."

How nice of the police to recognize that sexting has risks, and then they demonstrate that the police response is the biggest risk by filing a police report that will follow him for the next 10 years.

This is really dumb. This is like being arrested for "accessory to burglary" if you fail to lock your door.

Comment Re:What if it were not digital? (Score 1) 142

This is what happens

Just goes to show that abstinence is still far superior birth control than even contraception. Abstinence isn't perfect either. If you are a rich and famous man you can still father children without ever having slept with a girl. However, those cases are as rare as being rich and famous.

Comment Re:So does this mean if the teacher saw it ... (Score 1) 142

In the U.S., we would have charged both the boy and the girl with soliciting child pornography and cast them down with the sodomites.

Dang it. I meant distributing. What slashdot? Still no edit button? What is this, 1970? I know, I know, preview. But in preview the brain is still seeing what it thinks it told you to type.

Comment Re:So does this mean if the teacher saw it ... (Score 1) 142

... that they could be classified as a pedophile for viewing child pornography??

Wait till the kids learn how to abuse the law and fuck* every grownup!!

Where the hell is common sense?

* Not literally, but legally

In the U.S., we would have charged both the boy and the girl with soliciting child pornography and cast them down with the sodomites.

Comment Re:Won't someone think of hurting the children?? (Score 1, Flamebait) 142

A fourteen year old is a child by every definition of the word. We don't allow them to vote, drink alcohol, or drive. So tell me, in what benighted universe are we to hold them responsible for their sexual foibles at a time when they're just entering puberty, usually under the tutelage of adults too terrified of their own sexuality to give them useful advice?

I don't know about these days, but when I was fourteen, we were supposed to be adults. No we couldn't vote, drink alcohol or drive, but we were expected to act like young men and women, be respectful, study hard, hold down a job and if we would have been caught sending a naked photo to a girl, if the police had decided to drop the charges our PARENTS would have insisted that they press charges, just to show that life has consequences.
Call me grandpa if you want, but this was the 80s. It was not so very long ago.

Comment Re:culture dependent (Score 1) 436

Then there's the people that enter the intersection when it's green but they cannot clear the intersection and consequently end up blocking traffic once it has turned red.

Yes. If you can't clear the intersection, it is illegal to enter it. I will literally sit at a green light and ignore the people behind me honking, because there is no way for me to proceed through the intersection. Of course, then what happens is the a**holes in the lanes next to me change lanes in the intersection (also illegal) to get into my lane and then proceed to block traffic and not be able to exit the intersection.

Comment Re:What about speeding / useing the center of the (Score 1) 436

If all the cars were autonomous the morning commute times could be cut in 1/2 or 1/3rd without changing the speed limit since rush hour style rubber band stop and go traffic would be a thing of the past.

Rubber banding cannot stop.There still has to be a delay between a car in front to start moving and the car behind to start moving, in order to maintain safe separation distance. 10 feet is fine at a stop, but as soon as you are going 1 mph, 10 feet is no longer safe. So the car ahead needs to travel 5 or 10 feet before the one behind can even start moving. The opposite is true when stopping for a light, a stop sign or a road obstruction.
Commute times would be much longer because the autonomous cars would allow a safe distance between each other. This would require either fewer cars on the road, or a slower speed so that the existing number of cars on the road are all maintaining safe distance for the speed.

Comment Re:culture dependent (Score 1) 436

I really need to get a dashcam and start posting idiots on the web. I would say that I see one or more idiots enter an intersection on a very stale yellow and leave the intersection on a red at about 50% of intersections. About 1 out of every 5 intersections, I see an idiot enter the intersection on red and continue through on red. About 1 in 20 I see an idiot enter an intersection after it has been read a good 2 seconds.
People turning left seem to really enjoy running red lights. I have had my light be green four 4 or 5 seconds and there are still left turners meandering through the intersection on their red light. Occasionally I miss my cycle completely due to people running red lights.

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